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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Wurmians! It’s been a little while since our last Valrei International, and I’d like to apologize for that and let you know we have not forgotten about you! Although things have been quiet, we have been working away in the background squashing some bugs, implementing some fixes, and working on new features and content for you all to enjoy. Thank you for your patience with us during this time! Squashing Some Bugs With the maintenance restart this week, we’ll be implementing some balances and bugfixes concerning the animal update, and a few other things. There will be a few tweaks to traits, such as a fix to make the “seems to pick stuff up” and “seems stationary” traits work properly and making less useful traits on a creature become less common (sheep with draft traits, for example). The chance to pass on dominant traits has been improved, and already existing traits in parents will be even more likely to pass on to offspring than newly generated ones. This includes an increased chance to pass on coat colors. The chance for miscellaneous traits has been reduced a bit to encourage dominant traits passing on. There will also be a fix for donkeys and mules making horse sounds instead. On top of trait tweaking, we’ve worked a bit on the feeding of animals. Creatures in caves will once again be able to eat food from the ground, and the nutrition of hay will be increased so your horses can become fat and happy on a diet of hay. We have also tweaked the pathing to food a bit and have reduced the chance of grass packing while your critters are moving around. This should cut down on some of the time spent unpacking and replanting grass and lawns. You will also now be able to breed animals when they are slightly hungry instead of needing to make sure they are stuffed to the brim before attempting to breed. While most of the update will be focused on animal husbandry changes, there will be a few other things (and a new 100 skill title!) coming with the patch. Creative Constructs Building Contest Many of you have been eagerly looking forward to the announcing of the winners in the Creative Constructs building contest. Well, the wait is over! The team has gone over every one of the wonderful entries, and your creativity was very inspiring. After a tough decision, we’ve finally found our winners. Congratulations to all of you! Combat and Defense Theme Wilczan Seriphina Thalorane Cozy Ranches and Farms Theme Miell Goldfinch LadyCygnet Place of Business Theme Annyil Kasumi Eudoxia Wacky and Wild Theme Ayaana Jaz Stanlee You guys came up with some amazing entries for the contest! It was definitely hard to pick the winners out of all of the entries we had. I will be in contact with the winners through the forums in the next few days, so watch your inbox if you're one of them! Upcoming Community Hosted Events (with a lovely Halloween theme!) Scary season is right around the corner, and with it comes two spooktacular community events in celebration of Halloween. With an event on each server cluster, everyone will have the chance to hang out with all the other boys and ghouls, BOO-gie down in arenas fighting off creepy critters, and improve items (or get theirs improved) while all the festivities go down. Festival of the Veil Impalong For those of you on the Northern Isles, you’re invited to attend the Festival of The Veil, hosted by Rogue Cathedral. This event will run on the Cadence server from the 24th of October to the 30th. For more information on this Impalong event, check out the post below! New Festival Cove's Halloween Haunted House Impalong For everyone on the Southern cluster of servers, you are invited to Independence to New Festival Cove where you’ll find a Halloween Haunted House Impalong hosted by Vooch and Thicket! This event takes place on the 22nd of October through the 25th of October. Information on this event can be found on the post below. Myself and other GMs will be there during both events to cause havoc, as usual.... Make sure to bring a tent along in the case of creepy critters galore! Of course, there will be some spooktacular happenings all around Wurm during Halloweentime whether you are able to attend a community event or not. That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International! Congratulations once again to the Creative Constructs winners.
  2. Pictured is Kadmint's Whisperfell castle, on Release in the Southern Isles! Hello, Wurmians, and welcome to another Valrei International! This one is a very exciting one for me because I get to introduce our newest critter that will be populating the world of Wurm. I've been dying to tell you guys about them! The devs have been hard at work implementing some changes for the upcoming Animal Update, and there are some exciting things on the way! There will be several new traits added into the game to improve animal husbandry and production, and provide bigger benefits to keeping and breeding critters of all kinds. These will also make having higher animal husbandry more helpful rather than detrimental to breeding like it has been. In addition to that, we are getting an adorable new creature… Allow me to introduce the donkey! These cute little critters will be available as a mount for non-premium characters, so say goodbye to the days of slowly plodding along on cows. In addition to new traits and donkeys, we are going to bring a bit of personality to your herds by introducing slight variations in body shapes for horses. Who knows, with these little guys running around your fields and pastures, you might also find a bit of a surprise once they’ve mingled and gotten “comfortable” with your horses… In-game Wurmpedia and UI fixes Another project we have been working on is finalizing some finishing touches and fixes for the newer UI, addressing concerns that some have had with it before removal of the old UI. This includes an update to make the Wurmpedia more accessible than ever, with the entirety of its information conveniently available in game. The screenshot above is just a concept, and it will be adjusted to fit visually with the UI by the time it is added in. The removal of the old UI will be announced when this update goes live. Stability Issues As you all may have noticed, Golden Valley has been having a bit of trouble getting situated after the migration, but today’s update will work on some stability issues and reduce the lag we have seen on all servers lately. That’s it for this week’s Valrei International! If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy expanding my stables and preparing my pastures for the adorable herd additions on the way!
