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Found 1 result

  1. This is a very bad game. I'm trying since one day to craft something like a fence or a chest, but nothing works. The only thing I can do is cutting trees and trees and trees. I'm always attacked by Trolls, Wulfes, Bears and Spiders. I tried to hide in my tent, but they hit me further and they killed me again and again - so this is no fun. I tried to secure my tent but the game says that I'm not allowed to do it, but it's my tent... I have a big collection of my own corpse (oh yeah, I killed a bear after I died 3 times) This is too hard to play and nothing ever work, no help, nobody to ask. Is it possible to talk to the guard or other characters? How can I buy a nail or something like this? How have I to hit the bear (or spider) that it takes effort? I'm clicking like an idiot but the other hits me and I hit him just sometimes with luck. Yes I've a shield, but how can I use it? It's equiped on my left arm, but the enemy hits me again and again and the shield does not protect me in any way. I can't level or dig, I can't build anything. How many years should I play until I've build a small hut? 20 years? I played Minecraft over one year and thought Wurm could be better based on the mindcraft idea, but it's totally crap. I tested it online because I wanted to buy this game, but I'll never give money for a bad game like this. I can walk through Trees - wtf?