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Found 9 results

  1. I've often wondered how long the people I see have been playing Wurm. Here's a sweet poll I made just now to help us figure it out! I'm going on 3.4 years
  2. Are you new, and just need someplace to catch your breath and get your bearings? Are you a veteran player who just doesn't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining your own deed? Schadenfreude Estate provides basic amenities with no strings attached. Food, clothing, and shelter, a nearby market, good roads, and plenty of opportunities to develop whatever skills you see fit. Some paid work opportunities are available at standard rates (1 iron/action). Initial permissions are limited. Located on the west coast of Q12, Xanadu. Member of the Black Forest Alliance. Transportation to village may be available. PM Gangle for details.
  3. On Deliverance at 17R, our two deeds, SL Refuge and SL Farm are recruiting new players and old. We have existed for approximately two weeks and have 2 active villagers. We could use an extra hand around the area, and we can definitely support and guide players. We can outfit you with most tools and can help you with whatever profession you decide to do, be it thatching or even first aid. Our goal is to make sure everyone in the alliance is having fun and working together to create a tight-knit community. We are located directly on the Easternmost side of Shark Lake, Southern Central Deliverance. We have a guard tower nearby, and if you're looking to scavenge or explore, a few nearby mine systems and abandoned deeds exist. We will NOT force any villager to work or devote their time to anything specific. As long as you are here, we will treat you with respect and expect the same. We have a twitter page where we will post screenshots our our village, celebrate milestones, and provide an out-of-game community for us if you choose to take part.
  4. When I first started out as a total noob in Wurm, about a year and a half ago now, Pristine was a pretty bumpin' place. Deeds were wall to wall everywhere, and so were the things that wanted to eat me. I had no idea how to craft anything or even where to start. That's when I ran across an area marked 'Public Rest Stop.' It had a Forge, and Oven as well as free burnables such as kindling, wood scraps, and logs, as well as a various assortment of other free goodies that every noobie can use but has no idea how to acquire as of yet. That place saved my hide, and I've never properly said, 'Thank You'. Recently I found that the place was still there as I was running an alt through, and once again, I've made use of this facility that someone graciously created for public use. So a hearty 'Thank You' to whomever owns and operates the 'Public Rest Stop' close to (south east of) Blossom on Pristine. The second 'Thank You' goes out to whomever created and maintains Clay Harbor. That place is a godsend for anyone just starting out and who can't find clay to make such basic items as a pottery jar or two (to hold water!!!), and pottery bowl beyond the one they start with. FYI, there is also a new rest stop just south of 'A Zen Moment' on the Pristine public map. (X16 Y23) for anyone who is travelling by that way. Tilda did a wonderful job with it. If you are wandering through and need a rest stop, be sure to give it a visit. And a thank you as well to anyone who's ever made a place for public use. Without these places, we'd all have been crunched a lot sooner and may not have stuck it out if we'd been clubbed to death so soon by a wandering troll. My hat is off to all of ye. Post Scriptum: Perhaps if others know of public areas on Pristine, they can add them to this thread for all to benefit from, kind of as a master list of sorts. Also, if people have the locations of public areas on other servers, they could also add them if they so desire, with coordinates either of the in game map, or their public map. (Be sure to specify which!)
  5. The Monk Temple is now looking for initiates! we have been working on our temple for some time and are now prepared to start housing more players, with our public housing barracks for new recruits now under construction! each initiate will be assigned a bedroom with a bed, chest, and a Bulk storage bin. upon joining they will be shown efficient techniques for grinding experience and learn to truly hone their skills. From a great architect to a master of martial arts, our goal is to grow as a whole, and not just leave our initiates fend for themselves. Through this modality of cooperation and coordination that we have managed to maintain, we have managed to make much progress on the soon-to-be monk temple. with the courtyard, cook-house, tailor, stables, a high Ql quard tower and a fully functional farm, we have everything we need to accommodate new comers. upon completion of the monk temple there will also be a blacksmith, barracks, dojo, shipyard, and of course, the temple itself! our long-term goal is to build a strong and profitable commonwealth with our kingdom allies to the east. Apart from such international endeavours, we also hope to unify the kingdoms surrounding the lake that our great temple is located on known as "serpent lake" under one banner! we hope you will become a part of our community and I hope to hear from you soon! i can be found In-game as Scninja. See you guys on Xanadu!
  6. i think a better way to allow new playersto make money woul be to allow merchants to buy items. even better if u allowed some kind of linking to bsbs to store what they buy. i seen that in other games and some people will try to abuse it with ridiculous prices,but that happens already with merchants and i dont think its a big problem.
  7. Yunia's thread on optional starter packs and the ensuing discussion set me to thinking about a couple of things. 1) The current starter equipment is a pretty good selection for a generalist, everyone's got a different play-style and different in-game goals, and some items may not be used much if at all in the first couple of in-game weeks. 2) It's currently really, really hard to get rid of middling-quality tools and other items because the absolute beginners who might have some use for them don't have any money; by the time you get your hands on any coin (or decide to go premium) you've probably skilled up past the point where a 8-12ql mallet or pickaxe is any good to you, even at a handful of iron. So, why not solve both these problems by letting newcomers select their starting equipment from Wurm's economy? The way I would go about doing this is as follows. On completing the tutorial, every player receives a non-transferable voucher for... well, whatever the current starter equipment would cost on the open market I guess; three to five copper, I think? When purchased with a voucher, this equipment cannot then be sold or traded to another player; the in-game description could mention something about it having the owner's name carved deeply into it or painted on with tar or something. Improving it by a lot, ie at least fifteen levels or so, would be the only way to remove this restriction.
  8. Dear all Mayors! Have you wanted to recruit new players but found it a hassle to keep teaching them the game? Well worry no more. We run a specialized Newbie Training Camp that will teach them how to use the game, wiki, chat and much more. They will be closely looked after by our team, be taken out on trips and show how to play. This training course is a two week long period. We will provide them with tools to get them started (decent ql) that they can bring home with them. This package is slightly different from our free Newbie Training Camp. It will cost you 1 Silver per Newbie entered (discounts available for bulk orders) and you/they will receive: > 2 Weeks Training > 5 Free 30-50ql tools > Food, Bed and Roof for their duration here > Free Row Boat with lock > Free pickup and drop-off of your Newbie from any dock within Crystal Lake (we will do further and other servers but a travel charge will be applicable) You can also upgrade the package to the Bonus Toolkit package costing 5 Silver which will include: > 2 Weeks Training - Can stay for up to 4 weeks for extra training at no extra charge. > Complete toolkit for a chosen profession (subject to availability) 40 - 60ql > Food, bed, and roof over their head for their duration here > Free Sail Boat with Lock, and Compass > Free pickup and drop-off of your Newbie from any dock within Crystal Lake (we will do further and other servers but a travel charge will be applicable) > Free access to our lodges when you are in the area (Subject to availability, Maximum stay 3 nights) Discount will be given when ordering 3 or more Newbie training places (note you don't have to use them together you could pay for 3 use two and then the third one a month later) Places are limited to three at a time. First come first served. Advanced Booking available. 25% cancellation charge applicable.