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Found 23 results

  1. As you see below, she's a girl named Taffy. Has 1 extra trait - she is strong and healthy. Pick up only or you can pay for delivery. Turned into young age - is riddeble now. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour. Private Bids: No Enjoy bidding.
  2. I had a female foal born today with a distinctly male name. I'm assuming this is not as intended! She's definitely a girl so it's not my mistake! [12:30:35] You hug the young Happysimeon. [12:30:38] She has a normal build. [12:30:38] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a slow metabolism. It seems vibrant. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity. [12:30:38] Her mother is the venerable fat Stronghop. Her father is the venerable fat Starkhoney.
  3. Hey all, It was just out of curiosity when I questioned in CA Help whether there was a name and shame page in the forums to warn players/characters both old and new of traders/players that may lead them astray or scam them in any many. This could be a failed currency exchange, an unpaid job or another duplicitous action. It would be a landing page to place a set of names for individuals victim to such deceptions to protect and hopefully prevent future disappointments. It's just an idea, but I'll like to know what you all think. Thanks, TheSmithy
  4. So i love the new map dump, but... I notice that there are deeds on there that are gone or have been renamed. I like to know who did it so i can get a hold of them to change the one that's called Castleedge to Kappa. I have gotten Kappa close to two years ago and it was with this name. So before someone says that it is using only data form more then two years ago. Then tell me why the Lormere by Glasshollow market is on there. And that was started and finished this year. Please help me with this i like to put Kappa on the map and Vend a Horse too. Vend a Horse has been there for at least three years as well. I have taken great pride on these two deeds and want people to see it too. Thank you for your time on reading this.
  5. I'm sure this is an old topic, but a few quick searches did not surface anything for me, before the forums told me I was doing too many searches. I would gladly put $$$ in the king's coin purse, for an option to do character name changes. I know there are very valid reasons not to, especially around pvp, but there are ways it could be handled. - A name history option when you right click the name from local or any chat windows. Ultimately I'l like this history to have a time limit of maybe 6 months, then fade completely, but if everyone wants a permanent history, I'd be ok with it too. - No name changes allowed if the character/account has warnings or been reported recently. - No name changes if the account has been logged into a pvp server within the last (30, 60, 90?) days. - No name changes if changed in the last (30, 60, 90?) days. As an owner of some accounts that I did not create, I would like to make them more personalized to me and my naming tastes. I know many others would love to do the same. When an account changes owners, the personality or soul of the character makes a complete change. I think we should have the option to rename and complete that change. So King, please take my silver in return for the use of your royal scribes, to make the appropriate changes and give us our new names
  6. Allow an option "Show original name" in the game tab. If this is checked, then renamed items would remain the same. EX: long bow, willow (Willow Chord). If this option is unchecked then renamed items would have a different look. EX: Willow Chord or "Willow Chord". The main reason as to why I personally would like this is because I can't rename my personal tools into something fancy and see it in my inventory due to the original name taking up space. I hope others feel the same (: no negative impacts with this too if I'm correct
  7. Was wondering if there was a GM command to change the name of bred horses? I see that someone made a mod, but i don't really want to use if i don't need to. Thanks for having a look at this.
  8. Just for fun it would be nice to name our spirit templars. "Was just minding my own business leveling my deed when a black wolf attacked me! Luckily Sir Hummlewerdt came running and saved me." -random noob
  9. Tents in inventory renamed from miliitary tent, explorer tent etc to the name that is set on them: Cannot be renamed at all anymore.
  10. Please make so we can examine a house and get the Writ holders name. Also please make so we can push altars some to make them neater looking in a room. Metal altars are horrible looking unless you get lucky and are standing in exact right spot when you complete them. Stone altars can be pushed, why not metal ones?
  11. Is there anyway we could get the name added as to who planted an item like this... [10:40:37] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The bulk storage bin has been firmly secured to the ground by Kegan. Ql: 25.714867, Dam: 0.0. Edit: I have a bsb that i am not sure if my alt planted it or if it was there and need it removed. It would be nice to be able to see the person that planted it to know if i need to just destroy it *can't destroy them on pve servers* or what alt i did use to plant it. (off deed ofc none of this matters on deed)
  12. I know account management has come up before and is probably more work than anyone at CC cares to tackle, but with all the account trading and questions of who is actually running the account, or the desire to have character name changes, what if we did this: One player account - One forum Account - Many characters, which can be added or removed from the Player Account. - All characters can purchase name changes, but you must have a "family" name, associated with your player account, which is visible to anyone via mouseover in any text box, or mouseover of the character when you are face to face with them. - Only 1 email needed, for the 1 player account, regardless of how many characters/alts. - Link Player Account with a real life identity, so people aren't making multiple player accounts, which would defeat the purpose of this system. This will prevent banned people from just making or buying new accounts and using a proxy to bypass the IP bans. - Web Management of the account and all characters/alts in one place. Pay premium for all alts, Pay upkeep on all deeds, buy silver for alts. Setup Auto Pay! How many people take a break, forgetting they didn't put more into upkeep, then come back, only to see everything looted and gone - then quitting in frustration. It is funny how many ways people make suggestions for ways to have CC collect more money and be more successful. We players want Wurm to last and improve. Some things need to happen to pave the way. Better account & character management is required if any growth is expected. Right now, account management is no better than scribbling our fake names on a sign up sheet. A dream scenario for anyone with wicked intent to scam others.
