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Found 9 results

  1. They wait - Shmeric Greetings wurmians! It’s been a slow news fortnight as we’ve been busy working on a few big projects, I’m excited to tell you more about them but unfortunately they’re not at that point yet, so this week we’ll touch a bit more on priest stuff as well as some client works. Saroman won’t let me show what he’s been working on sadly, I’m quite grumpy. But first… Priest stuff Priest testing has been opened to the wurm team and we’ve had a bit of discussion about many features. We’ll be working towards opening it for public testing once we’re aware of the major bugs (and fixed them hopefully) and such, then you’ll be able to test to your heart's content! We’ve added a few features to help with testing, such as the ability to set your own faith and favour, as well as spawn statuettes and vesseled gems via the test menu. We’ve also added a feature that outputs spell power for testing purposes, which is really cool and will help with feedback too! We’ll continue to check out helpful suggestions with ideas to do with priests and improvements, so keep up the good work. We expect this to open to public testing either this weekend or next week, we want to make sure we can help as much as we can with scenarios, so we’ll include information on how to grab a GM if needed! Client improvements 10,000 large amphorae in the desert, 10,000 large amphorae in the desert, you take one down, kick it around, still 10,000 large amphorae in the desert. No, this isn't my backyard, this is our client developer, Samool’s testing ground. One improvement to the client will be how it renders multiples of the same object. Currently if you had all 10,000 of these large pottery amphorae there they’d be rendered individually and slow your system to a halt, but here? The game draws the item once, and simply copies it around, meaning amazing performance improvements in areas with a lot of the same objects. Now, if you had 10,000 different objects there’d still be the problem, but we’re continuing to work on extra features to improve performance, make sure you check out the modern renderer and the preview client! Community content This weeks community content is a huge shoutout to Valrei Entertainment Network member, Bloodydrongo, who has hit over 500 followers! We’ll be thinking of a few ways to help him celebrate, so keep an eye out for his news! His love of wurm, discussion, and drinking from a shoe has all found us something to connect with him (except drinking from a shoe, that's on him) Check out his stream here: That’s it for us this week, short and sweet, just like me, right? We’ll be back snappier than a rubber band on a bunny next fortnight with hopefully some more news, including progress on the priest testing and plans for live launch! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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  3. Leathercity - a new village located at J8, Xanadu. Leathercity is located between mountains and offers a very nice natural scenery. Even though it is a bit secluded, a highway connects it to starter town Linton and many other deeds in alliance. The village itself is new, but the mayor, Tinaskat has been playing for many years. She can offer help with many skills that she has, and knowledge to get new players on their feet. Leathercity will accept both new and established players. Only requirement is that you are friendly Here is a glimpse at our little haven And some more nice pics: If you would like to join us; PM Tinaskat or Soprano ingame / send me a PM on forum
  4. A little over a year ago I bought Wurm and joined some friends on a server called Redneck Solutions, we had fun in the beginning learning the game, crafting, competition and comraderie all in one, I looked forward to playing. Then it turned kinddah ugly, you find out on private servers thaty the people who have the server have clicks and they can pretty much do whatever they want, like spawning 15 Nogumps and a gazillion trolls around your property because they want your group to go we did..(And we all did the happy dance when they imploded and disappearred) to move on......So then you get your own server and it is a headache, especially PVE and dealing with new folks and keeping everything lies an oxymoron....friendly game.......well I come and go at this quite steady, really feeling underappreciated for dealing with new people and it is a struggle to have an independent open to the public server and cover all bases. Finally this chapter closes, alittle under duress and some friendships may never be the same. part of the group stayed with Redneck, but the majority left, some went on to the new map in the PVE after a bigh ole fat wipe, and some moved on.....So now we try server hopping, man there are alot out there that have good and bad points, same with some of the people. Tamureil, Mythmoor, Skotopolis, Highborne, and a few other I am sure I lost count...Its almost like feast or famine with this game. Finally settle into Fields of Conquest PVP, play for a while meet some folks, but never a steady stream, never the same....always feel like your just playing to beat maybe to go try something new....Well if you are a noob, do not go to a very active PVP server, more lessons learned over the next couple of days.....then I think did I really buy into this to be this frustrated.....I mean the level of tedium in the game is fierce even on the modded servers, and thats another thing, this server has this mod and that one has this and generally there is no where to find out and the maps are all different does anyone have a link?, It is completely maddening and its not fun anymore....well I guess some people were right PVE is to quiet and PVP if its an active server might not be your cup of tea, for there are surely days when you feel like you have been jumped by the mob. All in all it was great and it was depressing at times...I just can not find a happy medium I guess....any suggestions? there are aspects of the game I like but there are some that are not so nice....