  3. Hello ! I start a Wurm Online News Project. Its not perfect but i hope you guys like it. If you have some News from the Northern Island, just send me a PM and you are in the next News Show.
  4. Hello Wurm students! Today I'll be doing a news post on the current news going around the starter areas. As you can see up top we've got our fancy new title font and style ready to rock and roll from our original, in house design team. The font cartel has long been knocking at Wurms doors, demanding that we submit to using Times New Roman or Arial and to them we say "No! We will make our own, new and original font!" Enough of that, let's focus on the most important thing....The news! Priesty Bois stand triumphant! After an overwhelming amount of angry replies and envelopes filled with smallpox, we have decided to throw the community a lifeline. Libila will be replaced on Freedom with Nacho, effective the Jan patch. We hope that those Libila fans out there understand our difficult position, but between sea creatures turning to zombies on land and the newfound mycelium farms on Celebration and Pristine, we have decided that Libila is the best God to take the fall. Journal gets more pages! With the Jan patch we will also add two new tiers to the crafter journal. I have the pleasure to be able to tell you early what one of these tiers entails and give a rough guideline what to expect in the entry after, due to it still being work in progress. Destinations Unknown Found: Create a fantastic item Improve an item beyond quality level 99 Repair 6250 fences, floors or walls Create 5000 liters of wine Catch 1000 fish Mine an exquisite gemstone Perform 100000 actions Reward: A random tome! Titles Unknown: This tier is fluid, meaning it changes depending on the player! This tier is all about the tome you win. When you win your tome, you get a single charge tome automatically used on your account with full benefits and penalties. From there, you'll finish this tier by using other tomes to advance your title until you have went through all possible combinations. Reward: The ability to choose your sorcery title! We would like to note that using the incorrect tome is likely to brick your journal, and we will not be reversing this if you do it. So you've been warned! Wurm Online follows in the footsteps of The Witcher! No, Rolf has not sold the lore of Wurm to CD Projekt Red for a few Euros! We are happy to confirm that Netflix has chosen Wurm to be the next game to get a dedicated series on their platform. Auditions for roles are still ongoing, however we can confirm that the director has already signed on to the project. Soon, we will have a thread Q&A with director M. Night Shyamalan to answer all of the questions. Confirmed roles so far are: Ryan Gosling - Protagonist Sean Bean - Deedmate of protagonist Willem Dafoe - The Goblin Leader Benedict Cumberbatch - Venerable Blue Dragon Danny DeVito - Angry Old Troll Adam Sandler - GL-Freedom jester Jim Carrey - Darwin Grant MacDonald - Oblivionnreaver Enki - Takeshi Kitano You wanna pizza me? We will be introducting pizza ovens to the game, which will take those endless amounts of sandstone and marble bricks you all have around deed. Using one of these pizza ovens adds +1QL to your pizza output, with rarity boosting that effect. Expect low market prices for these due to overabundance of rare bricks. They do look pretty though, so maybe it's time for some cool new deed decorations with them? Wurm got a 25 (s)killstreak! As a bonus way to absolutely demolish the mobs on Northern Xanadu, we will be adding killstreaks to the world of Wurm. Each kill you get with your weapon of choice counts towards a total kill count logged in event tab, and once you hit 25 kills, you can unleash your inner rage and kill everything within 25 tiles! This counter is reset each time the player is hit as a balance countermeasure, and the killstreak effect when used will give a random skill tick the same way Mindstealer would. Each mob gives a different killstreak name, so get hunting and discover your inner beast. Nacho is always watching Saving the biggest news for last, we will be removing the Libila colossus as a craftable item and replacing it with the colossus of Nacho. As there is currently no model due to our art team being too busy making Jackal skins for troll clubs, branches and mallets, we are opening the floodgates to you, the community! Design how you imagine Nacho to look each time you picture him, draw it to the best of your ability, taking as many hours as you need in your paint programs and post it here. To help your minds visualise how the demigod himself would look, I will be showing off our first submission from our very own Retrograde. We know it's pretty much already a perfect idea of how the colossus should look, but feel free to attempt to prove us wrong. Entries close in 5 days from this post going up, so get arty people. And that brings the news to a close this quarter. We hope you understand our position on the upcoming changes and will help us make Wurm the best it can be. Thank you for your patience with what I'm sure you'll agree, are the best quality of life changes you've seen posted in a news thread so far. As always, keep on Wyrming...
