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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone! We're back with another Valrei International, giving you the low down of what we've been up to and what's going on, so let's get to it! Bugfix blitz A lot of our work these past few weeks have been major pushes on addressing a huge amount of bugs, but we've got a few things to delve into as well, so here goes PvP stuff Many of you may have noticed a thread on the forums regarding PvP, and I know there were a lot of discussions about what could be done or what was needed. We spent a lot of time discussing it internally as well as within the thread, taking the time to read through everything (and yes, we can see hidden posts). There's a few back end mechanics we'll be working on for the next update and then we'll begin stepping into some of the heavier stuff, we'll be working very closely with you all via the feature feedback forum, so expect that soon! Renderer work Samool has been super hard at work improving and optimising the modern renderer coming soon, there's not much in the way of discussion about it, as it's goal is pretty simple, improve performance drastically and eliminate the need to have GLSL shaders disabled for better framerates! I managed to grab a few shots from him just to add some pretty pictures to the news (and wow are they pretty) When bugs become features We always make jokes about bugs being features, but occasionally there's a funny story. On the dev side we include logging for a wide variety of things, those who have been GM's on WU servers will know about logging of roads, as well as a lot of other internal things, but recently one logging feature had a little bug... This got us to talking about a few things, and thus this little bug has now become it's own feature with next update introducing the PvE death tab! Rest assured, for those embarrassed about dying to a mountain lion or autowalking off a cliff, there will be an opt out function within the player profile, and players with low skills will not show to avoid spam. The tab can also be closed via the profile too, but I know I'll be expecting a lot of jokes when i next die! Unique bloods Next update will be introducing some changes to the types of unique bloods that drop from certain uniques, we won't be going into full detail, but we'd like to give a little heads up incase you're holding onto bloods. Mixing some bloods after the next update will result in different potion types as we will be making sure all uniques drop bloods that mix into unique potion types.(I'm sure that makes sense) so if you want the potions they currently make, nows the time to mix them! We will also note we won't be removing any types, simply changing ones that double up. Wurm interior design It ran a little longer than expected, but that';s due to the introduction of part 2 of placing items on things, I'll totally blame that. We're blown away by what people have done with the ability to place items on tables, and it really does just add that extra oomph to making a house really look like a home. we have five winners to announce,, and there's been a lot of discussion with each dev picking their favourite, I'm pleased to announce the winners are: 1st prize: Seriphina with her tour of Lorewood Gardens and the beautiful library! 2nd price: Rhea with her tale of the great feast with a twist, a great use of the feature to write a mystery! I was expecting a goldilocks story, but I'm glad it wasnt, has someone done a rapunzel? 3rd prize: Aniceset with her tour of Amish Paradise, the bar is amazing and I have never met Candi in my life 4th prize: Kasumi with her troll cooking up a tasty foot and mouth stew (Yes, I checked the ingredients) 5th prize: Jakerivers workbench, it somehow still looks tidier than my RL workbench! A (dis)honourable mention goes to cenotaph for his luxury new player hotel, I mean, slave cage We'll be in touch over the weekend with your prizes! Friendalong! The friendship bay friend-a-long is quickly coming up, with imping, events, GM slayings (which will be even more fun with the death tab and general socialising. I took a few minutes out of the day to drop in on host VirusMD, and nag him all about it: It's on over the weekend of July 27th - 30th, be there, or have no friends!* *You will still have friends if you don't attend, they'll just be sad That's it this week from us, we'll be putting the finishing touches on our updates with the planned launch in the next week or so, so stay tuned for that! