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Found 1 result

  1. I moved to Exodus from Chaos last year, lived with some friends at The Old Contemptibles for a while but couldn't quite deal with the old itch to have a project to work on. So in November Magranon's Rest was born as a "bit of a project to play around with no big deal". Thankfully i took many screenshots to show how much i lied to myself in that first day. So i found my location, spoke with the locals Mappy and Cyborg over at Centrum about giving them a new, slightly insane, neighbour and got to work: Deedplanner image of the start. I made some calculations after opening an entrance at the base of the mountain, exactly 900 slope from the top edge of the mine entrance to the height of the token. This will be important later Marked out the deed border with banners temporarily and set up my temp workshop, The Gravy House. I started a ramp around to use the dirt i'd dug up and then realised it would take far too long to dirt ramp up, so for the first...2 months i believe, WALL LADDER. Here began the true first stage of madness, the decision to hollow out the entire mountain, deed is a 51x51 and by the end of these images i have a mine well over 1000 tiles. Naturally that wasn't enough for me so i also mined the ceilings up, then lowered the floors to max ceiling height. At the time of writing this, the floors are about 1/3 completed levelling down. Sorry about the lighting, mines are derpy to take pictures of. How i fuel myself, boozebed. Here we have a rare sighting of another person stupid enough to show up and work with me, believe this was Mappy...possibly Cyborg. Yes i conscripted my neighbours. Mad attempt to deal with the lighting or i screwed up and needed ash for concrete? You decide. I tried to be smart by only storing 50+QL rocks...i still ended up with about 50,000 xD This is how it looks at the moment for the entryway, after this pic you must suffer through several boring and samey images of a cave ramp. Why you ask? The reason is simple, because i spent weeks making this god forsaken ramp and it is BEAUTIFUL. MARCH 19th EDIT with unstable client dynamic lighting! Understably, I hope, at this point i wanted to give up on life and settled instead for putting the mine on hold so i could BE OUTSIDE. Starting with a platform up at the token level. Strategic lava tiles are used for destroying insolent ore veins on my ramp. That top platform became a farm for a while, man's gotta eat. Now i realised the time had come to begin the first platform of three that will eventually stack together to reach the token height. Needed more dirts and ended up with the start of a moat. Hmm...water....idea forming perhaps. Gonna need to fill this in... Wheeeeeee dumping dirt out is so much more fun than levelling! Somtimes i just sorta get distracted by my own ideas. This one was...."hmm should i surface mine another platform above the token area? It ended in my planting the one and only tree at Magranon's Rest. Lovingly wild growth casted and enchanted by Shellbee. Then those damned horrible evil devs gave us three wide mine entrances and i HAD TO HAVE ONE. Problem was it looked utterly terrible without flattening out the tops of the entrances as well as the bottom. This whole process took 2 days because....digging the goddamn dirtwall back down, also i screwed up like 3 times. It's beautiful...... With the addition of the bridge and needing more dirt I went back to that water idea from earlier CANAAAAALLLLLL. Reasonably certain I drove a number of my alliance insane with my canal madness. Not just dug, but also dirt casted to rock level depth. Shout out to Bonefly of Black Brigade for not murdering me for slapping a canal in front of his deed o.o Place is finally starting to come together That rock layer on the West side was in the way. It had to go. Deedplanner screenshot That's it for now folks, about 4 months of my "small project". I will continue to chronicle it and get those platforms raised! At the time of posting this the first platform is complete and filled with dirt but it's night time and i refuse to take screenshots in that lighting so that one can wait March 9th 2017 post - Plotting out the Nomads and Centrum Canals. March 10th 2017 post - Diving board! March 14th 2017 post - Canal progress allows caravel now! New bridge up across to Nomads March 20th 2017 post - Spring arrived and i updated with new paving, smoothed out canal and the start of the horrors of making slate slabs for the walls. April 14th 2017 post - Alright heres a little preview of the work Angelklaine has been doing in the mine while i've continued to play in the dirt. New slate gatehouse out of the south end of the main cavern and the new marble bricked outer wall in Stable and Unstable clients respectively April 22nd 2017 Gatehouse rebuild in marble. April 24th 2017 Deedplanner shot April 25th 2017 Mine Update Guest Houses are up, getting started on my underground city May 20th 2017 Canal Update Starts at East coast here next to Black Brigade. View from east entrance bridge. View at the BB/MR perimeter bridge From the main entrance of Magranon's Rest The long run up to Centrum Universi (i'm gonna be digging them a moat the whole way around while i collect dirt :P) Centrum corner section And connecting onto Nomad's docks, through which there is entry to Lake Serpentine Now i got a loooooooooooooooooot of dirt to start using and don't get me started on deciding what to do with the