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Found 4 results

  1. This is my brother's idea, and I'd like to expand upon it. He says, wouldn't it be good if players who had not logged into a game in a while, would get an email from the BBEG (end game boss) saying pretty much "What are you waiting for? Come and get me!" Wurm doesn't have an end game as such, but it made me think of situations in Wurm where it might be cool to receive an email from one of the NPCs. For example: From the Rift Warmaster - "I'll be invading Deliverance tomorrow at 20:00 EST with my waves of minions, come face me if you dare." From an NPC Merchant - "Look I'm gonna quit if you don't come back and pick up your money and/or give me some more goods to sell!" From an on deed NPC Trader - "I'm a bit worried that deed upkeep is low, you know I won't stay around if the deed disbands - just a heads up - come back soon!" etc. These emails could be opt out, so people don't get spammed more than they are happy. Just a few ideas
  2. A common issue that I've seen in the CA HELP channel that seems to cause new players issues is that they lose access when taking an unowned cart onto a deed. From what they say they are unable to move the cart afterward. There is a notification for boats and tents which covers some permissions information but it seems like the carts are left out.
  3. Soo long story short, My account notifications is bugged out, As you can see here: I can still view all my notifications in the past by right clicking and view link in a new tab, openning all past notifications, But i no longer have the ability to view just from clicking on it. On windows vista 32 bit, Using google chrome(Auto update enabled), Java 32bit, up to date adobe as-well. Desktop PC Anyone else got this issue with the forums?
  4. I found a horse wandering around behind my place when I logged in tonight. Where would I post a notice for the owner?