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. This weeks header image by fairyshine (though I did need to turn a gif into a solid screenshot!) Hi everyone! No Patch notes for this week as we've been hard at work on planning some big updates down the line, doesn't mean nothings been going on though! WU beta A new beta was launched for Wurm Unlimited, with a whole range of fixes aimed at hell creatures spawning, shoulder pads showing, and various other admin bugs. Vyolette joins the team! We also have a new staff member, Vyolette working with us in order to catalogue and track Wurm Unlimited bugs, allowing us to better address these issues. Be nice! Crossing server issues Some players have encountered an extremely rare issue when crossing servers that left their inventory empty. The dev team is working on identifying this issue, but as per Enkis WSA, please DO NOT cross back. Instead, log a support ticket immediately, or jump in IRC to grab a GM. If you have not crossed the server border, your inventory should be easily recovered. A true hunt Chaos is in for another hunt this month, with some good old fashioned slayings. Avatars will be set up in locations for players to hunt down, fight, and if they're lucky, kill. All loot on the avatars will be for the players to take so if you're headed out, be sure to bring gear, friends, and luck. Strange materials Whispers abound of these strange artifacts left from the rifts, unnatural trees, glowing stones and crystals. Some have even rumoured that they will soon be collected as resources, for unknown purposes. Xanadu Domains On Saturday, the 30th of July, some time in the morning server time (UTC+1) we will be attempting another run of the new domain system on Xanadu. The system has been further optimised and will hopefully avoid causing lag. The devs will be on hand to monitor lag and will disable the system if necessary, fingers crossed! Community Content I'm a huge fan of videos and streams of Wurm, and this weeks community content is no exception. This is a video of Huntington Castle, on Pristine by Sirene. It's an amazing work of terraforming, connecting two small islands together, and definitely worth checking out. That's it for this week, see some of you on Chaos this weekend, the rest of you, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. Hi everyone! Welcome to the second edition of weekly news for 2016! This week has been fairly quiet in regards to upcoming updates, a lot is being worked on, but unfortunately little is near enough to completion to show. After all, teasers are fun, but no one likes waiting too long! Patch notes First Person Wurming The unstable client now has a special First Person Mode, currently consisting of allowing you to look around with the mouse without left clicking, that turns off when opening windows such as your inventory or containers. We're looking at adding default context sensitive actions to this feature too, meaning chopping a tree is as simple as left clicking a tree tile with a hatchet activated! While we're looking at actions we can add, we do not have a deadline as to when they will be ingame, so watch this space! Wurm bridges are falling down!... Sorta. After a few threads questioning the height requirements for bridges, I inquired into these limits and potential changes. The reason for these limits are mostly to do with making sure that the support models look right, so, naturally, we've tried removing them. The test server has bridge requirement heights on arches removed, so please jump on and make sure they work properly, if all goes well, we can get the limit removed ingame! Danger Will Robinson! Sick of missing messages in the event log? Soon you won't have to! Erik is working on displaying important messages in the center of your screen, meaning easier notifications for you, and better results, check the image for an example. If you have any ideas for messages you'd like to see displayed here, let us know! Your ranch is HOW big? Often We all wonder just how many animals of one type there are on a server. In order to sate my curiosity, I snuck into the server rooms with my trusty abacus, and I found out some crazy facts! Xanadu has almost 16000 named horses. There is only one bred pig on desertion Only one percent of the bison on affliction are bred Independence has over three and a half thousand tower guards Someone on Release is breeding mountain lions Xanadu has over 500 merchants Elevation has more hens than any other server bar Xanadu Deliverence has more bred dogs than any other server bar Xanadu There is only ONE seal cub on Xanadu Definitely interesting, definitely odd, that's for sure! Weekly Artworks This weeks screenshot(s) come courtesy of the Wurm Unlimited artwork page, where NESGamepro has decided to put his talent to use. The first screenshot is a slight alteration of Edvard Munch's "The Scream". You can see a Wurm bridge, as well as a knarr in the background. The second artwork, is, well, odd. We choose not to ask too many questions, but all hope that NESGamepro is okay. That's it for this week folks! I'll be popping ingame from time to time to check up on you all, and as usual, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch! Until then though, keep on Wurming! -Retrograde Community Relations Coordinator