  5. Underground docks - Valo Greetings, Wurmians! We're back with another Valrei international. This week, we launch signups for our streamer program, and showcase a little bit of what's coming with normal and specular maps. Streamer Support Program Launching today are signups for our streamer support program. We'll be using this to help out those who take the time to share their adventures in wurm, be it YouTube videos or live streaming. For those who are accepted into the program, we will give various forms of support including social media sharing, items for giveaways to coincide with updates, and much more. So if you are a streamer, or know a streamer who would be interested in this program, fill out this form. The requirements for the program are: Have a channel set up with a minimum of 10 followers or subscribers, as well as a complete profile that’s public and easily shared. Have good standing ingame and on the forums (We will check!) Stream a minimum of 2 hours of Wurm every month (does not have to be 2 hours in one go, but not 15 minute bursts either) Have good conduct on stream (following streaming platform rules) Streamer support program sounds a bit silly though, and it totally needs a cooler name. Suggest a name for the program in this thread and the person who posts the winning name first will receive 1 month premium (and bragging rights!) The winner will be announced in the next Valrei International. Getting Normal Saroman has been hard at work with the new normal and specular mapping, which requires a fair amount of work with almost every model we have, but work has been progressing steadily, and here is an awesome WIP shot: This work will take time, and will come in several waves, the first of which likely being updated and improved terrain textures, and we will share those when they are ready, Wurm Unlimited Wurm Unlimited has launched with, bringing it up to date with Wurm Online. There’s the pesky graphical bug of neon lighting that can be resolved by enabling max dynamic lighting and setting it around 4-8. We’ll have a client update addressing that ASAP. Community Content This weeks community content is the Friend-A-Long! The citizens of Pristine are putting together a special impalong, with the usual array of imping, praying, games and fun, and of course we’ll show up to kill some players from time to time. They are in need of imping volunteers and a few resources though, so if you have any spare, make sure to contact the hosts on this thread: And even if you have to walk 500 miles, be sure to turn up and make a friend! That’s it from us for this week! We’ll have more to share on the new mappings next news, as well as hopefully approaching open testing for some big long awaited features, fingers crossed for those! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  6. For lack of a better place to put this. Basically some means of shedding light on those finished or mostly finished mods trying something more drastic than a mere skillgain increase. More emphasis on gameplay and how the players are reacting than say the technical documentation that can be found deeper in the WU forums. For example, I only recently learned of a mod working on a whole Vampires/Hunter system.
  7. Wurm Online Conflict Reports is a new PvP recap series that ANYONE can submit their PvP footage to, to get their very own episode! WOCR is also orchestrated by the same person that brought you Blacklight Epic News back in Epic's prime. The first episode: The Crusaders vs Jenn Kellon at HotA on Chaos. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN CLIPS - Your videos MUST be 16:9 resolution and AT LEAST 1280x720. - Videos MUST have game AND chat audio. (After much trial and error, videos without chatter are just far less interesting.) - Be at least 5 minutes long. (To avoid editing constraints.) - PvP only. - Host the clips somewhere in either .zip or .rar and email them to Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy. - Storm
  8. Hi Everyone, It's been another busy week, with testing and taking feedback. I'd like to thank you all for providing me with your thoughts, time and bugs, we've made huge steps this week, and it's on with the news! Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited Feedback and fun The test server as you all know has had the new client renderer as well as rifts on it this week, and there’s been a lot of enormous feedback, which we’d like to thank you all for, this unfortunately does mean that there’s several things we need to address PvP and rift loot With the introduction of the rift loot, some pvpers showed concern about how the loot and the bonuses it gives would affect balance. Most shoulders give bonuses to lighter armours, but we have made the decision to make them vanity only in PvP pending further discussion. We wish to ensure that any bonuses they do bring are balanced, and don’t set a new requirement to enter pvp. We’ll release the full bonus info on the 24th with the update. Unstable client So after a long period of dev and in-house testing, we unleashed the new client renderer on test this week, and have received valuable feedback. As a result we have decided to delay the renderers release, until we are sure that this client works for players and that major bugs are squashed, the expected release date for the new client will be on the 6th of June, Wurms Anniversary. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it on the 24th! It will be available as our unstable client from then, and we’ll continue to take feedback. Wurm turns ten! And we’re giving away the presents! We’ll have random anniversary loot boxes, which contain a random item, including some pretty rare items such as the Staff of the Land or the Pale Mask! Every premium player will receive one on our June 6th update, so simply login to collect yours! We’ll also be giving out some during events and such too, so your chance of getting something cool goes up and up! Community Content A thread on the Independence forum raised an old piece of writing done by Aeris a few years ago, named Independence anthem. It’s a song dedicated to the brave settlers of Independence, and is quite awesome! So just to reiterate, cave dwellings and Rifts will go live on the 24th, at 12:00PM Server time (UTC+1) The new client will be available on unstable and we’ll continue to work on that for a release on June 6th. Until then though, keep on wurming!