mine walls.....i'll probably clad it all in marble... May 28th 2017 completed roads/canal update Alrighty the time has come for me to get back to the dirt raising, so here's a couple pics of the new view from the wall platform with shiny new slate roads. With the East coast <-> Lake Serpentine canal done i'll be collecting dirt by building a moat for my neighbours at Centrum Universi so once i finish using this lot of dirt up i'll be completing a ring road around CU replacing the old cobble one too New road/bridge layout with my towers and mailbox icons added in too. I think thats enough messing around with off deed stuff for a while! May 30th 2017 Dirt all used up! So i took all the dirt from the canal and the road works. Which was something like 160 crates of dirt. This is a picture from the east side of the wall after i finished raising all the outer sections by levelling Then after i dropped ALL that dirt into it, this is how that looks from the opposite corner I think i need a little more dirt... Looks nice from outside at least June 14th 2017 - little paving update to the tunnels I have returned and the digging continues, doubt i'll have much to post here in terms of screenshots for a while, all i'm doing is digging a wagon at a time and dumping it over the edge to fill in the 2nd platform. I did play around with new cave paving though Tunnel looks like this now. June 20th 2017 - Paving and cladding the cavern I was really pleased with how my playing around with paving the mine went so i took some time out of digging the entire desert up today to start work on more paving and cladding. Looks pretty damn awesome if i do say so myself. Only problem now is how much more that bit of broken ceiling i can't fix bothers me! June 22nd 2017 - Did a little video of the cave and tunnel ramp. Jberg delivered a beautiful shot as seen from GM flight July 4th 2017 - third and final platform wall being raised I got a little bored of dumping dirt and watching it trickle into the pit so i decided to just raise the third platform outer wall and dump dirt from the top. Looks pretty nuts so far, if you zoom in the tiny little speck a mile up next to the wagon is me xD Gives you an idea what the final completed height will look like from the outside at least. July 14th 2017 - Cave Warehouse Update Welp i'm gonna be offline for another couple weeks, moving house big stuffs! So here's what i worked on this week at least....sadface that the unstable client lighting got changed and now it's all dark again Finally started giving myself a warehouse / place to live that isn't the token house. Was hard to get a nice pic of the ground floor warehouse because for the some reason the items have about a 5 tile draw distance so you can't see the signs, crates and bsb's. So i just took a pic of the billion rock shards xD August 6th 2017 - My return from 3 weeks away moving house. I'm back everyone! While I've been moving house my Fire and Sand alliance pals have been setting up something special for later events at my deed check it out! The Armoury The building that the first picture is taken from - Public Barracks August 26th 2017 quicky screeny (only been working on little bits n bobs + collecting more dirt lately so not a lot to show off) Getting real busy in the mine nowadays! I'm gonna have to finish levelling floors just to make room for more buildings soon September 9th making progress on the dirt platform again So close... Of course once this outer ring is done i have....well...this to fill in. September 22nd 2017 - Impalong preparation pictures The Armoury - Crafting Hall Ground Floor Smithy 2nd Floor Seating, crafting and auction hall. Roof Sermon Area Public Barracks - Aka the hotel First Four Floors all look like this. With some deluxe suites higher up On a final note the platform outer dirtwall has been 100% completed meaning i no longer have to level! I can just dump dirt over the edge into the gaping chasm September 28th 2017 - Continued Impalong prep I adopted a town mascot, this is Alan. Preparation for the impalong continues Now i have an arena. November 18th 2017 - The main cavern is complete! The great exodus dirt dump continues day by day, i slowly slowly fill the lolpit. Meanwhile this was achieved! The main cavern is officially completely levelled! Mine work will now be focused on making a boat cave down bottom and a nice elevator on this east side of the cave. December 2nd 2017 - New Cavern and the Botevator Been plugging away at my new cavern so here's some progress. Now with advanced techniques used to make the mine images actually visible (i actually bothered to edit them instead of being a lazy ass like usual). What used to be a wall running alongside the main ramp is now a worksite One section is fully flattened through to the 750 slope drop from the upper cavern and what's that at the end? Say hello to the Magranon's Rest instant botevator! Simply hop in passenger and enter the dimensional void between worlds. Then hop out to appear at the top As a side note because i'm proud of it. I simply couldn't handle having two green knarr's so I did this to the older one December 20th 2017 - More work on more caves! Continuing my latest cave expansions Preparing the boatmine on the west side of the main entrance Some minor edits to the main entrance, added a lot of these brass lamps around the deed. Paved and lit the path to the botevator New lighting and removed the old walls along the ramp More edited ramp with walls taken out, to