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Found 3 results

  1. Mayors who never had premium cannot use /vinvite because of this message: [23:19:54] You may not invite other players to your settlement unless you are premium. The settlement will disband if your character is deleted and the settlement needs a mayor. However, you can invite people by right clicking on them. You get the error message but the player receives the invitation anyway. Premium players on a deed with non-premium mayor can invite other people normally.
  2. First of all, this will be a guide for new and non-premium user, who have a skill capped at 20... This will not a a grinding guide, Precisly this will based on my personal experience as new and basic account user., the may connet some prejuice and will be missunderstading or something like that Dont forget the more important, wurm is a game, enjoy it, you are the one who decide how to play. Start: Limitations Basic accounts have several limitations, but dont be afraid, try that no stop you of have fun. You only cant build large houses or one with more than 1 floor or stone one. You cant ride a horse, or drive a large boat. You may have low chance of craft most things, but not imposible. Gear Gear aka. tools are very important, moreover you will need tools to make other tools. Important tools to have: Steel and flint, to make fire Hatchet, to cutdown trees and make logs Carving knife, several uses Saw, several uses. pickaxe, for mining Compass, this work with the game map You will can make any other tools with thats... Remember when repairing a tool, the quality of that item will drop a little. This is importat, because starting item cannot be improved, that mean cant rise the quality. Higher quality means more easy work with the tools that improve the % of creation Important, less weight means more speed al walking/running, with the limitation of the skills, is better run fast instead of fight, and remember guards are your best weapon and dependable pawns, use it. Try to keep you light on weight, that make you run faster A good idea is spend a few coopers to get some gear, like a 50ql longsword or/and some armor first Finding a good place This is really important, remember a good place is no only have water near, plenty trees and a guard tower near. Wurm community is really both really nice and bad on the same way that most of other online games old user may abuse of new ones in different ways, hiring for repetive work that dont want to do, paying real low for repetitive stuff like bricks on the other way, help a lot to newcommers. Remember the chat channels are good, and have good relation with neightboars if any, is really good Getting money First of all, remember you cant drive cars or ships (except rowingboat), that is a huge limitation moving stuff, specially is you want to sell bulk of items. Make items to sell, well, is tedious and need much time, remember the part of cant drive or sail? well work for this point, max items you can move is 100 (if weight is not over your limits in cart) in both carts and boat. Foraging and botanizing is a good option to get money, but is random. Selling stuff to tokens/traders, is good too, but only capped at 5 copper per hour (is really hard get that amount anyway), dead bodys are the best to sell, remember butcher it, maybe you will get meat (can sell it for extra irons or use it for cook). Damage in items make get less irons, so keep a sight in it.