  9. Is this accurate? I've read several reports that 'free press' has been restricted to the point where a majority of the populous isn't even exposed to this type of information as it's considered too politically incorrect. I'm interested to know the perspective of people from Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Thanks in Advance! Here is the article:
  10. Hi Everyone! It's been a busy week here, with march finally upon us. There's a lot still going on but it's all a little while away, so this we'll be looking at some of the changes this week and also some of the events and competitions! Patch notes Wurm Unlimited Single player mode comes to Wurm Unlimited! This week saw Offline, or single player mode come to Wurm Unlimited. Players are now able to play Wurm Unlimited without any connection to the internet, you can also direct connect via IP, so you'll be able to play on a local network! To celebrate this, I'm also hosting a giveaway of five Steam keys, if you want the chance to win one for you, or a friend, enter your details here! Kingdom titles minimum requirement Due to popular feedback we have adjusted the minimum requirement of premium accounts in a pmk, the new minimum requirement for titles to work will be adjusted to 10 premium players. This may change as the game progresses, depending on the populations of the PvP servers. This update will go live early next week. Changes to the starter deed contest! We've made some adjustments to the starter deed competition, with the following alterations: Removed all restrictions on wall types, all walls are able to be used. Maximum of 300 house walls All building resources will be provided by GM's, players can still craft everything and have their signature and some items may require players to provide the materials. Players may either tender just a design, or enter to build as well. Design winners will be marked by commemorative signs, if the winners also build the design they will receive a rare trowel or mallet made of a unique material. We hope these changes open up the entry field, and allow those without as much time to enter, as well as making it easier to build, we'd love to see you all building, rather than pumping out the bricks! So if you'd like to get in on the action, check out our starter thread here: Unstable client This week saw a new unstable client release with some major changes; the development team has worked hard on optimising the .WOM model format, as well as changing the way models are loaded and unloaded. This has led to remarkable improvements on heavy load areas, as well as that dastardly travel lag, while it hasnt removed it altogether, please do try out the new client and tell us how you go. Pending feedback, it will come to the stable client next week. Treasure hunt review! The treasure hunt last weekend was a lot of fun for all involved as players uncovered the mysteries behind the first explorers of Celebration. The hunt is still open this weekend but will close this monday, so get in quick, and you receive a unique copper flask for finishing! Weekly question This week has two questions, as I'm quite curious about them! This screenshot is from Wurm Unlimited of a champion Lava spider casting a glow on the sea as it eyes the sailor passing in the night, another piece I wouldn't mind on my wall!
  11. It's been a HUGE year for Wurm, and as we stand on the edge of entering Wurms 10th year since leaving beta, we decided to take a look back on the year that it has been, and look at how far Wurm has come! Tapestries! One of the first updates of 2015 Saw the introduction of tapestries and with it, a very special Artwork. Hosted by Redbaron_Johan, a competition was held for players to submit their pictures, screenshots and drawings for a chance to win a permanent place in the world of wurm as one of the tapestry designs! Faeldray was the eventual winner of this competition with the screenshot of a priest praying in the snow. New walls! The next big implementation was a whole variety of new wall types, allowing players to further customise their home on the internet, making it more and more unique with these amazing window options including wooden balcony, timber jetty, and stone oriel.Shortly after the ability to rotate walls was implemented, allowing those strange looking corners to be resolved easily. New Deity! The ability to ascend to godhood was one of the big draws of the Epic cluster, and in April this year, Tosiek was the first to achieve that goal, many players converted to the new player deity and with Nahjo and Nathan quickly following suit, we entered a new era of Gods and priests in wurm. Elevation map reset! The month of March saw a poll on Elevation regarding a reset of the map and with the poll being in favour of the reset, a new map was created. The first map of its kind, it went through multiple tweaks and phases as we allowed players to review each draft and in mid-April this map went live Bridges! Stairs! New boat models! An update in May saw one of the biggest additions to wurm since multi story housing, the long fabled bridges! Since their implementation, players have blown us away through their use, using them as ramps, balconies and even arches for cathedral style buildings! Another long desired feature was the addition of staircases for multi story houses and with the new code in for bridges, this became possible. We've since seen the introduction of wide staircases, as well as spiral staircases, giving huge amounts of customisation options! The new boat models came with some awesome improvements to both seeing while sailing (no more navigator!) as well as sitting. This opened up the door for future updates regarding some until now, redundant chairs, but more on that later. Freedom Treasure Hunts! One dark evening Spellcast got a terrible idea; Torment players with riddles, puzzles and challenges with the promise of treasures untold at the end. Naturally players jumped at the idea of being driven insane, and since then a tradition has been born, each hunt getting more and more difficult, twisted and puzzling yet players keep coming on. We worry about you lot sometimes. Summer of bugslaying! The summer holiday period meant little in terms of new features, but massive in terms of bug identification and removal. Named the summer of bugslaying, the developers focused on a slew of long term bugs, and ensured that they stayed dead. Java 8! An upgrade to Java 8 allowed client developers to really get cracking on some much anticipated changes, ability to remember window positions, as