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Found 14 results

  1. I wish there were ways for other foods to better compete with Pizzas. Right now pizza is a clearly "better" food and there is less incentive for people to make a variety of foods. My idea is for an item that allows people to "combine" food and drink items to function as a single meal that also looks like a dining table complete with place settings. A player would add food to the table the way that fueling fire works: right click, "Add Food". Each table would have a maximum amount of food that it can hold like with fuel. It will have a higher capacity to account for some of the larger goods like roasted animals. It may also display a message like, "The table is full so you decide not to put anything else on it" when it can't take more food. Players can use the Taste function to see which affinities they may gain and Examine to see which food items were put into the table. The table would keep track of the average nutrition value and add up the CCFP along with recording the meal types of the foods for the purposes of calculating the affinities. Any player with appropriate permissions can right click on the table and chose "Eat Meal" to start eating from the food. The eat function can also be accessed while sitting down. All players eating from the table will eat until full or the food is exhausted and will gain affinities, CCFP, and nutrition based on the amount of food eaten. An optional benefit would be a function to add a price before allowing food to be eaten much like beds. An optional cosmetic benefit to add would be to make multiple dining table types to suit different situations. For instance small wooden tables with no frills for more simple houses up to fancy marble tables with ornate decorations for palaces. Also small tables up to banquet tables with matching capacities for personal to public use. For example, a player may make a roast hog, some salads, a cake, and wine to add to the table. The player's guests all sit around the table and eat like they would from a meal until full or the food is gone. The gained nutrition, CCFP, and affinities would be the combined values for the items made. I think this would be great for decorating, running restaurants and inns and also for entertaining fellow players.
  2. A container made from tin that keeps food fresh and warm when travelling. Want to Sell: 45+ ql lunchboxes In stock: 50 copper + COD
  3. Nutrition Bug

    There seems to be a bug where all nutrition is at 99 no matter what is eaten.
  4. It's well-known at this point that there are some oddities concerning how certain food effects interact with nutrition: Path of Insanity "Fill" has been said to give random nutrition, or give bad nutrition if your food bar is low. Opulence has been said to sometimes cause food to lower your nutrition for some reason. Eating just before you would fast has been said to lower your nutrition as well. I'm pretty sure I've figured out why. Before getting into the code involved, here's the gist of it: If a hunger-reducing effect restores too much food compared to how full the character already was, nutrition is not calculated properly and will generally be much lower than expected. Note that this does not apply to refresh, dying, and possibly some other things, since those use their own methods for altering nutrition and hunger. Now to the dry, annoying stuff. The problem is in CreatureStatus.modifyHunger(). Here, have a code snippet: final int oldHunger = this.hunger; this.hunger = Math.min(65535, Math.max(1, this.hunger + hungerModification)); if (this.hunger < 65535) { final int realHungerModification = Math.max(hungerModification, this.hunger - oldHunger); if (realHungerModification < ) { if (this.nutrition > 0.0f) { final float oldnutritionFraction = Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) / (Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) - realHungerModification); // ^^^ percentage of new food bar that was already full final float newnutritionFraction = Math.min(65535 - oldHunger, -realHungerModification) / (Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) - realHungerModification); // ^^^ is probably SUPPOSED to be percentage of new food bar that was not full before? // but caps food gain at value of old food bar for some reason this.nutrition = oldnutritionFraction * this.nutrition + newnutritionFraction * newNutritionLevel; } else { this.nutrition = newNutritionLevel; } } } Comments mine. The intent of this nutrition-related bit, as I interpret it, is to average the nutrition of what you're eating into your food bar. So let's say you're at 25% food bar and 50% nutrition, and eat 99% nutrition food that brings you up to a 50% food bar. Half your new food bar is the result of the food you ate, and half is what you had at 50% nutrition, so it uses 50% of the old nutrition value and 50% of the new nutrition value, leaving you with roughly 75% nutrition. Basically, it's just a weighted average of your old nutrition and new nutrition, weighted based on your food bar before and the increase to your food bar. However, the way it's implemented is very strange, and the newnutritionFraction calculation uses your old food bar value instead of -realHungerModification (the amount of food bar you just had restored) if the former is higher than the latter. I have no idea what the purpose of that is, but essentially, this means that if you're restoring more food bar in one step than the food bar you already had, things screw up and your nutrition gets tanked. There are situations where you use something that restores a lot of food at once, like Fill, and instead of the calculation saying "let's weight nutrition as 12% from the existing food stock and 88% from what the player just received" (as these must total 100% to make sense, as it is a weighted average), it instead says something like "let's weight nutrition as 12% from the existing food stock and 12% from what the player just received", with the end result that your nutrition is atrocious. This can also happen with high-QL meals when you're very very hungry, especially if you use Opulence. What I don't understand is why the weighted average is implemented in such a strange way. At the very least, the min() statement in the newnutritionFraction assignment is causing the problem here and doesn't serve a purpose that I can figure out. Really, the whole thing could be simplified a bit. Hunger is already recalculated at this point, and you know some food bar has been restored, so you could just do something like: final int oldHunger = this.hunger; this.hunger = Math.min(65535, Math.max(1, this.hunger + hungerModification)); if (this.hunger < 65535) { final int realHungerModification = Math.max(hungerModification, this.hunger - oldHunger); if (realHungerModification < ) { if (this.nutrition > 0.0f) { final float oldnutritionFraction = Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) / Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - this.hunger); // ^^^ percentage of new food bar that was already full final float newnutritionFraction = -realHungerModification / Math.max(1.0,65535 - this.hunger); // ^^^ percentage of new food bar that is the result of eating this.nutrition = oldnutritionFraction * this.nutrition + newnutritionFraction * newNutritionLevel; } else { this.nutrition = newNutritionLevel; } } } Of course, there may be things I'm unaware of that would explain some of this, but the newnutritionFraction calculation is definitely a bit of a mess and is definitely causing the problem.
  5. You can use refresh or sacrifice a rare item to maximise your nutrition but it seems you cannot do it by eating food. Eating meals between 98.58 and 99.40ql only raises nutrition to 97% I've done it so its gone from 94 to 97 and afaik there is room for another tick to hit 98 but doesn't happen. Also starting at 97 and eating a 99ql meal to go from 50% food to 100% I'd expect it to tick up at least once but it doesn't Ideally though, a 90ql meal should allow you to reach 100%, the advantage of higher quality is you need to eat a smaller amount to get there.
  6. A new item under the baking skill: Using nuts on dough turns it into waybread dough (30 baking minimum). Waybread dough bakes into 0.3 weight of waybread. Waybread does not decay in the inventory; it fills the hunger bar quickly when eaten, and slightly drains the thirst and nutrition bars. 0.6 QL1 waybread would fill the hunger bar by 100%, drain the thirst bar by 80% and reduce nutrition by 40% 0.05 QL100 waybread would fill the hunger bar by 100%, drain the thirst bar by 20% and reduce nutrition by 5% (Yes, the thirst drain increases with QL as does nutrition loss, however this is offset by the amount needed for a full feed) Waybread NEVER raises nutrition.
