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Found 2 results

  1. Préamble Summary I suggest to add a "neutral" status for toons. - Objective: Reduce drawbacks linked to belonging a camp, such as death threats or looting - Caution: Shall not offer an easy way to make spies nor bypass moderation (like alts rules) Benefits Being identified as neutral (of a camp, see further). Can trade, exchange, being allowed (to anything) by any camp. Not being attacked by gards or religion animals. No skill loss when killed by player. Reduce or invert interest of fighters to kill you (no affinity steal. No lootable ? may be too much). Limits Dont prevent to be killed by other players; only reduce their interest into killing you, and see you "neutral" (of a camp). To limit interest for fighter to kill you, can have no god = no alignment gain for them. Should be displayed in a way (how ?). Therefore starter should be no god. Cant do things at others (any camp) that would be considered "illegal" by any camp (killing peopole, picklock, bash other stuff). Neutral status can be loose, and then you will be considered of the camp you started. Can be loose if you break the previous "legal" rules. Counter part Neutral status shall be "earnable" (how ?). And can be loose without breaking rules (joining a camp). To limit spy, use of nolocate or locate soul will make you loose neutral status. Entering a non neutral area (traveling in game or at loggin) may still raise an alert. Cant' be citizen in a deed of any camp. Joining a deed will make loose the neutral status. Starter should be neutral. Neutral deeds Only neutral toons can be citizen. Can only be settled out kingdoms (kingdoms could expand over after, but deed could no more extend). Dont prevent raids, but no silver drain for attacker, drain will remove deed upkeep to mayor (therefore deed could be destroyed especially if kingdom already expand over).
  2. Valrei mobs are turned off on PvE. This happened before my time but I would guess due to complaints. There seems to be a lot of complaining about neutrals clogging up the counts for horses on PvP. Why not just turn off all neutral on PvP except horses?