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Found 9 results

  1. Currently, whenever we log back into the client our character faces North. This can be highly disorienting, especially when logging on in an unfamiliar place, when crossing server borders, if the client relogs whilst travelling, or even in the middle of foraging/botanising and investigating tiles. If the facing direction of the character is stored on the server, please let it be be sent to the client when the client loads. Failing that, if the facing direction is *not* held on the server, please can we instead output the current facing direction held by the client into a read/write file on log out, which the client then reads back in on log in? I am hopeful some solution to this QoL request can be found.
  2. My toons always seem to face North on login. Whichever direction I am facing when I log out, I find I face North when I log in again. This is not just a temporary render whilst the game loads, it stays like it. Might it be due to the new client side rotation I heard something about...? Just tested it now: Test 1 Logged out facing South Logged in facing North Test 2 Logged out facing West Logged in facing North Any chance of a fix?
  3. You can work your way around it, but someone did a number on the highway there, right outside Esteron. Not sure if GMs are approving, but I don't see "men at work" signs posted. Anyone familiar with the area know what the deal is?
  4. not looking for people anymore.
  5. Hello, Want to buy a smaller deed on the north side of Exo. Pm me!
  6. Welcome to and Water Seven is easy to reach by South Pristine the new Sermonplace: (Fo, Vynora & Magranon) the sermonplace : 1st Marketplace is protected with high iron fence gates, medium hedges and with a Ql 50+ guardtower, exactly for sermons, our place and priests are waiting for other priests and follower, and have 4 innertiles range for fishing after the sermonstime. we hope, we see u soon. the priests from Shining Valley Alliance and Water Seven.
  7. Missing Horse

    Missing a tan horse, silverbom, he has saddle, bit and bridle and shoes. last seen in a pen in rockytop before the server crash
  8. Deed name: New Eden Location: North-central coastal area of Deliverance Deed Size: 33x33 with a fair amount of area to expand. Upkeep: 2s 17c 80i monthly (time left 63 days) Starting price: 20s Minimum increment: 2s Reserve: none Buy out: none, auction will run until the end. Auction period: 4days from the time of auction starting. All bids MUST be posted here, I will not take in game bids or PM bids. There are multiple pens with enchanted grass, the horses seen in the screenshot will be included. There's a large off deed mine with lots of iron, entrances are on deed. Two decent sized fenced in farming areas The deed is completely fenced in and there's a Guard Tower - 5 tiles off the north side of the deed There's an off deed guest house that also has enchanted grasses behind it. Less then 50 tiles from the north coast All tools, materials and such left by the previous villagers will also be included. If anyone would like to come see the deed for themselves the deed is currently unlocked. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me in game or on the forums.