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Found 3 results

  1. Note: Roster sounded strange, so member list it is! Have a better suggestion? Comment! I've been so busy in real life lately that I haven't contributed a whole lot to the team, but I'm excited about a feature that should be ready soon. Now I know... I know... "But Keenan, this is for PvP only." - But remember when I gave you Plot Course? Can I still feel the love? Rest assured, I will be working on many other things in the coming months and not all will be PvP-centric. So if you've ever been in a PMK (Player-made Kingdom), one thing you might have realized is that there's no easy way to know who all is in your kingdom as well. This is why most PMKs use an alliance. Still, I've always thought it proper for a ruler to be able to see who his or her subjects are. Thus I give you... the Kingdom Member List! Rulers of a PMK can use their sceptre/staff/claw (herein known as royal beating stick) to view a member list that shows information about their kingdom members. Simply activate the royal beating stick, and click Kingdom roster (soon to be Member list) as shown below (updated image pending). Now I know... I KNOW! "Keenan! Why wasn't this in the news?" -- Well, I forgot to tell Retrograde. A few notes on how this works: This is only available for player-made kingdoms. Template kingdom rulers will NOT have a member list available. This is intentional. As stated, only the ruler of the kingdom can see this member list. The "Appoint" and "Expel" actions cannot be performed to members who are offline or off-server at this time, same as they function now. The number next to the name will be going away... it was there for debugging purposes! The member list is paginated, with a maximum of 25 entries per page. This may increase some if desired. (This is not shown here as I have yet to create that many alts on my local test server!) AND NOW... I invite feedback! You can either respond here, send me a forum PM, use my official email (, send me a direct message on Twitter (@xorith), or find me in IRC perpetually. Thank you! P.S. -- Retrograde, please don't kill me. Edit & Update The last bit that I really needed to work out was the Appoint functionality. Like I said before, the idea is to provide easier access to what you can already do. If you're already looking at a member on the member list, why not appoint from there? Here is my mock up of how I have the appoint window laid out: As you can see, I've just mimicked the same functionality that kings have through their Appoint interface. The only real difference here is that there's some pretty colors and you don't have to try to set a title/order/office and get a failure message back to know why. For those of you who are not familiar with PvP or PMKs: Orders and Titles are given out by a king. The specific titles and number available to award is dependent on the land you control in PvP. In this mock up, I've populated the largest amount of data possible to make sure everything lays out nicely, but new PMKs will only see a few of each to start. Offices are official positions, and most come with a bonus or ability. While titles and orders have a set amount that resets weekly, offices have a week long cool down and you can only give them to one person at a time. Offline/Off-server Expel I do understand that this is a desired change, and I am definitely looking in to the possibility of allowing this. I have to make sure the following is possible: Checks can be made to ensure an expelled player doesn't sneak back in unwanted. That the expelled player is notified of this action either at the time it occurs or when they next login when offline. That upon returning to Chaos, any required deity changes happen automatically and properly. (This has been reported as an issue for normal kingdom changes as well) The second bullet point above is the hardest part in all of this because Wurm is a multi-server system.
  2. Would be nice if we could right click our inventory, inventory group, or any other group/container within a window for that matter and "right click" "export list". Upon doing so, a list of all contents as shown "including any added names and set prices" would be exported to our "dumps" Directory (like the dump skills command does). This would be very beneficial to anyone posting items for sale on the forums. Example: Right clicking the "70 - For Sale" group and choosing "Export content list" or whatever verbiage is acceptable, would export the following to our "dumps" directory. File name "contents.20150909.2206.txt" Contents dumped at Sep 9, 2015 ----- 70 - For Sale rare short bow, willow (c70) 34.72QL 0.00DMG 1.00Weight 5s rare bow, willow (c73) 60.22QL 0.00DMG 1.00Weight 5s rare long bow, willow (c93) 36.26QL 0.00DMG 1.00Weight 5s
  3. It has come to my attention many times, all I've seen through Freedom chat from Independence. Players losing items of fair to greater importance via the "SELL" feature. This feature is a great idea, yes. I can easily earn money now, with slightly limited gains per hour per day so I've heard, as could anyone. But! I am here to express my concern for the safety of the players "Investments" be it time, or of greater importance their monetary investment through the purchase of silver coins, which in turn grant the ability to buy expensive items. I feel there needs to be a protection implemented before more and more players get too stressed and ultimately decide to quit and lose all they worked for because they sold something important. As things are now we do need the protection, 8 seconds to realise your selling an important item is a tight frame- Heck not always do we make the proper click because of mice cords nudging your mouse, ever accidentally click sell and not realise it, when looking at your token options? THIS STUFF HAPPENS! Selling the wrong item isn't always about stupidity, forgetfulness, or just a double click not going through, it's a multitude of things. And the protection has to be there. (I'm pretty sure the GM's wouldn't be happy after my 376th /support if I ever lost something bought silver obtained through $;P ) Why do i say this? Why am I posting my thoughts on the matter? I have a lot of reasons, many I feel would throw me off topic to long. But you would be surprised how simple the protection made for players had been in other games, and could possibly be done on Wurm through simple menu options or other ways. **The actions I've seen done are in game reimbursements/recreation of the item, but not always and only if the logs prove it legit on the servers side. **The more effective efforts I had seen are- Allowing players Lock items making them unsellable, non-trade-able, in Wurms case they'd remain drop-able if you die. **There are a few more methods of protection as well, such as a pop up warning stating the item you are selling may be important, double check immediately and try again. 1 pop up per visit to a "SELL" enabled token or merchant, and repeat the message if time last visited greater than 5minutes. I was just thinking, we could allow the "SELL" to have a trade window and, as per the norm of wurm- We drop the items we want to sell, and if accidentally throw in something we want, at least we can take it out. once the windows closes- the items are deleted. As to not fill up any merchants with garbage. I'll conclude this post here, I said what I could however I can't trail long with these thoughts well, but thats the gist of it. Hope we can get some idea's going and draw some attention to this. It's a great feature it gives us a source of income, and ability to earn that 5c without the need for selling half our cattle stock to a random traveller. But the risks are many. Signed- Meyfei the concerned.