the left the new lower eastern cavern and to the right the lower western which will become the boat cave The lower eastern cavern underway Been hard at work on this, many hours of levelling but in a few days i should also have my magranon colossi done up top December 23rd 2017 - Magranon Colossi complete Finally Magranon is properly represented! Quickie extra because i got a lot done today Boatmine is taking shape - quality a little potato because of editing required to brighten it up a bit January 4th 2018 - More boatmine The boat mine progresses further. Many rocks have died. Apologies again for potato quality caused by me brightening the images because cave lighting is mean. January 10th 2018 - Completed mining out the boatmine Boatmine is almost done! Just need about 500 support beams, some braziers/lamps and maybe a dock building. Mining work is done though...unless you count about 20,000 units of iron and sandstone i gotta mine outta the way >.< January 20th 2018 - I accidentally a bridge. So in a fit of "me being me" I got slightly distracted by my own random ideas. I prepped 1200 ribbons for 2 crates of support beams to get the boatmine done. Then i figure right it's time to get the logs and out i go down the ramp, over bridges over yonder westward through Nomads and to the forest to get 1200 logs, which naturally takes ages. By the time i got back to deed I had decided i was angry with the fact i have to actually spend minutes going up and down the ramp to get wood sooooooooooooooo... this happened. Halfway done, only took days of work to save a few minutes each of the rare occasions i need to get wood...totally worth the time o.o 5th February 2018 Been slacking a lot the last week or two, been busy irl and also slightly distracted by the fact i purchased a switch and bought BOTW and Mario Odyssey... ANYWAY. Some progress has been made and big thanks go to @armyskinfor donating about something like 40 crates of dirt and bringing the west side of the main platform this close to completion. In the background also a new building housing a trader, and the start of my new horse breeding pens so i can finally do away with the year old temporary pens i've been using on the east side Also now featuring public wagoner Rojex Delivery. Anyone local who wants to use him there's a wagoner crate rack down by the bridge at the main entrance. Going to get back onto finishing support beams for the boatmine and completing the west exit bridge now 12th February 2018 - Boatmine and West platform complete! Big milestones this week! Thanks to Armyskin's donations as well as a wagon load from @Kruszyni have completed the west side of the platform, think i'll turn this side mostly into farmland as it's next to the horse pens it kinda fits. While local friends have been kindly donating dirt i've been finishing up the boatmine project, which as of this moment is finished excepting one sandstone vein to be mined out and the dockhouse building needing to be put up. From the main gate (draw distance maxes at 15 tiles atm so unfortunately you get a black wall at the end) The main waterway and boatmine entrance Back towards the main deed entrance Time to get back up top and finish that bridge / make a farm on the finished west platform February 14th 2018 - My valentines gift to myself is a crop of wemp Great tracts of land! February 16th 2018 - Finished the west exit bridge The bridge is done! This was definitely worth using about 5000 bricks and mortar just to make my trip to collect wood a few minutes shorter. New road being constructed which i'll finish shortly and highway up through here. February 24th 2018 - finished the new road Tis done Now back to filling in a dirt hole February 26th 2018 - THE PLATFORM IS DONE! Well...there's really no other way to put it. The platform is finished. Actually done....I can't even begin to figure out how much dirt went into it total....the last Massive thanks go to both @Moddingtonand @Kruszynwho basically between the two of them deserve 90% of the credit for the east side being filled in. Both of them have donated every scrap of dirt from their own current deed projects to me, a few hundred crates worth. Edit - Deedplanner shot Now....what the hell do i even build here o.o Got some GM help here: It's beautiful March 3rd 2018 - Starting the upper platform It begins with a ramp. March 12th 2018 - New plans Spent some time today figuring out the actual plan, so here it is in all it's silly glory. So to sum up. Cutting the mountain down into a new platform above the mine. Rebuilding K Manor and shifting it onto the main platform. Building some new guest houses. Setting up some enchanted grass parking pens. Moving the clay/tar pits and adding a peat one. Easy stuffs Anyone wants to poke around with the deed plan of Magranon's Rest the pastebin is here - The actual current look is this - Sadly can't really include the mines but its still neat March 23rd 2018 - Finished an old tunnel. Been working on and off on this for some time, linked a tunnel up to my neighbouring deed The Nomads. Just a nice neat 64 tile paved tunnel to go with all my other ones Gonna have to do more tunnels like these so i can get around without ever leaving the caves more often Now back to finishing up the platform buildings methinks. March 26th 2018 - Platform Housing Having started working on adding houses to the platform i decided that it was maybe possibly about time i considered moving myself out of the token house. So today, exactly 