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Found 9 results

  1. We've recently moved to a new place deep in the forests of E15. I'm looking for a fellow adventurer (new or old) who is looking for a fresh start somewhere. I live in the GMT+9 Time Zone(Korea) and I play most evenings. We don't have to always play at the same time--I just want someone interested in building and inhabiting a new place deep in the woods with me. How hilarious would this be as an intro on a dating site? I have a pretty busy work week but I can still log on a few hours a day, and on weekends. Anyway, if you are interested at all I will happily accept any skill set. I just want to make sure you enjoy Wurm enough to stick around for a while and not disappear after a few days. I already have some materials, a ship for moving, and a decent skill set. Send me a pm here, leave a comment, or send Yekrut a message in game if you're interested. I'm on Xanadu. [update Jan 2017] 3 guys moved with me, but 2 are MIA. So it's me and him, and things are great, but 1 or 2 others would also be nice. We have 3 bee hives, marble, silver, tons of apple trees, and a building plan that's rather ambitious, but unique. We plan on making a big hidden farm and other facilities soon. If you are interested in joining or learning more, send me a pm here on the forum. Thanks. [update Sep 2017] Just me living here again. The other guys stopped logging on. I'm living in GMT-4 in USA now. A lot of things have been built but there is still more I need some help with. I don't have coin to offer for help, so that's why I offer co-ownership. The living spaces are equal among me and whoever joins. Hoping to find 1-3 people to work together in a vision. I have a very unique design in mind for this settlement. Some people have asked for photos of what I want to do. I have built it in deedplanner but if I post them I'm concerned someone else will build it before I can. So I can only say that the design is unique and not something I have ever seen before in Wurm. I also want to keep the terrain looking as natural as possible. You can raise any skill you want here, just check with me in advance and I'll tell you where is cool to do it. There's a huge farm that needs help with--opportunity for farming skill gain and half the crops I harvest at 80ql+. I like to share things we work on together, so you help with the farming you get half the harvest at 80ql+. There is a big mine with a neat layout, where I'm currently living until the houses are made, and it's on deed so your stuff would be safe. We have about every ore vein there except slate so far. I'm sure I'll dig one out eventually. I'm between work contracts right now so I can play more than I did before. If you're the first person to join up I'll give you a 3-speed unicorn to love. If you decide to leave some day you can certainly take it with you. Thanks for reading. [update Oct 2017] 3 people joined up last month. Things have been going pretty well. One guy decided to leave and make his own settlement, so there was room for one more. Another guy is interested, so when I know his decision I will update the topic again. The bridges are basically completed for the settlement. Now it's time to start the houses.
  2. The humble village of Port Catnip on Deliverance is open to new members. Experienced or brand new players are both equally welcome. The deed is owned by myself (Hexd) and right now I am the only active villager. We are however part of an active alliance, so if I am not around there are always others to talk too in the area Port Catnip is a fairly new deed. Aside from a couple of houses we have a warehouse/crafting area which is still a bit of a work in progress. The deed has a nice sized farm, a field of cows and sheep. It also has some horse breeding pens and will be able to provide 5s horses to anyone who would like to join (or help with the breeding!) We have a mine and I am in the process of building a boat cave which will hopefully open up the option to build a nice row of houses/buildings underground as well as an underground docks. Having voice comms (discord) is very nice so you can join in with us when we are doing hunts, rifts or just general banter. Also we are an english speaking group. The deed and the alliance is currently home to PVPers from Chaos as well. So if you are interested or curious about PVP then great. If not then there is absolutely no pressure at all! I'm mostly looking for some buddies to play with when I'm on freedom. However for anyone who is interested joining Port Catnip is a great way to get a foot in the door on the PVP scene. We can always provide you with all the tools and help needed to get you PVP ready. If PVE is your main focus that is great too and I will do whatever I can to help you out. Just let me know what skills you wish to work on and we can get what you need. Right now I have a house that is empty that a player can move straight into. Or if you prefer I can give you a plot of land to build your own (underground or above). Deed is in the SE of Deliverance. On the coast of Dragons Cove. P20 on the in game map. If you are interested drop me a message in-game on hexd. Also accepting forum messages or leave me a post here Feel free to ask all kinds of questions!
  3. New deed Kredik Shaw is now recruiting. We are located in Southern Deli just north of Port Catnip whom we are allied with. We have a very large area with multiple building projects going on and a vast mine. Our alliance is very active so there's always somebody online. New or experienced players welcome, will be adding in pictures soon. Pm milksteak in game or post here if interested.
