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Found 11 results

  1. Erupting a rock tile can raise a corner of that tile a bit, which is intentional. However, if that eruption causes one corner of a mine entrance slope to rise, this causes the entrance to NOT be level as it normally is, and the tile inside the mine does not adjust itself to compensate. This leads to a discontinuity in the terrain across the transition between inside and outside. Outside: Inside: Note that inside the cave, the entry is still level, but outside the cave, the entry is 4 dirts higher on the corner affected by lava. As a result, I need to turn climb on to get out of the cave, and can see through bits of the terrain since it doesn't match up. Not sure what ideal behavior would be here. Maybe it should do a sanity check to not raise the corner if it's at a cave entrance, since those are never supposed to be non-level? By fixing this bug, Rolf "Lonestar" Persson and KodeKlubFree International Ltd. hereby agree to remove the Magranon domain restriction on the Erupt/Freeze Path of Power meditation ability, as it serves no purpose but to make me openly weep into my full-size anime body pillow at night, and curse the stars every time I want to get rid of a problematic ore vein or off-deed reinforcement.
  2. From May's Roadmap: "The web shop we are working on updating more with plans to look at having items directly available from the shop instead of just silver. The items that will use this new system will be specific cosmetic items that aren’t available in game via any other means, such as the upcoming golden mirror." Wurm has always been a game where everything* was built and created by the players, within the game. From shaping the landscape to the rug in front of your fireplace. Someone trained their skills, gathered the resources and crafted it all. Since the addition of rifts and some older items this has ceased to be the case. But at least the items were available in-game for for all to acquire and came in the form of rewards for playing. As I mentioned in the roadmap thread, these new cash shop items are going to be superior to anything we can craft in-game. They have to be, or why would anyone pay for them? (Sure, there is some personal preference) This is against the spirit of Wurm Online.
  3. Tapestries, rugs, carpets, coffins... All kinds of decorations should be plantable/securable, i think. Huge progress was made in this department lately, but we could go further!
  4. For the love of Magranon, please. Let us lead animals through house walls like we can through fences. The amount of trouble arising from the way it works right now is ridiculous. Examples: - Lead a horse through a bunch of houses going somewhere, arrive at your destination, realise horse got stuck, go back and search for it, fun times. - Lead a horse inside a deed mine, it gets bugged and stays above ground, then gets stuck in a random wall in an unpredictable spot, good luck finding it again. This is so damn common I cannot believe it is still in game years later. It still happens to me at least once every week, sometimes multiple times a day, even with deeds specifically built to avoid that! Why does this even work this way!? Do you hope it would stop horses from getting stuck in other peoples houses? Well guess what, that can happen anyway! Is it to prevent people from dragging all sorts of aggressive animals inside other peoples houses? How about sort that out properly instead! Perhaps check that you can only stop leading through gates/doors you got permissions for, which might be in already afaik! I know I'm not the only one with this problem! SUGGESTION: House walls no longer stop you from leading horses. Phew, that's out of my system now. Still fix plz.
  5. Few rares for sale quick sale quick mail going fast make offers no prices listed ggwp offer in silvers Pickaxe - Sold Rope tool - Spindle - Trowel -
  6. When trying to sell something to token, the following appears: [11:15:49] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Can someone please clarify why this is happening? It happened several times in the last fortnight while I never saw it previously. Thanks!
  7. No Valentine's gift this year. Seriously? Why not? Don't you like us any more? Time to make up for this oversight. I suggest pink unicorns. Immediately. Or perhaps we can get an egg which will spawn a very cute and very colourful fantasy bird when placed in a bird cage. Not giving a Valentine gift is not nice. Please, rectify this!! It is not too late! We will forgive you! Oh, bringing back rare cart glow would be awesome. And of course, the most annoying bug in game: Please make carts and wagons follow the terrain under it! Or take away sitting on carts, cause that is when it got broken. My little Wurmian legs can hold up standing on a cart as long as I can see the troll running from the back to flick his booger at me.