  7. Nutrition Overhaul Thirst bar: 100 “sips” Hunger bar: 100 “bites” Nutrition bar: from 0 to 100,000 Nutrition Nutrition is gained from eating food and drinking liquids more nutritious than plain water. Nutrition is drained slowly by being alive (idle) and quickly by performing actions. When an action is completed, you receive a skill gain bonus based on your nutrition level when the action was completed. There is no penalty for having zero nutrition, other than lost chance for improved skill gain. Nutrition Bonus Ranges +0% 0 to 4,999 Nutrition +1% 5,000 to 14,999 Nutrition +2% 15,000 to 24,999 Nutrition +3% 25,000 to 34,999 Nutrition +4% 35,000 to 44,999 Nutrition +5% 45,000+ Nutrition Bonus: 50,000+ Nutrition Remember that a hunger bar is 100 bites, so divide those numbers by 100 to get the food quality required to reach it. For example, the +1 bonus could be reach by eating a full hunger bar worth of 10 QL hot stew with 2 ingredients, easily in reach of a new player. Food, Nutrition per QL. (N/QL) per bite. Raw food: 1 N/QL Stew: 2 N/QL plus 1 N/QL per ingredient (up to five). Range: 4 N/QL to 7 N/QL Casserole: 3 N/QL plus 1 N/QL per ingredient (up to five). Range: 5 N/QL to 8 N/QL Meal: 4 N/QL plus 1 N/QL per ingredient (up to five). Range: 6 N/QL to 9 N/QL Hot Food: +1 N/QL Drinks, Nutrition per QL. (N/QL) per sip. Water: 0 N/QL Milk: 0.1 N/QL Milk comes fresh from the cow at 100 QL currently, hence the low N/QL for balance. If Milk QL was related to Milking skill then it could be boosted to match raw food at 1 N/QL. Juices: 1 N/QL Lemonade: 2 N/QL Tea, Wine: 3 N/QL Bonus Food Above 50,000 nutrition a player gains the ability to benefit from food that gives more than just nutrition. These foods would give small buffs that improve in potency the higher one is over the 50,000 nutrition point and always give 10 N/QL. When a player drops below the 50,000 nutrition mark the buff is immediately lost and must be regained normally. To gain this buff a player would need to be past the 50,000 nutrition mark then eat 10 bites worth of the bonus food. Bonus food would require high levels of the appropriate cooking skill to learn to cook and there could be multiple versions of the same food at higher difficulties. The buffs would be small but noticeable. Examples (probably not balanced). Oatmeal Cookies Skill: Baking 50 Buff: Run speed buff (+1% at 50k, +2% at 100k) Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Skill: Baking 70 Buff: Run speed buff (+2% at 50k, +4% at 100k) Oatmeal Raisin Deluxe Cookies Skill: Baking 90 Buff: Run speed buff (+3% at 50k, +6% at 100k)
  8. If being fat now has a negative impact, we need to decouple nutrition and skill gain from it completely. Also, how about making our characters look fat? Shouldn't it also make us run slow? More prone to disease? Armor more likely to take damage from bending down to tie our shoes? Take more damage from falling? More resistant to drowning damage? Stam drain happens much faster?
  9. It's been a long day of adventuring, you've slain a dragon, your priest lost an arm and your knight will never walk again, until he enters an inn where the magical cure-all of the RPG universe awaits. Yes, your bed. It would be a nice touch if beds acted as a QL/5 power healing cover for people sleeping in them, granting one healing tick per hour offline. Rest and relaxation is important for healing! You know, sometimes inspiration comes to you while you are asleep? Dreams can answer questions you never knew you had... Once sleep bonus reaches the full amount if the player spends another 8 hours in bed (offline) they have a chance depending on bed QL (QL/5)% (and maybe modified by their soul stats?) to wake up with a skillgain buff in one random skill for 30 mins. 2x (80%),3x (18%) ,4x (1.9%) or even 5x (0.1%) skillgain during that time. There is nothing quite like breakfast, it's the meal that keeps you going until lunch and then some! After sleeping for 6 hours (regardless of sleep bonus) the next piece of food you eat will give double nutritional bonus. Because breakfast is important and it's likely a bonus most players will see once, maybe twice, every 24 hours of wurming. Finally... Well someone already beat me to it!
  10. So you just crafted your first sandwich. Well done. Wait a moment... It's down right puny! It's a piece of bread with cheese/egg/jam/maple syrup in it! Where is the meat? Where on EARTH is the herbs? This is a suggestion to allow sandwiches to be "improved" by adding in ingredients. This increases the bulk of the sandwich and the nutritional value. The improvements can each be done once per sandwich. Gives baking exp and relies on baking skill. Since they work differently than normal improvements they are performable by priests. A veggie (+0.1 weight and +2% nutrition) Cooked Fillet (meat or fish) (+0.3 weight and +2% nutrition) A Herb ( +1% nutrition) Total 65% nutrition, 0.58 weight Optional Extra : Reduce sandwich decay in inventory to a negligible level as they are a travel food.
