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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Today I have to sell few rings with nolocate All rings are gold, 70ql (imp to 90ql + 50c) NoLo 80 - 1s 70c NoLo 82 - 1,10s 77c NoLo 83 - 1,15s 80c NoLo 84 - 1,20s 84c NoLo 85 - 1,25s 87c NoLo 87 - 1,35s 95c NoLo 89 - 1,45s 99c NoLo 90 - 1,55s 1,10s NoLo 91 - 1,65s 1,15s NoLO 95 - 2s 1,40s Can post your purchase order here, or PM in forum or game.
  2. Have a stalker you're trying to avoid? Ninja casting ROS and have angry mobs chasing you down? Here's how to avoid your stalker and look fashionable at the same time !! All Items are gold 84QL Rings NoLo 98 - 98c - sold NoLo 95 - 95c - sold NoLo 91 - 91c NoLo 89 - 85c NoLo 88 - 85c NoLo 88 - 85c 82QL Necklaces NoLo 91 - 91c 82QL Bracelets NoLo 100 - 1.4s NoLo 97 - 90c NoLo 96 - 90c NoLo 95 - 90c NoLo 94 - 90c Can post your purchase order here, or PM in forum or game. Anonymity guaranteed CoD fees apply from Indy
  3. Welcome to Belatriks Animal business in Bearshark Bay Trading Company (40x55y)! We are located in Bearshark Bay, west of crystal canal. Independence And don't forget to check out 24h Belatriks horse business island when you sail by! ANIMALS, that we are currently offering: 5 speed trait horses - 45c, foals 30c (Slower and cheaper horses are also available, if that is what you are looking for) 5 speed trait hellhorses - 1s Fierce unicorns - 30c Cows, bulls - 20c Bisons - 25c Piggs - 15c Chicken, Rooster - 75c (chicken eggs 75c per 10) Dogs - Champion 80c, Slow 50c, regular 15c Deers - Champion 70c, slow 40c, raging 40c, regular 10c Dont meet timezone, dont want to talk too much ? No problem, buy a horse from 24/7 Belatriks horse business island! It is located near deed. Just buy key from vendor and pick your horse! Vendor is also selling several animal grooming and horse related enchanted items. Belatriks 24/7 Horse business second station now opened south-east from Freedom Market! From Freedom Market: Take east exit, then turn right travel on top on mountain and little forward and you are there There is no way to get lost, just follow the signs 5 speed trait horses - EVERY color! Currently selling: FO Priest serivice: Courier Enchant: 30+ power: 1s 50+ power 2s 75+ power 3s 90+ power 5s You build the mailbox before I get there and let me know what level of courier you want. I'll stay and cast until I get a enchantment that meets or exceeds that thershold. If cast is higher, I dont charge extra. Nolocate cast: 50+ power 70c, 70+ power 1s, 80+ power 2, 90+ power 2.5s You provide ring. Genesis: At your location 50c per cast, 5 casts for 2s, 10 casts 3.5s. If you come with your animal 25c per cast. Also offering enchanted grass 50c-1s per tile and strongwall 1s per tile. Just send me a PM here or ingame!
  4. Fo Services for Sale Mailbox Enchants: 30+ power: 1s, 50+ power: 2s, 70+ power: 3s You pay for the minimum cast you want on the mailbox and I keep casting until that happens. There is no extra charge if it casts higher. Enchanted Grass: 50c for 1 tile.If u need more then 1 price is 40 c each per tile It takes 18 hours for the cast to recharge, so I will need to camp out if you need more than two tiles. Genesis: 20c per cast, (1 cast available every half hour) Genesis rids a horse of 1 random, negative trait. Wild growth . 10 c per cast It nurtures and tends to all trees and fields within a small radius around the caster. Humid drizzle 15 c per cast Humid drizzle is an area of effect spell that tends to (i.e. grooms) all animals in a radius of 4 tiles in every direction around the tile it is cast on. It also cures diseased animals.This spell has a cooldown timer of 14 minutes. Nolocate cast: 50+ Power 70c, 70+ Power 1s, 80+ Power 2s, 90+ Power 2.5s Life Transfer Casts: <30 power: 1s, <50 power: 2s, <60 power: 3s, <70 power: 4s, 70 and more power: 6s You pay for the actual power of the spell that gets casted on your equipment If you bring your own weapon no guaranties if shattered , to lower the risk at least QL 50 or more Tailor Shop: Leatherworking: QL 50 60 70 Armor 1s 1,5s 2s Saddle 50 c 1s 1,5 s Toolbelt 40c 50c 70c Clothtailoring: QL 50 60 70 Armor 80c 90c 1s Meditation Rug 30c 40c 55c Fine Meditation Rug 40c 50c 65c beautiful Meditation Rug 50c 60c 75c Exquisite Meditation Rug 60c 70c 85c Cloth Barding 60c 70c 80c Ropes QL 30+ 40+ 50+ Mooring Rope 6c 7c 8c Tick Rope 8c 9c 10c Cordage Rope 10c 11c 12c Sails QL 30+ 40+ 50+ Small Suare Sail 25c 30c 40c Square Sail 35c 45c 55c Triangular Sail 25c 30c 40c Tools: ( Fine Fishing Rod, Grooming Brush,Mallet, Spindle, Spatula, Clay Shaper, Practice doll ) Carpentry: 50 60 70 Tools 15c 30c 45c Fine Carpentry: 50 60 Wagon 80c 1 s Tools 25c 40c Chain Armor: Iron. QL: 50 60 70 Full Set 1s 1,25s 2s Jacket/Pants 20c 25c other parts 15c 20c Barding 75c 1s 1,25 Blacksmithing: Tools: ( Awl, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Metal brush, Needle, Rake, Pickaxe, Saw, Shovel, Trowel, Frying Pans, Small and Large anvil* ) QL 50 60 70 15c 30c 45 c *Large Anvils are double the cost*. Masonery Service 50 60 70 Forge/Oven imp. 40c 75c 1s Guardtower imp. 50c 75c 1s Celebration is free,Exodus 20c, Deli 40c and Indy 1s for Travel cost Stable: 4 Speed horses 30 c each.50 c for a pair. 5 Speed horses 40 c each. 70c for a pair. 5 Speed horses with FF and TB (7 traits) 50c each. 90 c for a pair. Bisons, 5 speed 50 c Eggs 4 c each only pickup at Ravens Bluff / 200 in Stock Mail fees are not included. +10c for Celebration, +20c for other servers Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [97] Check this page to see what can and can't be mailed. http://www.wurmpedia.../index.php/Mail Delivery on coastal Places ask me( i no deliver to Chaos) Msg Aarbi or Exania in Game if u need any Service