well as the client windows themselves having the characters name on top, helping those who operated multiple accounts immensely. Dragon Armours! Wearing dragons skin never looked so stylish, with the addition of Green, white, blue and black scale, as well as Red and Blue drake hide, this came with the addition of six new dragons, and unique hunting just got bigger. Trade channel! The trade channel opened up a whole new avenue for advertising, no longer having to search amidst chat channels, a channel dedicated to trading, buying and selling meant the process was much easier, and indeed allowed players to share their wares in ways they couldn't before. New permission system! After a long process of testing and feedback, Tich put the finishing touches on the permissions system, creating a system that is much more flexible than the old, and allowing features such as naming branded animals, and remote management. Wurm Unlimited! October saw one of the biggest news announcements in the history of Wurm. A private server version of Wurm Online was coming to Steam. Wurm Unlimited opened up many opportunities, from mods and custom maps to players being able to solve long time mysteries with access to server code, this truly changed the face of Wurm and brought Wurm to many new people, with over 20,000 sales! Amphoras, kilns and smelters! Towards the end of the year Amphoras were released, being large capacity liquid containers, with their own speciality kiln for firing pottery. Around this time came another long desired feature,m the smelter. Allowing the smelting of 100 ore at a time, this created a much faster process, and power miners everywhere jumped for joy (not too high though, they were in mines). Bulk container changes! Another massively popular change was the removal of the 5% volume loss from Bulk containers on deeds with more than 30 days upkeep. This allowed greater ease of storage, but became even better when hot items were allowed to be stored, meaning no more waiting for them to cool! Passing of Oracle Unfortunately early December brought some sad news, our former Head Game Master, and long beloved player Oracle/Barakus had passed away in November. Many players and staff shared their condolences for the loss, and many stories were told regarding Oracle and players experiences with him. Commemorations came from both players and staff, with the announcement of the Fog Spider, and a beautiful monument in Xanadu by his former alliance members. Course plotting! Another big change for sailing, with the ability to plot courses across server borders, no longer reliant on predetermined borders, the world of Wurm was truly opened up for exploration, allowing players to visit long far off lands they couldn't due to travel times before, as well as opened up Chaos for many players. Sitting! Of course a long awaited immersion feature came to be. With the ability to sit in chairs, Wurmians all over the world finally got to rest their poor weary feet, This update earned its own screenshot thread, with many excited players trying to prove they could relax the most. The little things. Of course, over the year dozens of little improvements have come, including:- Priest spell keybinds Charcoal from hellhounds The halter rope Remote team invites Chicken Bird Cages Oven sizes Black rams and sheep Different cheeses Glimmersteel and Adamantine armour models And many many more. It's been a thrilling and massive year for Wurm, and we'd like to thank you all for sharing this year with us. I personally can't wait to see what 2016 has in store, and I know you all feel much the same. Feel free to share what your favourite update of 2015 was with us too! Until then though, keep on Wurming! -Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  12. I just got this newsletter in my email so i don't think that suggestion post is going to matter any seems the 12th is set in stone. It's time! It was almost a year and a half ago that Tich decided to start coding a system for building bridges in Wurm. After a final push from the rest of the team of debugging things such as collision and movement issues we're ready to release them for you to play around with. So, on Tuesday the 12th we're updating the servers with the following new features: Bridges You can build a wide arrange of flat or arched bridges, even onto houses! Stairs No longer do you have to climb up and down trap doors. Instead, enjoy the new stairs! Boat models We finally manage to get these out the door:) Welcome to check out these new features of Wurm and explore all the other things that may have changed since you last visited us. Hope to see you on Tuesday! The Wurm Online Team
  13. Hey Everyone! > As you may have noticed, the weekly news has now moved to a Friday. In the past, Thursdays were the best time because Johan could deal with feedback on the Friday after the news came out. Now, however, I am much more available to do that on weekends rather than Fridays. It also gives the developers an extra day to submit news for the week! Sorry this was unannounced. I meant to mention it last week! This week the developers have been scaling back development in time for the Easter Holidays but there have still been things going on behind the scenes with feature implementations and tweaks. There are no major feature announcements today. Without too much delay, here's the news... Elevation Trader Reimbursements As everyone is aware, the reset for the Elevation server is fast approaching. To facilitate the transition players are now able to request reimbursement for traders that they own using the in-game /support reporting system. These traders will be removed and reimbursed at a value of 20 silver coins each. To qualify for reimbursement a trader must either: Be located on a deed (Reimbursement to Mayor or designated alternate) Be located within a house (Reimbursement to Writholder or designated alternate)Traders not meeting either of the 2 above requirements are not qualified for reimbursement.Players will have until April 8th to make claims after which all traders will be removed from the server. Original thread for this can be found here. Elevation Map Under Construction One of the tasks the development team have been working on is the new map for Elevation. I don't have any detailed information yet but as mentioned previously it is planned to include a central landmass with smaller islands near the borders with the existing home servers. Don't forget that "small islands" in this case could turn out to be pretty big relative to what players are