  11. Heya! Sorry if these ideas have been posted before, I am way too lazy to search properly. Today: Many foodstuffs have limited uses and/or is very difficult to make. Some things have only novelty value, like wine. It's comparatively easy to make high nutrition food consistently, meals can be created from 0 HFC and still get you to 60% nutrition. Many potential ingredients have little to no value, devaluing the use of foraging and milling for example. Suggestions: HFC overhaul! Let nutrition value of a cooked food be a function of the number of different ingredients inside. Make reaching the cap of 100% nutrition require a LOT of ingredients. QL of a cooked foodstuff somewhat decrease the decay rate of the food, also fills hunger/nutrition bar faster with hiqh ql. Effects: Cooking is more interesting, more realistic (although, this is hardly a goal to strive for IMO), cooking is harder, making the output more valuable to those who choose to spend time on it. Other skills increase in value. Beverages Give alcoholic drinks a (de?)buff that increases difficulty of actions. The more drunk you are, the harder stuff is to do and the more skill you gain! Slightly reduces time to skill on high levels. (Boring) alternative: just give it a 5% modifier. If you want a more complicated system, have an optimal level of drunkenness where stuff is really difficult to make. Over that, player randomly stops actions and pukes Makes alcoholic beverages more interesting and also increase their value. High skill players might need a lot of a product that is in limited supply but still is not too hard for a newbie to make. Mead We have knarrs and axes, the lack of Mead makes the road to Valhalla boring :<
  12. So I had a 30.56ql rare pinewood log that I cut. I saved it for a sacrifice a couple hours later (it still had no damage). I expected to get a refresh but didn't get anything. I think the problem is I cut this log from a young tree, so it gave a smaller weight log straight from the cut-down action. I notice in the past if you cut shafts from a rare log or a brick from a rare rock shard, etc. that if most of the rare is used, it won't count for a refresh. In this case, the log was still entirely intact with it's initial weight and quality. I assume the code thought that it was a mostly-used log though, not granting the refresh. Not a big deal, but just wanted to report the bug.
  13. Have them boost nutrition gain similar too eating food while its hot. But, to lesser degree. If already suggested, then pardon the bump. Spoon for liquids, fork & knife for solids. Unless something is already planned for them.
  14. I am reviving an old idea of mine about a new nutrition system that will make make the background of the Nutrition more complex without affecting the new players trying to survive. The Nutrition will be composed of 5 parts: The food bar, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats and an efficiency modifier(vitamins?). The new system will revolve around providing your body with all the necessary nutritive substances from different food types. The food bar will limit your ability to eat, thus gain nutrition. Proteins will give regeneration bonuses and skillgain in body characteristics Carbohydrates will affect stamina and endurance Fats will affect your skillgain (except for combat skills) And the efficiency modifier will determine the efficiency of these bonuses. The 3 main factors (PCF) will make up a 100% bar and each nutritive factor can take up to 50%. so you can focus on certain bonuses while neglecting the others. The efficiency modifier will give temporary boosts to the skills and can be increased by a lot of factors like (eating fruits/drinking juice/ eating, salt, high Ql food and more) Each food item will give a certain nutritive substance for example: meat will give proteins, potatoes will give carbohydrates. Cooking food will increase the food's nutritive value and allow you to combine effects. * Having a high fat level gives you fat layers. Edit: Some people do not understand what the new system will change and how it will affect their gameplay experience. What will this new system change: 1. Eating raw food like berries and uncooked meat will fill your hunger bar and allow you to carry on your activities but the nutrition will suffer in the long run. Eating a berry once dose not mean you will suddenly lose all your nutrition. Nutrition is additive so you do not lose nutrition because of what you eat, you lose it over time. 2. When making a meal the ingredients you make it our of and their ratio will actually matter instead of puting half a potato and 100kg of meat to make supreme meal. 3. More obscure cooking ingredients like cheese and bread will gain an use and will be worth the time it takes to make them. 4. Experienced cooks will be able to actually create recipes and enjoy making new ones with the incredible amount of ingredients available ingame instead of just spamming the same recipe over and over again.