500 days (16.5 months) after I planted Magranon's Rest i finally moved myself into an actual permanent home on the deed xD Redid the token house as a gateway, might need some decorations in there now. The first of the houses going up on the platform, claimed for myself. Being outside the mine may take getting used to o.o The fenced area in front is just the clay pit leading onto the wagon parking pens. I really think having all the houses arched hanging over the path will look good when i have them all done. Need to build the next house to finish the garden, but you get the idea My humble workshop Kitchen, needs some dining furnishings methinks And bedroom, also in need of some furnishings. I rarely decorate things and i really should, old pvp mindset combined with constantly having work to do on the deed i guess. Not a great home for vertigo sufferers Going to be putting up at least 5 more houses in the same style, maybe different brick types or alternating slate/marble. So more room for guests to take up residence or god forbid I actually ever have villagers o.O April 4th 2018 - Platform houses Finished up the platform housing today, why do i keep adding houses to a deed where noone lives? Who knows!? April 13th 2018 - Tunnel to the top! After like a year and a half i have finally bothered to make a tunnel up to the peak, not much to show in screenshots as's just another dark tunnel. Nice view up top though Might plonk a little deed and touch up the area into a neat little peak fort December 27th 2018 - The long awaited return of madness Friends i am back! Tentatively started playing Wurm again a few weeks back and now getting back into working on my deed. It's been about 7-8 months of me only really logging in every couple weeks due to some....fairly cataclysmic RL issues. Anyways MORE TERRAFORMING! Removed the old manor on the east side so i can bring up the secondary platform same as it is on the west end. and from up top Decided to keep going a bit and make a path along the side of the mountain which i'll link up to local highways soon The tunnel to the top of the mountain is as good as finished but it's honestly not worth taking pictures of because it's just more dark reinforced ramps xD Plus Someone plonked a deed right over the entrance to my tunnel while i wasn't playing for months >.< Here's an end of year deedplanner view January 15th 2019 - Mountainside roadway progress Progress on the new paths is coming along nicely. Agreed on a mighty 3 tile wide bridge highway to hook up with my allies over at Moonlit Euphoria. The dirt track i think i'll keep taking round the mountain....maybe do a dirt ramp up to the peak if possible too. January 28th 2019 - Bridges complete Finished up the new highway out to the east Onwards to the next project! June 19th 2019 - I'm still alive Small update after i've been very sporadic with my wurm playing and login times. I'm still around and slowly working on this: i originally planned to show screenshots when i finished cutting my way through it but muh pickaxe is a nub and it's still this. Basically the previous road and bridges i made out to the East are going straight up the mountain and over the peak October 19th 2019 - Been a while, but work has resumed! This mountain must be defeated. October 21st 2019 - Mountain defeated. Boom, done! Top view: Connects up to Magranon's Peak and in turn, the tunnel back down to my main deed caverns Next up! First catseyes and then ramping back down the west side so the road clears the whole mountain ^__^ November 14th 2019 - Wide Doors! I got a bit distracted from the mountain top highway by my deep need to put 90QL steel doors on every possible entrance now i'm allowed to. Looks neat though April 2nd 2020 - Coronavirus isolation got me Wurmin' Nothing like a global pandemic to get me back to work on Wurm stuff! Now i know you've all been excitedly awaiting more evidence that i am boring and mentally unstable so heres the completed "i made a road over the peak that noone will ever use" project. As some will remember, i had previously sliced the mountain in half to make a giant ramp road up from the east end, with a highway linking down to the coast. I've now taken the road out to the west side as well. Come with me and behold the wonders of....basic roadmaking. Little path around the edge of the deed, nice views Out West, the rocky mess to the left is where the old single tile rickety path up the mountain used to be. And the long smooth ramp back North, links neatly onto my west exit highway Basically i did this. Red dot representing the Magranon's Peak deed, i'll have to get it added to the community map May 24th 2020 - Moar roads, a big boi bridge and a chonky tunnel. Still working away at the place forever here. Been working on the south exit tunnel and continuing making a highway all around the mountain, the east side of the mountain has always been a real pain to travel around but no more! From the top end of the bridge down to Moonlit Euphoria Path follows around past the east exit to my tunnel Eastward road down from the tunnel exit, leads nicely to the new bridge i put up The bridge over to rockcliff lighthouse Path continues round to where i have the south tunnel exit at. South end of the tunnel, it's still got osme work to go. Needs paving, cladding and lamps. Continuing on SW, then turning south. Finishes up neatly onto existing highways. Some nice views along the way How it looks coming up from the South Drawn up a map of the edits