used to on Elevation. War Machines Implemented After an initial introduction on the Challenge servers, the Trebuchet, Ballista, Siege Shield, Spike Barrier, Magical Turrets and Archery towers were implemented on all servers, although the towers do not attack enemies (except KoS players on PvP servers). There were a few issues to begin with whereby players were able to block each other using siege shields on the PvE servers, although they should now be easier to push and pull to avoid this. The game rules were amended to make it very clear that it is against the rules to "block access to deeds, merchants, or structures not belonging to you" or to "intentionally create player traps", using siege shields or any other method, on the Freedom cluster (excluding Chaos). Initial feedback showed that the trebuchet was overpowered at first so there is now a delay in firing it to make it more reasonable. Xanadu and Chaos Map Dump Progress We are hoping to use various methods of distributing the fresh map dumps of Xanadu and Chaos soon. Our primary distribution will be in the form of a Google Maps style interface as part of the Wurm site, possibly even with map markers for the start deeds etc. and the potential for more information to be added over time. Many thanks to Mamadarkness and MaxC for working on this over the past week! We also expect that some players will want to be able to download the image file itself for use in community maps, or to re-host on their own servers, or to view offline. We hope to make the map dumps freely available as torrents. If you have a specific need for the raw file (to make a community map, or to re-host it on your own servers) you may also message me once they are released and I will send you instructions on downloading the raw image file. A direct download link on our own site would be our favourite option but at the moment there's no way we would have enough bandwidth. The files are pretty big indeed! Bridge Debugging Continues There is not much to say about bridges right now other than they are coming along nicely and debugging is going very well. We still expect that they will be released in mid-April for all to enjoy! Bridges still very much under construction! Click for a larger version. Successful Treasure Hunt Congratulations to all who took part in the latest Game Master organised treasure hunt which took part on the Exodus server last Saturday. The turnout was really great and I hear it was well organised so good job all round! I also heard that some people enjoyed exploring a new server they had never been on much, or at all, before even if they didn't win one of the big prizes so that's great to hear. Stay tuned for future treasure hunts on other servers and in different timezones! PR Team is Recruiting Would you like to help write the weekly news, publicise Wurm, maintain our social media pages and much more? Consider volunteering as a Public Relations Assistant! You can find the full recruitment thread here. There is no closing date but I expect to start appointing people within the next week or two. Happy Easter And last, but by no means least, Happy Easter Wurmians! Whether you celebrate Easter the traditional way or you just want the excuse to eat tons of chocolate, or whether you don't celebrate it at all, we hope you have a great weekend. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  14. Hey Everyone! The team has been working very hard this week to make sure that bridges are as good as they can be before their release in mid-April so there are no major gameplay announcements. The art developers have been working on some snazzy new weapon models (see below) too! I can also reveal that we now have a Community Manager in the form of Retrograde who will be the main link between the community and the developers and handle feedback, suggestions and more. We wish him the very best of luck in the role. And with that said, here's the news in full! New Community Manager We are pleased to announce that Retrograde will be stepping into the new role of Community Manager and will be working with you all on the forums and in-game. In his new role he will act as a link between you and the development team to discuss suggestions and changes, collect feedback, and provide feedback from the developers when possible. You'll also see him in-game from time to time and in IRC so don't hesitate to drop by and say hi! Map Dumps By popular demand, I asked the developers about the possibility of a fresh set of map dumps for all servers. Each map dump takes some time to produce so we are aiming to release approximately two per week until all servers have been covered. So far I have been provided with fresh map dumps for Xanadu and Chaos. I expect to release the map dump for Xanadu as soon as we find a reliable place to host it. The maps are very large files and so this is a lot easier said than done! Releasing the map dump of Chaos is still under discussion because it is a PvP server and some people there may want to remain hidden in the fog of war. However, I am also aware of recent forum polls which show overwhelming support for a map dump. Either way, I'd appreciate feedback on this from Chaos! Here is a preview of the Xanadu map dump. The full quality dump is more than ten times higher resolution than the preview. Bridge Progress Continuing our recent pattern, the developers have spent most of this week working on straightening out a few stubborn bridge-related bugs here and there. Just to give you a flavour, one of the bugs this week involved players teleporting to ground floors when they entered buildings from a bridge while on a cart or horseback, and some other minor bugs related to mounting and dismounting on bridges. We are still confident that these kinks will be worked out very soon and bridges are on track to be released in the spring update in mid-April. New Weapon Models The Art developers have been working hard on new models for various weapons. Progress is coming along extremely well on the new small maul (pictured below). They're also working on updated models for the medium maul, and axes. Treasure Hunt On Saturday 28th March, the Game Masters' monthly treasure hunt will begin at approximately 03:00 (am) GMT at Esert, the starter deed on the Exodus server. There are a number of valuable prizes to be won by being one of the first to solve the treasure hunt and we're sure it's going to be a lot of fun! Further information and clues, once released, can be found in this thread. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  15. Thoughts?
