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Found 2 results

  1. None of this was ever accurate or very helpful. See OR's thread:
  2. I was reading threads about Wurm's steep learning curve and realized that most of them really are about something else: - How hard it is to start out from scratch So I thought about what could be done about that and this thread presents the suggestion I came up with. It's an idea that could possibly make the initial impression a bit less harsh while not really changing the gameplay. The suggestion Make it so that during the newbie time (the same amount of time for which they carry the newbie light) people will be able to accept a remote invitation to a village. This invitation would also allow the person to teleport to that settlement's token. Once. How it would work: - The mayor (or other people with invite permissions) could send an invitation (for example /invite Playername) and a prompt appears, asking the player if it wants to join the settlement. It could then accept, decline or accept and request a teleportation. The teleportation would act like the karma teleportation (i.e. all your items follow you and you spawn at the token). If they accept the invitation without choosing to teleport to the token they would still have less to lose by dying on the way to the village since they would now have to option to respawn at their new home. Some people ask to join a village right away when joining the server-wide chat and they are often successful in finding someone who'd want to take them in. The problem lies in that a new player usually cannot traverse the map well enough to get to the village without dying tons of times along the way and it's not always possible to go to pick them up. From reading the threads on the forum the dying whenever they try to get to their destination seems to be the biggest point of frustration. I know that a lot of people have solved the issue with people dying on the way to their village by placing recruit-alts near the spawn village and this would be an alternative to that so that an extra alt for recruiting wouldn't be needed...and the first thing you ask your villagers to do wouldn't have to be "commit suicide".