  13. This is not a big deal at all but i thought i would post about it anyway. I went to put some money in my alts bank and it was positioned at my mining deed so it gave me an option to move the bank but the deeds name was not all there. It gave the name "Sutter" but the name of the deed is "Sutter's Cave" so i am not sure if it just shortens all the deeds names up or if maybe the apostrophe is causing an issue.
  14. Right now the only way to tell in your inventory, in the mail or on a merchant that a gnome is the new one or the old one is by the ql of the new ones. I am suggesting that they get separate labels so we can tell them apart at a glance so we don't buy the wrong one. Edit: Well i guess they do have different examine lines but i think a label difference would be helpful too.
  15. Now that we are getting more gnomes in the game i thought it might be nice to just name them. As of now they both just labeled as clay garden gnome so i suggest they be given a name. I have my suggestions for names but feel free to add your own too. Older gnome from 2011 "Digger" he has his shovel and is ready to work New gnome from PA website "Stalker" or "Harvest" since he has a scythe
  16. Small Pinewood raft? As opposed to the small pinerock raft? Let's make our inventory windows just a little smaller and remove the needless "wood" from the names of wood products. If a name starts with a type of wood, we can safely assume it is wood
  17. I have a great suggestion that would help Ranchers track their unnamed animals and help them prevent accidental inbreeding. My idea will use some of the already in place game mechanics so nothing elaborate would have to be created, and will allow the ranchers to open up their deeds and let the animals roam more than the current tracking method allows. Using Papyrus, you could create a tag that can be attached to the animal (like a brand) that will allow the ranchers to name or number their animals. Attached labels will be described upon examination. This could say something like "This <animal type> has been tagged <tag label>". Ranchers can then simply keep track of what labeled animals have been bred with who, and what parents their animals belong to (would have to be tracked outside of the game by using spreadsheet or something similar). Also, if you want, the labels can either be permanent or removable in the instance of selling an animal. Any Constructive input into this idea is welcomed.
  18. I know this might not be a big deal to many people but i like to have my boats with no name i prefer just the default descriptive name that you are given before you name it. The trouble is you can not get that back if you name the boat. I would like the option so that if i delete the current name of the boat in settings and left it bank that it would revert to the default naming. I just bought a boat and the builder named it for some reason and now i am stuck with it not having the default name. I know this is going to sound like a crazy request/suggestion but i don't see it being that hard to manage and it will not affect anyone negatively.
  19. So I purchased a small sailing boat yesterday, and upon trying to transfer ownership, we discovered that the maximum character length apparently is 20 characters, whereas my name is 21 characters. So its impossible to receive ownership.
  20. I thought of something that could go with the achievements. Titles that go in front of your name, with a different rank for the progress on that achievement. Say there was an achievement for "Sail X km", there would be different ranks like landlubber, cadet, captain, oceantreader, etc... (perhaps not these in particular) It would look something like: Captain Dudeguy the Mental [Dragonslayer]. This would give some incentive to do the achievements, and let people display them proudly.
  21. I really wish that you would get a message stating that a player you are trying to mail to does not exist is you misspell the name. I know you can retrieve items if not picked up in a certain time frame on your own server, but i think you just lose it if on a different one. The mail systems needs a little tweaking.
  22. With all the characters with names mashed together of two or more words, and role-players looking for a good game, why not allow at least one space in character names? If added, give us all a chance to name change. OR Add a last name field we can use, having it optionally show on mouseover or in chat. What I would really like is this: First name Last Name (or Family name) Nickname Prefix (like a title) Settlement name So a full name could look like this: Lord Meridius "The Inasne" Ashewood of Ashewood.
  23. It's been brought up a fair bit in the past, and now we wanted to ask you lot about what you thought would be a fair cost etc. for having the ability to rename a deed. Please note: The poll results will not be the final decision on the prices/cooldowns, It is to guage the public feeling on the idea and comments/reasons for or against any of the options in the thread will be the most useful thing for us. I left out 'Free' and 'No cooldown' as options because they simply won't happen. Additional info regarding cooldowns: It is likely we will include an optional free rename in the first 24 hours of a deed being planted to correct typos. Please also note, this thread isn't to argue with other people about costs/cooldowns. If you have comments for/against any of the values in the poll, please add them to the thread and leave it there, don't start commenting on other people's comments. I wonder if I should start a sweepstake on how many renames there will be in the first 48 hours that it goes live...