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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, so here's a not really original idea but a different way of looking at it. So you're going out fishing and on your way you merrily pick bark/twigs and search for bait and after getting down to the water and fishing for a bit you have a nice haul of fish... but what about all of those smaller fish we keep throwing back in! Id much rather take them home with me and put them on display! Wouldn't it be nice to have something decorative but is also actually unique to the player other than just say changing a color with dye? This being said an aquarium could be an interesting addition to the game and would complement the amazing changes to the fishing system. This would most likely have to be made from glass. This brings me to the other less unique suggestion of adding glass to the game. This could be used for decorative reasons only, so possibly add two more skills such as Glassmaking and the other Glassblowing, consider this as carpentry and fine carpentry. This could also be used to fill in those drafty windows! These additions if even applicable should for for mid-game to end-game skill progressions e.g. 50-70. Thanks for reading.
  2. This is the first in a set of suggestions and, being a fo priest, I figured this would be a nice touch for anyone embarking down the path of fo. I would also like to see a similar skillset suggested for vyn, mag and lib priests. However as I do not play any of these priests I am rather hoping players who main them will make those suggestions. Essentially it is a set of new skills only usable by fo priests. If you are not a fo priest these skills essentially become inactive and DO NOT increase. These skills represent the specialisation of the fo priest. Namely healing and nature. A lot also give ways to gain soul depth without the need to panload. The goal is to give fo priests a little more to do in their free time and make following their specialised skills more rewarding. They are not designed to give fo priests any extra freedom at all. Doctoring : A passive skill that gives an additional healing boost to any healing attempt. (2*skill level %). Linked to soul depth. Medical Alchemy : A subskill of alchemy that is required to mix certain healing concoctions. Something akin to farmers salves for cuts, bites, burns, poison etc, each requiring specific ingredients. Maybe even a pair of items to cure diseases on players/animals. Linked to mind logic Animal Affinity : A subskill of taming that gives a bonus to success chances to taming (numbers uncertain here). Animal Pact : A rather unique skill that is gained from both taming and animal husbandry actions, it is a subset of taming and essentially replaces body control requirements for mounts. Giving those animal bound fo priests access to mounts instead of having to grind before priesting up (acts as Skill/2 body control when checking for ridability). If a player's body control is higher than half this skill then it confers no bonus, however this seems unlikely in the long run as body control grows so very slowly). Linked to soul strength Herbalism : A subskill of nature, gives a chance for a double find (and double skilltick) on any forage/botanise tick. (Skill% chance for a double find, Skill/4% chance for a triple find, Skill/8% chance for a quadruple find). Linked to soul depth Green Touch : A subskill of farming that gives crops a chance to grow a couple of stages instantly after planting (Skill% 1 stage, Skill/4% 2 stags, Skill/8% 3 stages). Linked to soul depth Forester's Boon : A subskill of forestry, gives a chance to pick 2 sprouts with a pick sprout action (Skill% for 1 extra, Skill/4% for 2 extra, Skill/8% for 3 extra). Linked to soul depth Optional Extra : There are 7 skills here, It might be nice if priests chose to unlock one at 30 faith and then could unlock an extra one every 10 faith (meaning all 7 would be unlocked at 90 faith). The more devoted you are to your priest, the more you can do with them.
  3. I think bee keeping would be a nice addition to the nature skills. You could have all different types of bees which produce different quanities and qualities of honey maybe the harder bees could use animal husbandry to keep them. You could then use the honey to help brew beer,mead and ciders. Also would be good for healing covers and cooking. I doubt it would be that hard to implement and i feel it would be a nice platform to implement new things for other skills too. You could have protective clothing for bee keeping from tailors and deadly stings like poison in which you would have to visit a competent healer to cure you. Also you could add some nice new foods made with honey. Obviously there are some cleverer people out there with more ideas on this so please let me know what you think! Oswold