  16. Friends, Wurmians! Lend me your ears! Last week Johan (RedBaron) gave us some very sad news. After a couple of years as our PR Officer, he had to leave Code Club. During his time here he gave us excellent news and did a great job, with plenty of wit and humour thrown in along the way. He will be sorely missed, but I am sure I speak for the whole community when I say a massive THANK YOU for everything, Johan! But the show must go on. Earlier this week, Rolf asked me to carry on Johan’s good work as Wurm’s PR Officer. This is a huge task, but one I am more than eager to embrace! For those that don’t know me, my name's Ross but many of your know me as Wossoo. I first joined Wurm in late 2005, and I have been on the Wurm team since 2008 as a Player Assistant all the way up to Game Master. I was also PR Officer here before Johan joined us. So, for some this might be a little deja vu! It is going to be hard to follow in Johan’s footsteps for many reasons. However it is now my quest to make sure you all get your news fix every week, and some other things along the way such as a monthly email newsletter. The format may change slightly, but only for the best. This week I am going to try to keep it as close to what we're all used to as I can. None of this will be possible without a strong PR team, so along with Retrograde and Atazoth, I plan to recruit several new PR Assistants. I will be releasing details about how to apply for that very soon, so watch this space! And with that, it’s time to... Carry on sharing news! Bridges The team is still very hard at work testing and debugging bridges. We want them to be as polished and bug-free as possible when they are released which is why they are taking a bit of extra time. Our new collision system, which bridges use, is a massive technical step forward for Wurm and will open up a huge range of new opportunities for development. It's going to be pretty revolutionary once it's done and everyone is very excited about it! Otherwise, progress is coming on very well. A new bridge type is in the works and I hope to show you some more detail about it soon. New wall options The coding for the new wall options we announced in Week 9 and last week is nearly finished and we expect to release them soon. We also have a couple of new screenshots of them - an oriel window set in a plain stone wall, a door with a canopy, and a wide window with a small roof above it. The new wall types will provide new and interesting options for the architects among us to make the perfect creation! We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Banners Everywhere Work is now under-way to implement the new tall banners into the game. Player-made Kingdom leaders are encouraged to submit their banner designs to us using the templates available here. In-Game Valrei Map We now have an in-game version of the Valrei moon map under development by the art team. I hope to be able to show you some screenshots soon! For those who don't play on the Epic cluster, Valrei is where the gods battle it out during scenarios. Players on Epic help their gods by completing certain missions and can even directly influence their gods movement. At the moment it is only possible to view the current position of the gods on the Valrei map in a web browser so an in-game map is much needed! Elevation Poll Recently we asked the people of the Epic cluster to provide feedback on how we can improve their experience. One option which was discussed included a potential reset of Epic's main PvP server - Elevation. We are currently running a poll in-game to find out what players who live on Elevation think about that option. If you'd like to vote on that poll you must be on the Elevation server. Please note the poll ends today and the results will be announced in due course. Challenge Accounts The accounts everyone used to play on Challenge should now be returned to the Golden Valley server where they may be accessed. I hope you have enjoyed my first Weekly News post! Until next time, Happy Wurming! EDIT: Thanks go to Samool for finding a fix to our slight image problem just now!
  17. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Retrograde and Atazoth here. Unfortunately Johan is unwell and has not been able to join us in the new office yet, we wish him the speediest recovery, but as they say, the show must go on! Valentine's Day Gifts! Love is in the air, and we wish to share it with our players, so we've created Valentines flowers for you! All premium accounts can use the command /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 in a chat window and receive one of these fellas: We created 6000 of these coupon codes so there's a bit of a surplus in case you want to use it in the future as well. Challenge Round 2 is open! The all new map is up and running in round 2 of our challenge server, with newbie buffs, free arms and armour to get you back into the fight faster than ever. Read up about it here Tall Banners! As Wox showcased earlier this evening, stylish new banners are on their way to a deed near you! PMK’s are encouraged to submit their banner design from the templates available here Round 1 challenge rewards. Players have come together to show us (and show off) their awesome new challenge masks, helms and statues. We also now have the list of prizes for round 2! !Update! The prizes for round 2 will be as follows: Most overall pointsTitle “Master/Mistress of The Challengeâ€Gold Challenge StatueFace Mask of The Challenge Most items looted from resource pointsTitle “Pit Slayerâ€Bronze Challenge StatueHorned Helmet of Gold Most Battle PointsTitle “Blood Ravagerâ€Silver Challenge Statue, Ravager Face Mask Most Unique player killsTitle “Shadow Assassinâ€Marble Challenge StatueFace Mask of the Shadow Player who conquers most pillars first in a HOTA roundTitle “Guardian of the Huntâ€Bronze Challenge StatuePlumed Helm of The Hunt Player who found and opened most treasure chestsTitle “Selfieâ€Silver Challenge Statue, Pale Face Mask Winning KingdomRandom 25% of the Cavaliers in the kingdom receive a Cavalier Helmet First Tortoise ShieldMarble Challenge Statue First Gold Ore Mined Marble Challenge Statue There was some negative feedback about the coin and premium time prizes last time so we decided to simply remove those for now. That’s all we have time for today. Regular news should resume next week with Johans return If you have any Community news you’d like to see in the weekly updates feel free to pm it to Retrograde or Atazoth(Krinos78 on the forums), the trusty (and handsome) PR Assistants. As our favourite swedish newscaster would say… Keep on Wurming!
