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Found 1 result

  1. So perimeters..... always been a point of contention and a favorite for griefing a deed.... In a Town Square thread I popped the comment about them that goes: "50% of the cost for 0% of the benefits sounds like a really shoddy deal to me". Problem is they're free for all but they're not but they are but they're free but they're mandatory but you can pay to expand them but they're free for all. And griefers are LOVING IT, nothing like finding a deed far from everyone else and digging the perimeter clean, then walking away clean because "i needed the dirt" (go to a desert, make a dredge, you putz that's a weak excuse.... yet it works). Then the affected deed's owner can't retaliate, even if it's digging up that exact same dirt from the griefer's perimeter because suddenly "intent" becomes oooh so clear and victim becomes criminal. Brings us to the classic Wurm scenario... one guy can get many people to quit so less revenue for Wurm. People start suspecting GM's: <--- (FFS THESE ARE EXAMPLES OF WHAT PEOPLE END UP THINKING, NOT ME MAKING AFFIRMATIONS ABOUT GAME STAFF) a) Don't give a hell hound's foot fire. Are corrupt and accepted some form of silver bribe. c) Are covering for a friend. d) Are inept. e) You name it, for example I've caught myself wondering if griefers are given that much liberty to coax people into expanding deeds and thus upkeep costs. So back to 50% cost for 0% benefits. Given the traditional modus operandi of griefing someone via their perimeter (those goddamn 5 tiles are almost an invitation).... why not give perimeters 50% of the benefits too. Tied directly to deed settings (if deed allows it perimeter too, deed disallows so does perimeter): - Woodcutting. - Digging - Mining - Terraforming Double restriction, my bad =P - And the existing building restrictions. Those 4 settings on perimeter would, from what I've seen in my Wurm time, kill the vast majority of griefing-via-perimeter and all its related problems while giving perimeter more meaning than paying for a free for all zone (it's included in the deed founding, it's not free... free and included are two different things. A toy with "batteries not included" on the box could include them during December, that's a GIFT). Sidenote: Saw another thread about separate settings for resource digging (tar/peat/clay/moss) which would also rock combined with this, as many perimeters hold those resources currently, and on the other hand deeding over tar without messing up all the locals would be nice for placement purposes.