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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Oh yeah, it is most definitely time again for that ranting Swede to sum up some of what we have been up to. This time around we have a pretty darn tasty mix if I may say so myself! So let us just jump right into this one and see what you all think. Timber frame walls live! Carpentry requirements is at the same level as the ordinary wooden walls so even new players will be able to build them. You can build them using either a Mallet or a Hammer. The required materials are Wooden Beams, Mixed grass and clay. So why not touch up on your deed a bit and add something new? Isn't that shed in the corner just becoming an eyesore? We would love it if you submitted pictures in this thread to show us how you incorporate this new wall type on your deed! Tents and Military Tents are live! As you probably have seen in the post from earlier today the new tents are now live in the lands of Wurm! But to reiterate, these are the specs from Rolf: You can store items in them, you can tie a creature to them, and you can spawn at them if they are within your kingdom.On non-PvP servers you can’t loot other peoples tents, and on the other servers they act like other containers as they can be locked.The newbie tent can not be destroyed, but it doesn’t last long in the wilderness. Other tents may be destroyed though, just like chests but a lot easier.You create most tents from shafts, cloth, rope and pegs.Newbie tents are non-tradable.You can’t add or remove things from them in inventory. Just drop or take tents to place them outside deeds. Behold all the military tents! Just click any of them for a larger version. Bonus reveal! Pavilion! This is still a work in progress but it will have similar functionality as the Military tents. I will report back to you once we have progressed a bit more, but it sure is looking fancy! Progress on Bridges 3D collisions are being tweeked client side on a test server. What has become evident is that the collision detection if run on the server has a big chance of affecting overall performance. So we are taking safety before speed in the continued development of the bridges. With the collisions running on client side at least, we are now able to actually walk on the bridges as firmly as if it had been the ground itself. Currently there is also testing going on for bridges between building as you can see in the picture. Click image for larger version. The interface has also gotten some attention and now has an active helper to look for flaws in the design. Click image for larger version. Meditation Animation Meditation is best enjoyed when you look good doing it! The Xanadu release UniquesWe are looking into what type of loot uniques drop, some to become more useful and some less valuable. The dragons Ai will also need to change so they can not be penned. With the release of Xanadu we will also respawn new uniques across all the other servers so everyone can join in the hunt. We are also considering a more constant and frequent rate of respawn of the uniques for the Xanadu server. TradersAre going to be changed for Xanadu but how is not finally decided. We will however change how they currently work. More details will follow. Crab! Awe inspiring crustacean carnivores and unrivaled sidestepping overlords of the beach, Crabs. So far it has yet to be decided if they will be a swimming creature or if they will gather along coastlines on land. But imagine two giant periscope looking eyes emerge and start cruising towards you in the sea.. Quite scary I would say. The crab is part of an effort to make the sea and beaches come to life. You will see more sea life themed creatures being developed in the coming weeks! Recruiting Community Assistants and Forum Moderators In preparation for the Xanadu release and the advertising campaign on MMORPG.COM, we are expecting allot of new traffic. Therefore the Wurm Staff is looking for applications for Community Assistant and Forum Moderator positions. Both very important roles in our community with great and fun colleagues to share and learn from. Please apply with respective lead if you have any interest in helping out. Community AssistantForum Moderator Wow, that turned out to be quite a lengthy post for this week! I know you would appreciate if we could be a bit clearer on the Xanadu situation so you can plan ahead a bit more. But I hope this at least give you a further pointer at the direction we are heading. Anyways, I thank you for your attention and you are now free to Keep on Wurming!