  5. Seems like this is a pretty rare statue so auctioning it off. It emits purple light, most of the hota statues sold now are red ones - [19:30:55] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. Colors: R=120, G=0, B=120. Ql: 89.5, Dam: 0.0. In case you didn't know it, lit hota statues not only look great, but they can also keep your food and metal lumps warm. Starting bid: 12s Min. increment: 50c Buyout: PM offers Good luck!
  6. New batch of WOA horse shoes for sale! Excellent casts folks! Why ride slow when you can ride fast? Reply or PM with the set you want! You will receive them promptly from my 100 cast mailbox!
  7. Trapping is tough because for all the effort required if you set a trap it will only stay there for a little while before it decays into nothing and dissapears. They lose effectiveness also very quikly from high damage when set. It makes them unviable really. Now if someone disarms it cool but otherwise I am suggesting we change it so that they will remain set for a loonger time. Trappin aint dead.
  8. Skulltooth Cove (X20 Y48) is a small community with two very active and dedicated members, YukiAkari and me (LordByte). (All are on GMT +1) We are looking for other dedicated members that can fill in the tasks left empty by their predecessors (or take over some of the multitude of tasks that are still open and filled by us by necessity). We're looking for players that have already proven, or are certain that they want to stick with the game, but we place no stock on skill values or age alone. Most important is that there's a match, that you fit in (we're not elitist ogres, if you're nice to be around you'll fit in ) [media] Our philosophy You do what you like, in between you try to fill in the open tasks to help out with the others. If you're the primary (highest skill) you're expected to fill in a bit more, and if you're not: anything that gives skill to the primary is expected to be left to them. Again the most important part is that there's no pressure, we're here for fun foremost. Everything in the village is shared, and we expect it to stay that way, the locks are on the outside of the wall, so that our members can be free to do what they want and have the right tools to do it. We talk and we try to cooperate to make our village work and look nice! We're usually on Teamspeak and have a lot of very active players in other games, we expect mature behaviour, but we won't stick an age on it (though most of us are around 30). A microphone is expected and at least a little command of the English language. (Clarification: Our entire gaming community has been active on voice-communication in some form or another since 1998! We're used to it and have noticed that when there are others who aren't they tend to split off rapidly because it's much harder to make a bond between two sides using different communications). Our history We started out in december, a couple of friends had after much pushing by me started playing this instead of some other sandbox, so I had to get in fast... This is our story: We set out on a lone winternight, the four of us. Modzo and Creuss had already set out before but the wilds had taken them, luckily the spirits had pulled them back to Sloping sands. They were working hard when I walked through the portal. Shaping clay pots for water and preparing some basic tools. When Gazef arrived we set out, the plan was to travel northeast, there were untilled lands in the northeast, near an enormous lake that would supply us with fish, and possibly a new ship for our crew. The map was a rough drawing and wholly inaccurate as we found out. And the trek was harsh, and filled with dangers... Many times did we have to run back down from the hills we climbed, because giant spiders and mountain lions would attack us as we crested it. Then Creuss would bandage our wounds, but as supplies were running out we had to forage for more healing herbs and berries to keep us going. Wounds started to fester and we were losing hope when we finally got out of the wilds and the lands opened up to reveal a wide stretch of tundra... and WATER! Beautiful shining lakes in the distance, but many creatures blocked our path. We were running low on water and our wounds were bad so a fight was out of the question. "If we reach the water they will