  8. [21:36:11] <Alexgopen> hots template pmks in the past have always been able to have libila followers and priests though [21:36:48] <Enki> thats what I thought, but I asked Rolf and htati s what he told me. apaprently PMKs were not intendd ot have Libila [21:37:06] <Enki> I explained the issue to him in several ways to make sure he understood that there were Libila players in PMKs Apparently HotS template PMKs are not supposed to be able to have libila, fo, vyn, or mag followers as per Enki who asked Rolf. This would mean that before the addition of player gods, hots template PMKs should not have been able to have ANY priests. This is obviously not the case. Converting to a libila follower as part of a HotS template PMK is currently not possible. The only religions available are Tosiek and Nathan. According to Enki this is intended behavior, but I suggest that this be changed, because it would make no sense to have denied any form of priesthood to HotS template PMKs in the past, and it makes no sense to deny libila religion to them now that player gods have been added. Allow Libila (black light) religion for black light pmks. Possible Religions BL PMK WL PMK Libila NO NO Fo NO YES Vynora NO YES Magranon NO YES Nahjo NO YES Tosiek YES YES Nathan YES YES How is this balance?
  9. My shield skills won't raise and my shields are not being used. The character name is Adje and I'm on Independence. I've been playing for quite a while, about 5 years (I think) and I have never ever gotten any use out of a shield. I tried all general fixes such as shield bashing over and over (which I did for a very long time and still no skillgain however I could bash) I never parry with a shield equipped or anything. This problem has never been submitted because I didn't feel the need to. I contacted GM's ingame and they told me to go here. Thank you in advance, Zealord (Adje)
  10. As a counter to the thread here: /> I suggest that we just not allow players to make any new items at all. There would be a lot less server strain. Post your thoughts?
  11. ok so i go on mozila firefox and it gives me this error Unable to launch the application. Name: wurm online Publisher:Code Club AB FRom: htttp:// here are the details Exception: JNLPException[category: Download Error : Exception: null : LaunchDesc: null at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareLaunchFile(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareAllResources(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.launch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.launchApp(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.access$000(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main$ Source) at Source) Launch File <jnlp spec="1.0" codebase=&quot;" href="wurmclient.jnlp"> <information> <title>Wurm Online</title> <vendor>Code Club AB</vendor> <homepage href=&quot;"/> <description>Wurm Online client</description> <icon href="wurm-icon-128-w.jpg" width="128" height="128"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-64-w.jpg" width="64" height="64"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-32-w.jpg" width="32" height="32"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-16-w.jpg" width="16" height="16"/> <icon kind="splash" href="splash.gif"/> <shortcut online="true"> <desktop/> <menu submenu="Wurm Online"/> </shortcut> </information> <update check="timeout" policy="always"/> <security> <all-permissions/> </security> <resources> <j2se href=&quot;" version="1.6+" initial-heap-size="128M" max-heap-size="800M"/> <property name="sun.java2d.noddraw" value="true"/> <property name="org.lwjgl.input.Mouse.allowNegativeMouseCoords" value="true"/> <jar href="wurmclient.jar" main="true"/> <jar href="wurmres.jar"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/colladabind.jar" version="1.0.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/eigcc_java.jar" version="2.0.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/irclib.jar" version="1.10"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/jogg.jar" version="0.0.7"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/jorbis.jar" version="0.0.15"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/joXSI.jar" version="1.0.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/jzipupdate.jar" version="0.9.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl.jar" version="2.8.5"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl_util.jar" version="2.8.5"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/PNGDecoder.jar" version="0.0.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/slick-util.jar" version="b208"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/vecmath.jar" version="1.5.2"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2011/jbullet.jar" version="1.0.0"/> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="x86"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.8.5"/> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/eigcc_natives.jar" version="2.0.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="amd64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.8.5"/> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/eigcc_natives.jar" version="2.0.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="ppc"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="i386"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="x86_64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="i386"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="amd64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86_64"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <resources os="SunOS" arch="sparc"> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2011/lwjgl-natives-solaris.jar" version="2.8.5"/> </resources> <application-desc main-class="com.wurmonline.client.WurmLauncher"> <argument></argument> </application-desc> </jnlp> and now when i go on the internet browser it gives me the same application error and when i go on google chrome it gives me the same application error, please fix because i want to go on wurm and i have already reinstalled java like 6 times now and it does not help please help!!!