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Found 1 result

  1. Underground docks - Valo Greetings, Wurmians! We're back with another Valrei international. This week, we launch signups for our streamer program, and showcase a little bit of what's coming with normal and specular maps. Streamer Support Program Launching today are signups for our streamer support program. We'll be using this to help out those who take the time to share their adventures in wurm, be it YouTube videos or live streaming. For those who are accepted into the program, we will give various forms of support including social media sharing, items for giveaways to coincide with updates, and much more. So if you are a streamer, or know a streamer who would be interested in this program, fill out this form. The requirements for the program are: Have a channel set up with a minimum of 10 followers or subscribers, as well as a complete profile that’s public and easily shared. Have good standing ingame and on the forums (We will check!) Stream a minimum of 2 hours of Wurm every month (does not have to be 2 hours in one go, but not 15 minute bursts either) Have good conduct on stream (following streaming platform rules) Streamer support program sounds a bit silly though, and it totally needs a cooler name. Suggest a name for the program in this thread and the person who posts the winning name first will receive 1 month premium (and bragging rights!) The winner will be announced in the next Valrei International. Getting Normal Saroman has been hard at work with the new normal and specular mapping, which requires a fair amount of work with almost every model we have, but work has been progressing steadily, and here is an awesome WIP shot: This work will take time, and will come in several waves, the first of which likely being updated and improved terrain textures, and we will share those when they are ready, Wurm Unlimited Wurm Unlimited has launched with, bringing it up to date with Wurm Online. There’s the pesky graphical bug of neon lighting that can be resolved by enabling max dynamic lighting and setting it around 4-8. We’ll have a client update addressing that ASAP. Community Content This weeks community content is the Friend-A-Long! The citizens of Pristine are putting together a special impalong, with the usual array of imping, praying, games and fun, and of course we’ll show up to kill some players from time to time. They are in need of imping volunteers and a few resources though, so if you have any spare, make sure to contact the hosts on this thread: And even if you have to walk 500 miles, be sure to turn up and make a friend! That’s it from us for this week! We’ll have more to share on the new mappings next news, as well as hopefully approaching open testing for some big long awaited features, fingers crossed for those! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team