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Found 4 results

  1. Boom Coyotes: "Vicious monsters native to Jackal, these things are bad for your health!" These are explosive hell hounds. Can be bred, cannot be tamed, can be dominated and then led. Butchering products are cooked meat and "black powder". If it gets to 30% hp or below, it starts a 7 second timer after which it explodes, killing itself and dealing damage to anyone in combat with it within 5 tiles on PVE servers, and any players, any animals, and any structures on PVP servers. If the coyote is killed within the 7 second timer it will not explode and will give fighting skill. If it explodes, it should not give fighting skill or leave a corpse behind. When it starts the timer it should freeze in place until it dies. Damage should be 2x as much as a troll's mauling attack to non-structures and 50% of a catapult attack to structures. Explosions stun. Black Powder: "It burns!" 1 unit weighs 0.025kg. Can be burned. One powder is equivalent to 1kg of other fuel. Fire Trap: "A dangerous trap that lights everything in the area on fire." 10x black powder, 5x kindling, 10x branch, 1x string of cloth. Uses fire making skill, can be improved with carpentry tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Fire Pillar. Requires 30 fire making to create. Moderately difficult to set. Explosive Trap: "A deadly and very damaging trap." 20x black powder, 1x cauldron, 1x steel and flint, 1x string of cloth. Uses blacksmithing skill, can be improved with iron and blacksmithing tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Boom Coyote explosion, with damage based on QL. 1QL trap should do as much damage as a bite from a wolf. 100QL trap should do 3x as much damage as a mauling attack from a troll. Radius of effect should be 5 tiles. Difficult to set.
  2. Here's a couple of suggestions that I and some others were discussing in Global. New items for example a decoration that can be used in houses like a Chinese folding partition or a glass wall. Something besides walls to add to the empty space in between on houses would be nice. Paintings to hang on walls or even a chalkboard to add lists and menus in game for the house. Cabinets for kitchens or even just for "looks" to make a home seem like a real home. Bookcases to put books in that players could create, trade, and sell. Making a real use for those table and chairs, sitting down to eat or drink would increase a particular character trait for a short amount of time. Coolers for raw meat and meals storage. Ducks, frogs, dragonflies, would be nice additions. You hear them in marshes, but never see them. Maybe even a pesky cloud of mosquitoes to chase you around? Simple yet adds more realism. Instead of using global chat to advertise items for sale, why not create a specialized chat just for selling and buying? This way people could use that instead of doing so in global. Movement of items needs to be allowed to skill up. This way moving could become quicker and easier then the current setup. Pushing and pulling at this time are very slow. While more precise then some games, still needs work. Need a way to increase distance or even pickup more items that are put down. In another game you could pack up your entire house into a suitcase (make it multiple if you want), and move then unpack. This, of course, is for longer distances then small. Small distance the pushing and pulling should be allowed to be set by the player for a certain distance instead of just small per tile. Maybe, a couple of tiles if necessary. This is all for today. I'm sure I will come up with more as I continue to play.
  3. as we are to have sheep someday in game i'd like to see tapestries for walls and new clothes n curtains perhaps. even more than that i'd like saddle bags for horses..that you can use like pack mules...lead 3 with packs on..can move faster across land..carry more than a back pack but less than a cart naturally. put them on bulls too for that matter..really really needed idea in game IMO. I'd also like hand mirrors to be made some how so we can alter our appearance more than once in new hair or beard or none.... spinning wheel for wool, carding brushes to clean wool.
  4. I notice boats are a common place in the game, but beyond use for moving around/hauling and for storage of items they serve a limited function. Also the lack of a market for boast is discouraging for some people. The lack of a market I think is caused mostly due to a lack of need for new boats. I'd like to see cannons added to larger boats. At least the Cog, Knarr and Caravel. With the number of cannons being higher with the larger the boat. These could have a mechanic similar to catapults. Meaning they'd need to be loaded, need ammo, someone to man the cannon, and of course have a similar range. Aspects that could be considered for discussion would be allowing them to damage land target as well, which I think offer a new aspect for cost defense of a deed. It also would introduce a new aspect of PVP and home server defense. The effect of a boat sinking in deep water is obvious for both of the passenger and the items they lose, and though that can be costly to any player, it does add an material sink to the game and controls inflation, along with the destruction of items, people continue to have a purpose to do an activity, be it replacing armor and items permanently lost or the ships themselves. Ty for your consideration and constructive critism.