  18. I had a news letter in my email this morning on the challenge server that has a few of the reward brackets on it so thought i would share it. Hello (name deleted), Are you one of those who quit Wurm because of grind or slow progress? Maybe you found the game to have potential but wasn't as fun as you had hoped? Well, we have done something about it! On the 10th of December, we release our latest invention: The Challenge Server! The Challenge server is a concept server where we run time limited challenges with high scores and prizes in various categories. The First Challenge "Build The Battlefield" has the following features: Full PvP All skills start at 20 Totally free to play - no premium required! Ultra fast skillgain Ultra fast timers Resource spawns which create strategic points of conflict New War Machines such as Siege Shield, Ballista, Trebuchet, Archery Tower Resets after 30 days After this Challenge has run, we will evaluate how fun it was and make appropriate changes. The whole server is reset but you keep titles and any money you are left with after settlements have been disbanded. Prizes will be handed out in the following categories: Most overall points Most items looted from resource points Most Battle Points Player with most HOTA wins Most Unique player kills Most Karma gained Most Unique Achievements accomplished Most Personal Achievements accomplished Ruler with most land Village with most HOTA wins (Mayor receives prize to share) We are still discussing what the prizes will be but there will be special titles, ingame coins, certain ingame items as well as combinations thereof. The high score lists will be available on our website with history as well. Most importantly we think it will be a month full of fun though! The Map is already available for your planning at Hope to see you in one week - on the 10th! Best regards, Rolf Jansson Server Dev, Wurm Online CEO, Code Club AB
  19. A first look at the new dragon model! > Scene set up by mr Wox! /Lars
  20. Welcome Wurmians to this News Update of Week 38 Some words from the Developers After we announced our focus there has been much charing and debating in several forum threads. An especially reoccurring topic is the maps and the way people feel it affects gameplay. There has been much speculation and suggestions as to how it should (or not!) be implemented. Our favorite reason so far for not wanting the maps, is the passion for being lost in the woods. Something we want to reassure you, will still be possible. Though on the other hand, some are worried we wont go all the way implementing it to the extent of deeds showing and global positioning dot, making it "useless" in comparison to the community maps. We are not competing with or replacing the community maps. Currently our map is realized as a useful and available tool, not taking away the survival and exploration aspects of the game. It will not be implemented as a crafted item as we want it to be available for everyone from the very start. Maps and Recruitment Board. Maps are nearing completion and an example of work in progress is available for viewing here: The maps has so far been implemented and tested on the test server, functionality for annotations has been added. The annotations work like this: You have some for personal use, some are shared and available for people of the same village. Also, some are shared over the entire alliance. Placing them is as easy as clicking your map, but you have a set amount and restrictions to who can place them on village and alliance level. Village recruitment board is coming along nicely. Functionality is being tested for both putting up recruitment ads and requesting membership forms. In collaboration between the map and recruitment board, a player is able to join a village from, for example, a starter zone. This gives you access to the village shared map annotations and with that, the location of the village if it has been specified. Using the map and compass you are able to start navigating and plotting a course by aiming at landmarks. With some skill and effort, getting to your destination is now a bit easier. Money Distribution There are possibilities to improve how money is distributed in the game, there are some changes being tested. You will find information about Rolf's latest endeavor in this thread: Newbie Buff. There has been some changes and additions to the Newbie buff: *You wont get hungry or thirsty as quickly. *Less aggro from mobs with a decreased aggro range. *Better health regeneration. Highlighted Bug Fixes. Mycelium can now spread to bush tiles and the infected bush tiles can spread the Mycelium further. The conditions of meditation tiles for Path of Hate has been fixed, and should now be working as intended. That is all for now! /The DevTeam
  21. Hello again Fellow Wurmians! It is that time of the week, so let us share some news shall we? This week I want to indulge you in looking into some of the fixes and changes constantly going on in the background of Wurm development. These things might not always be very visual but for those specific instances, they are quite crucial. Fixes & Changes *An update to the way crushing and picking seeds works, so now it should not exceed the 100 limit. *Fix for selling rare items and occupied containers, where previously a container would dump its contents in your inventory. *King aspirations was changed to be made possible more often. *A fix for replying to whosonline. *And lastly a fix so that the message you get when a friend logs in, says what server. Update on last weeks news. The Load Action is now active on the test server and we are testing and adding functionality as we are going along. It is mostly about finding the potential bugs with implementing it at this point but items and permissions for these are constantly being added for compatibility. Creation window is also similarly being developed and tested. Our art director has also gotten involved at this point to look over the process so that the code will fit the type of graphical and hierarchical implementation intended. The name change poll, which had a great participation and lively debate ended up stopping the implementation of player name change. At least without a revisit to address the issue many people voting against had. Transparency of name history. So when we have some more news on the matter I will certainly let you know. Forum Moderation Lastly I would like to add on a personal note that my tasks with looking over Forum Moderation, setting in motion new guidelines and code of conduct is formally done. I will now be acting more as the FM teams support from staff and looking into their best of interests. So I will be leaving the role of Lead Forum Moderator into Jbergs capable hands. You shall see him proudly wearing the tag shortly! I will now be able to focus my full attention on PR, video/graphics production and development once more. That is all for now, so you know what to do? Keep on Wurming!
  22. With the popularity of video-cast-blog Servers Are ( the idea of a podcast is up for consideration. Would enjoy listening to a regular Wurm Online-based podcast? Please touch base if you would like to participate in the creation of the podcast! (* In any way! )
  23. I would like to suggest a item which would be using carpentry to make and can be placed as a decorative item in villages as well as making it useful to spread information around the village or deed. Due to the inclussion of papyrus, we can write messages, thing is, we can really only store them in mailboxes or other containers or leave em on the ground for someone to notice, and calling a large chest "newsboard" seems kinda silly. The newsboard would only be able to store papyrus in it and you could write notices and messages that way and leave em for people to read or take, it could as well be used as a information or task hub for the whole village. That way we would give papyrus another use.