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Found 5 results

  1. I'm sure that I am not the only one who has thought this, and probably not the first or last to post it here. But can we please have interactive maps? It makes it so much easier to tell where you are and where you are going. If you want to get realistic with it. Then make the maps so they have to be made and only fill in when you visit those areas, but please have the maps he interactive!
  2. Situation: Holding two or more compasses in inventory, then dropping the highest-QL of the group or otherwise moving it from inventory. Expected behavior: Client compass GUI element (settle time, etc.) stops behaving according to the dropped compass QL, and starts behaving according to the best one still in inventory. Actual behavior: Client compass GUI element still behaves according to the QL of the dropped compass, even though it is no longer in inventory. This persists until a client restart or until all compasses have been dropped. Steps to reproduce: Take a low-quality compass and note settle time. Then take a high-quality compass and note settle time again (should be faster). Drop high-quality compass and note settle time again (should still be using faster compass time). This is, of course, somewhat exploitable, as a player could pick up an instant-settling compass, then drop it with a junk-quality compass still in inventory, and thus be able to wander about, hunt, PvP, etc. without fear of losing the good compass but while still retaining its benefits. Players could also use this to effectively share a single instant-settling compass by passing it between each other. Cause of bug: The bestCompass variable for the player actually is maintained properly. The problem lies within whether or not this data is communicated to the client. The function Creature.pollCompassLantern() is responsible for sending data to the client concerning the best compass the player is currently holding. This function only sends new data under two circumstances: On last run of pollCompassLantern(), there was no compass in inventory at all, but this time there is. Current bestCompass data is sent to client. This would occur, for example, if you have no compass in inventory and then pick one up. On last run of pollCompassLantern(), there was a compass in inventory, but now there is not. Current bestCompass data (null) is sent to client. This would occur if you have a single compass in inventory and then drop or otherwise lose it. These are the only two circumstances in which the client is communicated the proper compass data. In a case where there was a valid compass on the last run of pollCompassLantern(), and there still is any compass in inventory, the compass data is not sent to the client, even if the amount or QL of compasses in inventory has changed. Solution: Modify polling functions such that the game can recognize when the value of bestCompass has changed in between polls of pollCompassLantern(), or just alter pollCompassLantern() so that it always sends the proper data to the client when there's a compass in inventory at all, although this would result in more frequent server-client communication and thus may not be desirable. Sidenote: It's worth noting that when choosing the best compass, the game does not take into account enchantments, so it may not actually pick the best compass. One solution to this would be to factor out the part of Communicator.SendCompass() that takes enchantment into account (into, say, a function dedicated to calculating compass effectiveness), then use that when comparing compasses instead of just using the QL.
  3. Sextants are mid level jewelry crafting items (requiring at least 30 skill to attempt). They can be made out of any metal. Optional extra :- some metals (not sure which) giving a slight bonus to accuracy. To use select, then right click on a visible celestial body (sun or any of the 3 moons) and choose "navigate". A 120 second timer will start up (reduced by QL of sextant). When this time ends it will return a message "After sighting <celestialobjectname> you calculate that your position is roughly (lat\long)". The accuracy is not a tile by tile accuracy, but a rough location (maybe as accurate as one small server map square). A nice idea would be to have QL effect accuracy (a 100 QL sextant being capable of giving exact location, scaling down to the map tile location at 1QL). Each use damages the sextant slightly. Of course we could also just get one of these for christmas....
  4. It would be really simple and helpful if when you opened map there was a dot "you are here"! Other games allow you to form teams and upon opening map anyone in the team is represented by a dot, and their name! Possibly an explorer/navigation skill set, tied to a lv 20, 30, 40 progressive map info lvls!
  5. Sometimes in shallow water it's necessary to dredge a channel for large ships. Usually the channel is visible, but on lower graphics settings it can be hard to spot. Combined with high winds, this can lead to ships running aground. Suggestion: Small barrel + mooring anchor = Buoy. Planted on underwater tiles as a marker Can be painted Can be named at 1 character per ql, as with small signs Same planting rules as signs (1 per Wurm week) to prevent spamming Could maybe be upgraded to a Flagged Buoy with the addition of a cotton sheet and a shaft.