leave us alone." said Creuss. "We will never reach it, too many are in the way and the distance is too great to do in one run with our wounds" said another. But a plan was made and we would, attack a mountain lion and rat on our path, that would give us enough of a break to get to the water. We fought the creatures and luckily didn't take too much damage, allowing us to escape to the waters, chased by a multitude of spiders and hellhounds, but we made it! Now we started looking for a place. We found a seemingly abandoned iron mine, and made it our home! We were beautifully situated near a nice pond that supplied us with fish, in a dale between two large hills, with access to the southern lakelands, and the northern great lake. The mine was apparently from a neighbour a bit further on that we hadn't met in our first few days, but he allowed us to stay if we allowed him access, which we did. We toiled hard, and built many great buildings, the most fantastic one was a large stone inn, but the disadvantages were soon apparent, the beautiful forest I was planting with all the trees our area lacked, were ransacked often by others. Often without regard for their age. As more and more settled nearby our lack of settling rights was becoming an issue too. I traveled many times to Sloping Sands as I had found a hidden pathway that was safe to be used, and would get us past the many creatures safely, oftentimes for recruits of our old crew that had walked through the portal as we did, as we regaled them with tales of those wonderful lands, but the need for new lands and the wanderlust was great! One day Modzo finished a rowing boat and we set out to discover new lands, a new map had been created and we had spotted a very nice area in the far south. So we set out and pulled the mighty oars and sailed for days... We reached the area, we now call Skulltooth Cove safely and noticed while many parts were occupied, the most promising part (after a very steep climb) wasn't. We travelled back, picked up all that we would need to build a new and better village, bought a deed, and set out! I traveled for days bringing supplies and people over, and in a record time we settled the area, built a great wall that would keep our lands safe, and our forests pristine and an enormous mine-shaft was built towards the sea so we could enter our lands safely and easily! Many have left us for other strange lands, but me and YukiAkari still toil away, wishing for other to join us to keep Skulltooth Cove alive. And we still have to kill a dragon! What can we provide? We provide large tracts of deeded lands, on which you can build (or just use the beds in the hostel), all the materials you could want and need (all types of wood, massive quantities of plants, iron, copper, incredible amounts of zinc, marble, gold, silver, lead,...). Ships to travel to faraway lands, high quality tools (50+) and weaponry... Everything is walled and safe, and we can ship your items and goods (and yourself and any alts) to our lands. What are we looking for? We have a shipbuilder, farmer, blacksmith (YukiAkari) and woodcutter (me) (and both are skilled masons and carpenters and miners), all other jobs are open if you're up for them, but we're not specifically looking, just more people to enjoy the game with. Armoursmith, leatherworker, Alchemist (zinc into White paint anyone?), tailor.... would be nice to have though! How to contact us? If you're interested or have any questions, message LordByte on release, in this topic, or with the PM button.
  9. Our village is rather small, but we're highly engaged. We build a lot, grind our skill and team up whenever something is need from each other. There are only 3 of us, but I hope more will join. I doesn't if you aren't Polish, we're good with all nations! We offer good company, meals at 27ql yet, quite nice tools, and other stuff that we do. We're placed on about AV 39 or AY 40. At the lakes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nie jest to duża wioska, ale jesteśmy bardzo zaangażowani. Pracujemy nad swoimi umiejętnościami i wymieniamy się potrzebnymi przedmiotami. Jest nas trzech, mam nadzieję, że ktoś inny jeszcze dołączy. Oferujemy dobre żarełko 27ql, dobre narzędzia i inne śmiecie. Jesteśmy położeni gdzieś w obszarze jezior AV 39 czy tam AY 40. // BlackWolffpl