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Found 8 results

  1. So I have been cracking out on the animal breeding and feeding for the past few months, and it seems to me that we're missing the ability to convert tall grass, or grasses we've cut and stored, into hay for animal feeding. Even if it's something as simple as changing the "pile of mixed grass" graphic into a hay bale when dropped onto a tile in sufficient quantity, that would do SO much to increase the immersion and feel of having a farm in Wurm. Or you could go as far as adding a new grass type, or an extra height level for existing grass, and new tools to accompany the hay. We already have the scythe and string, we just need pitchforks and horse drawn "mowers" (used in late 18'th century) to complete the theme. It seems to me that planting crops in order to feed our livestock is more of a bandaid around an underdeveloped aspect of the game. Hay SHOULD be the preferred method, as it's densely packed and should last longer than a grass tile being grazed. As other aspects of keeping animals rewards you for more attention paid to them, so should feeding them yourself have rewards. I know it sounds silly, but working with hay and feeding it to my grandfathers cows is one of my most vivid childhood memories. Feeding pixels isn't the same, I know, but it would add so much depth and realism to Wurm with very little effort.
  2. As some can see, the ocean populations are getting out of hand. We have to find a better way to keep our creature numbers at better states, as most people find it too inconvenient to hunt on the water. Therefore, I suggest that we add the plastic rings you get from six packs. They will be a byproduct of my second suggestion, cans for brewing. These cans will be more portable and keep ones drink of choice fresh longer. As the two are thrown out, they wash out into our seas and begin wrapping around the dolphins fins and and the cans polluting the seas, generally killing the animals. Stop ocean populations, start littering today.
  3. I'm surprised the search didn't pull up any results on this, but I'd like to suggest that planting sprouts centers the item on the tile. Understandably, randomly seeded tiles are at the whim of nature, and therefore subject to randomness; however, manually planting a sprout should be in center-tile. It makes sense to me that when you plant a row of trees/bushes, the farmer intends for the crop to be aligned instead of the haphazard/random distribution method that is in play
  4. Want to sell lavender sprouts in bulk 1k = 8s Pickup at Gorzelnia Dragona deed ( x22/y30 Exodus )
  5. I think bee keeping would be a nice addition to the nature skills. You could have all different types of bees which produce different quanities and qualities of honey maybe the harder bees could use animal husbandry to keep them. You could then use the honey to help brew beer,mead and ciders. Also would be good for healing covers and cooking. I doubt it would be that hard to implement and i feel it would be a nice platform to implement new things for other skills too. You could have protective clothing for bee keeping from tailors and deadly stings like poison in which you would have to visit a competent healer to cure you. Also you could add some nice new foods made with honey. Obviously there are some cleverer people out there with more ideas on this so please let me know what you think! Oswold
  6. Not a really complicated idea. Allow us to plant tree saplings in plantpots for a mini version of the tree. Needs watering like normal plantpot goods. That's it. Seriously, why has this not been added yet?
  7. Give some real value to wood essences. An item as to be made with 50%+(or more) of an essence otherwise it is only a wood item without type and doesnt have the bonus from any essence. It can give a real boost to a valuable forest diversification, an incentive to manage forests on deed and open a REAL market for woods. May be we need more bonus on wood types. Actually I just need to have 4 or 5 cedar trees on my deed and I can make all my stuff in cedar....Tomorrow if I want to make my stuff in cedar I have to really manage my timberland or buy more cedar from a logger.