i've made, probably going to sort a tunnel out from the south end of my new tunnel down to water level, maybe bring this road west along the south edge of the mountain too. But for now is done I'll update once the tunnel is all shinied up and then i think it's time i get to surface mining that second platform layer....gonna be a big job! Any high channeling Mag's out there wanna hook a guy up with some stonestrike? xD May 31st 2020 - The south tunnel is complete Tunnel complete Took a lotta marble, mortar and brass but it's gloriously cladded, paved and lit now. As is the side path up to the peak August 30th 2021 - An update again? After this long? Hi friends! It's been a long while since i had any update to give you. Didn't play wurm much for a while and then when i was i've just not worked on my deed. Which is obviously a tragedy so lets get back to it! I spent....a little while getting my AH up to 95 after the new update so the peak is a lil....sheepy: So with that grind done its back to work time! (in future i've got a pretty neat idea for a tower on that peak deed so the sheep pens will really have to go o.o) Today i finished this up, new genetics lab for my aggressive animal breeding, got halfway through building it before finding out theres a bug where animals won't eat in caves at the moment so i guess testing 95AH on mega pets will have to wait a lil as i have zeeeeeeeeero room for them outside heh. Next up is a couple other building projects, finishing the warehouse then a lovely open spot where i think its time i put up a giant cave farm building Yes the warehouse i built like 4 years ago and never did the top two floors of ....oops Finally after the building works are done i'll be back on the big one. The mountain surface mining, it's going to take months of work but i'll get there eventually! February 23rd 2022 - I remembered Wurm exists again. I accidentally had another several months long hiatus but today it was BACK TO WORK TIME. DIE MOUNTAIN DIE. Also the warehouse did finally get finished off...only took a few years.... Might need to decorate and use the space a bit more though lol Anyways more updates to come if my sanity holds out while i surface mine all that rock about another 500 slope or so. Lets be honest my update schedule on this project hasn't been the most reliable for a while now but hey....i'm gonna try! March 19th 2022 - Mountain being murdered Progress continues. Half my own efforts and half Jakerivers going ham on the mountain while i've been off playing Elden Ring, so full credit to him it's coming along a lot faster than it would have otherwise. Facing West Facing East From Below The mountain must be tamed! April 22nd 2022 - We're winning....very slowly. Progress is slow and...difficult to provide fun screenshots of because it all just looks like the same rock. But it is happening! Local authorities came by to check everything was up to code. I work day and night to defeat the mountain I enslave my friends to help Jake made us a lovely ramp PROGRESS! This is pure pain....weeks upon weeks of chinking away at a mountain. What i wouldn't give for a levelling or flattening to work on rock surface.... Why did i do this to myself why!? Lil sneak peak at the WIP plan for the eventual castle that's going up there: (before planning out the internal walls we're already looking at about 50k marble bricks lol) May 14th 2022 - The continued gradual mountain murder + new free snacks! I know how you all love very slightly different looking images of the exact same giant area of surface rock so i've got you a treat. Progress pics! it's really starting to feel like we're getting close with this one, god i need to finish my castle plan....ANYWHO LOOKY: The tippy top in the SW corner. From the opposite direction Lil bit down bottom that's actually usable land now! GREAT TRACTS OF LAND! Also bonus prize. Many who have visited before will be aware that years ago i cooked up every affinity in the game in a stack of 138 casseroles and left them out for people to nibble at. Since then they've been heavily reduced and i've improved the recipe so i redid the lot! Yes it was painful. So if you swing by just wander up to this humble spot... and take a peek in the hota statue. Have a snack on me. Yes i realise i could have named them with the numbers first so everyone else has an easier time organising which ones they want to eat, i chose the selfish option sue me Hopefully next update will be when this area is aaaaaaaaaaaaall flat. Until next time o/ June 27th 2022 - The mountain, she is defeated. Ladies and gentlemen, i am proud to finally present to you all G R E A T T R A C T S O F L A N D It's finally over! It's done! The mountain is tamed! Cannot possibly express enough how much of the credit for this project goes to @JakeRiversWho toiled away during multiple periods of my playtime wavering due to RL and losing my mind over constant wurm client crashes. It'd be halfway complete right now without him. Next up is dirting it over, finishing my deedplanner design for the castle thats going up here and then.....boy oh boy i'm probably gonna need about 60/70,000 marble bricks and mortar. Helpy helpers who have helped The following players assisted in huge building and decoration efforts to prepare for impalong events. If i missed someone do yell at me. If anyone wants to come visit you've got the location up at the top of this post South end of the NE desert. Deed is open access and if i'm online i'll even feed ya