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Found 3 results

  1. Not many names actually have been posted since June of 2016. I figured it would nice to have a one spot stop for checking to see if some one has a word put out about said character. I will try to keep this updated as I make my way back to the forums from game Hiatus periods. The purpose of this thread is to bring the individual threads in the Market place into an easy to find location. If you find some on the list, you can scroll down to the topic and click on the link to the thread in the forums so you can come to your own conclusion on the matter. I will try to give a brief description as to what happened for the thread to be created as I read the whole thread before linking here. If you are looking as to how to add some one to the list, merely place a new thread up in the town square and when I get around to the forums and see it I will add it. I need to have a thread to link to in order for me to add to this list. Demontamer Dragonsummoner Iaqb Maurizio MaurizioAM Niru (Permabanned) NooHope Princesspie Reincarnation Ruger Willieman Zigsa I do not mind debate in this thread but please avoid the he said she said and bickering. Thing included would be, yes you did, no you didn't, yes you did, no you didn't. That is no longer a conversation and merely a temper tantrum.
  2. So what is the difference in the two? Is it only trolling when the person did not do anything wrong like stealing or something? What classifies the two if i say so and so is stealing am i naming and shaming or trolling? What if i am making part or all of it up for fun and to throw shade how are the mods going to know what is trolling and what is name and shame? I just don't want things to get out of hand here. I was accused of things today and some of it was completely made up but what's stopping people from making up whole things on people for fun? Are we just meant to judge by who is posting the name and shame to know if it is real or just someone getting trolled by the accuser? Edit: I was all for name and shame before but now i am wondering if it was better before where word of mouth was the way of things.
  3. Thank you Enki for clarifying the name and shame "rule". Reference: However, I'd like to ask you to "one-up" your post by adding further information to this post: Shouldn't banned players be named and shamed also? The only reason I ask is that the players often know about peoples alts / shared accounts or associates of players and should a list be produced showing who got banned and for what it may lead to further justice?