  4. Hey all o/ Ridge Hollow is a new deed looking for villagers! It's pretty brand spankin' new, so it's not as "cushy" as some of the more established villages. If that's not your cup of tea no worries! However, if you would like to try and be a part of something from the beginning, with fresh land and broad horizons then I encourage you to consider Ridge Hollow! Ridge Hollow is nestled on a shelf on the southern side of the mountain in the north-eastern quadrant of K22. I would like to utilize the verticality of the area as much as possible using teirs and bridges where plausible. It will require a good bit of terraforming, too. With that being said, when I say it's a fresh deed I mean fresh. I have just managed to clear space to start terraforming and getting some buildings up as well as a space for a small farm. As far as potential larger projects the area south of the deed is a valley that would be a prime area to eventually link a n east-west highway around the south-western side of the mountain and up to Whitefay. There is already a road being built that I believe heads south-west of the lake area, and so being a hub between those two roads could be beneficial at some point I'm sure. One major project I would love to see happen is a mine entrance on-deed that goes down and east to link up with the lake, so after a canal is built, trading by boat could be a possibility. Other than that I have a few other ideas floating around in my head but I really would like to have others input. As far as provisions I already have quite a bit of meat and food, some common materials and a few extra tools, there is a mine with an iron vein just off deed, as well as out there so it's not a fully fresh start but really darn close. I think the location is beautiful, too! And I think it's in an area that, if established, could be a good hub settlement. Looking for new and not-new players. Pretty much anyone who is friendly and really want to make something cool and contribute to the larger whole. Plenty of opportunities to be had in these here parts. If anyone is interested feel free to message me. My name is Oddpot in game. Or you can reply here if I'm not online.
  5. Well hello there and nice to meet you! I am a relatively new player who started a bit more than a month ago and settled in Xanadu. My location was perfect, except for one thing: It was inland. During my early days of Wurming, I met a man by the name of Vernex who set me up with a set of Chain. After my first month of playing, I started to find what it means to be inland, and what does it mean for deliveries. So I decided to move my deed. I am now established in Y-47:X-16 in Celebration as of 1 day ago, west of Southwind Port. If you are in the area, stop by and say hi! I normally play from 11pm - 5am EST (0300 - 0900ish GMT). I am a starting Ship Maker and Carpenter, and can use all the advice you can give. If you're interested in helping a new player, come drop by! All I need is conversation and pointers, and a friend or two to hang out with. Anything I can do to help you, just ask!
  6. Victroy Or Death is recruiting We are located roughly at 41 x , 14 y, we have a 20 x 20 deed.We are looking for player's who are active and join in with the deed activities. We will give you your own section, where you can stay and call your own. We would like people around +8 GMT time, but if we cant find anyone like this that is fine. You wont have to pay for anything, we just want help with orders that keep the deed up. New and Old players welcome , also i would like to recruit someone who likes to travel to do delivery's we will provide boat and all materials needed also you wil get your own block of land. We are fairly new player's our self's and have spirit guard we are currently moving from our old deed to this new one. If you would like more info, please feel free to PM me(Paulski) or Irtehwinner she will be able to help you also.
  7. New Deed Type : Microdeed Costs : 5-7 silver (5 seems nice, but it may be too cheap?) Perimeter : 1 free, max 5 Guards : Max 1 Upkeep : Same as a normal deed Minimum size : 5x5 Maximum size : 15x15 (Maybe even as low as 11x11?) Citizens : tiles/22 (so half that of a regular deed) Minimum upkeep : 50 copper Once it has reached maximum size a player can upgrade a microdeed to a full deed for 5 silver (perimeter must also have been maximised)). Why do we need this? Pretty much for people who like their neighbors, but don't want to pay for their home's upkeep if they suddenly vanish and never return. It's a smaller version of a deed, cheaper for people who want a smaller home but not that much cheaper.
  8. Fort Dune is a medium sized deed with a mix of experienced and new playes, we are currently looking for one more villager. Location - Independence, just west of grizzlam in the most western part of the map. Features: - Acces to iron (Top quality) and silver on deed, copper nearby. - A spirit guard and guard tower* to enforce the law and protect us from mobs. - Friendly people willing to help you - No obligation to do community work, would appreciate it though. - In the middle of the western desert, so plenty of mobs to fight if you want - A medium sized farm where you can plant everything you want We are a small community, so communication is informal and we get along very well Community to do list: (only for village members) Public dropbox: Coming soon Pictures: Residents Community farm Our main gate * = Made by Anothernoob
  9. Tovanis is recruiting able bodied citizens new and old. We would ask that all recruits be willing to help out around village and carry their own weight. Just follow the road from New Market east to New Freeport and look out for the sign. We only have room for people willing to help the village as a whole. Friendly and trustworthy people needed. Current Rules of Tovanis: Help out the village when you can you do not need to live inside deed but don't live too far away when gathering herbs and food in the grass inside village bounds deposit what you gather don't hog Nature's bounty Do Not take out of the food storage bin, deposit only! the food & water barrels are for every one though i require that i hold all writs for property on or near deed for expansion reasons Job's needed done: Finishing buildings Making planks and Nails (Large and Small) Terraforming desert to the immediate west of deed Gathering logs Notice: Starting February 1 i will be selecting a Citizen of the month Prizes include - a special rank, a place in the Hall of Fame we will be building , and possibly other prizes if i have the resources to do so