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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, Looking for a Nathan convert and some answers to questions I have. Will pay. Pm for more info. /Robin
  2. As a follower of Nathan I can't tame corrupt horses/animals. Which I find weird as Nathan is a negative influence god that requires negative alignment and you convert/priest to his religion at the bone alter. Unless I have completely missed some statement that only Lib followers can tame corrupt horses and it is as intended I don't see any reason why a dark aligned god wouldn't be able to tame corrupt animals.
  3. Looking to part with a Nathan priest/battery. Character will be in a sailboat located around B14 Xanadu (near north border so u can island jump anywhere). [16:32:19] You have premium time until 23 May 2017 20:44:49 GMT Splendid of the path of love Current Skilldump: Spell list: Can do: Humiddrizzle - tend to all your animals, removes disease. Dmg bonus for being priest of Nathan. Animal ignore for being priest of Nathan. Pray and receive all sorts of gems. (must pray yourself) With channeling training you can cast CoC, Frostbrand, Rotting Touch and have both armour enchant: Web Armour or Aura of Shared Pain. (you must train channeling first) Affinity: Splendid of the path of love: Refresh Enchant Grass Comes with: (basic gear to get you to your destination) 1x Sailboat Karma: 1200 Looking for: 80e paypal verified. PM ingame/forum or reply here for serious buyers only. ( OR on Discord , im usually hanging out in the Wurm Online Channel )
  4. I am back early from my RL thing and was able to get the newest god just before i left.... If anyone needs a convert to any god available to freedom or to become priest then you need only come to Release. If you have a ship you can literally sail to my front door otherwise you can drop a tent on a shore and take the red tunnel to Slopping Sands and then back to your tent (feel free to leave your body on my doorstep, i will dispose of it...don't ask). I will dedicate a priest to any new god that arises. The priests will be at Castle von Cleric (center of Release) or Castle von Gunem (southwest edge of Release) PM in advance and will tell you where to go or ask in this thread Basic to become follower (Note Pandalet's method below for getting the Body skill required for all priests) Tosiek/Nathan - Need negative alignment (if you are converting a WL priest ot otherwise have high alignment, e.g. 100, it is better to go to the Black Light to convert) Fo - need positive alignment Priest recommendations * i will ask you twice if you meet these requirements and advise that you do. I will not ask a third time before making you a priest and if you do not meet them then it is your problem that you have a paperweight (mostly useless) character, these minimums will allow you to use your priest for menial tasks in support of a main Body Control 21, riding a horse (20-21 = 5 hours making and shooting hours before priesting, after priesting is 23+ hours shooting arrows)...if you want want to ride hell horses natural (no taming/charming required) as a Fo/Nathan priest it is 31 BC, which is ~80 in carp and 70 in two carp subskills Body Strength 23, loading a wagon/ship/cart (20-23 is chopping ~200 felled trees with Sleep bonus, iirc) Mind Logic 21, driving a wagon (100-200 cooks, *needs verifying) ;if you want your priest to pilot Knarr so your main can grind on sailing adventures (what i do) you need 23 ML, which is maybe 2000 meals. Sac items (that can be made by priest), all related skills can be grinded after being a priest, but some will suck All - Cordage rope, Ropemaking best to grind before priest Mag, Paaweelr - Metal items (Door Looks are best), Locksmith can grind while a priest Vynora, Paaweelr - Wooden items (YoYos are best), Toymaking best grinding before priesting Nathan,Tosiek, Fo - Cloth items (square pieces of cloth are best), Cloth Tailoring best grinding before priesting Nahjo - Alchemy items (corn, onions, garlic are best), Farming can grind after priesting ~12 days consistent praying (faster if always start as soon as cooldown is over) Priest True Gods White Light Lesser Gods Black Light Lesser Gods --- Please PM on forums me if i do not see you post. Also, people welcome to park on my docks and let me know and i will let you know when i will be on to convert/priest you. I do not plan to do any public sermons or traveling for conversions at this time.
  5. as a nathan priest you receive +5 alignment whenever you deal the killing blow to anyone. doesn't matter if they are a wl or bl follower. [14:26:58] You cut Madtanker deadly hard in the stomach and damage it. [14:26:58] Alignment increased by 5.0000 to -95.0000 from what i've heard this is also the same for tosiek priests.
  6. Hello - I am searching a Nathan follower to help in become Follower of Nathan. I know Nathan is pvp mostly but I am role-player game style. Lyssa is spirit goddess of rabies, fury and insanity I am becoming insane from meditation but favour evil alignment follower to co exist with play style. (will pay for the service and travel) please let me kno if you can help me and forever shall the light guide u path from my darkness.
  7. On epic Nathan has spawned in the last 2 scenarios with a Burning Orb (scenario item needed for a win). This has caused Nathan to be exploited by an alt called Boblarge, to win the last scenario, and win the tome of incineration. Can you fix Nathan pls? Kinda very unfair for a god to win due to a bug. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I am looking for a Nathan priest so I can priest in Nathan. I can travel to you. Thanks
  9. Hey as the title suggests, I'm on the lookout for a nathan priest on freedom. I am looking to priest up in nathan and need a current priest to do the ritual so I can become one also. Sadly I can not go to chaos / blacklight due to being a different diety on that server *(somehow). I will come to you.
  10. when you are a white light kingdom nathan priest and use the spell zombie infestation the zombies created are hostile to you and kingdom mates even though they are listed as "the roman republic" or "jenn kellon" under them.
  11. I'm looking for a Nathan priest to convert and later priest my alt. I am on Xan at N16, but am willing to travel to your location. However, if you are on another server it will take me time to get there. So far have had no luck in both GL and Freedom chats. IGN: Brickface (main), or Meatbag (alt)
  12. Cheers, as you might or might not already know, Nathan has ascended to god status, and we have a new religion on our hands that only few things are known about. If you have gathered any information about the new religion that you'd like to share with everyone, please feel free to add it to this thread. It will also help us greatly to update the Wurmpedia with information! Thank you ~Ulvi
  13. Fo has gathered the Marble Circlet required at The Myriad. Fo will use the Marble Circlet instead. And Nathan was ascended, Rolf wtf. Thought you said that next time Fo wins, my man Nate goes full blown god, unless you lied to us :>