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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have been thinking about starting a virtual radio station. I have done this for many years before and can obtain the LOML and other licenses if needed too. So, What I'm doing is asking you all what you think. I would be willing to cover the station costs and organize the technical requirements. In order to be successful I would need to take on some more DJ's to expand coverage times. I also host a dedicated mumble server, so if you would like to use it FOR FREE contact me in game, I am willing to give you a dedicated channel for your alliance or settlement with the mayor getting control over their own channel. So, what do you think? would you like to help? would you listen in? Morlanius
  2. As sterlingdragon has done for Release, I am hoping to do for Xanadu.I have a powerful server hosted in our datacenter and I have been running a mumble server for a bit now for other games so I am offering it to the community to use and if it works well here I have no issue with opening it to the entirety of wurm. For those of you who are not familiar, Mumble is a low latency, positional VoIP system that has very low resource usage and a good reputation for having high voice quality. You are welcome to use this server for other games all I ask is that you stick to the appropriate channels so we can keep the cross-game chatter to a minimum, if you do not have an appropriate channel, or would like your own private channel for your village or kingdom feel free to PM me, all members of the channel will need to be registered with the server for access to said private channel. CM/GMs and other community staff are welcome to help administrate the wurm sections of the server, please PM me to set up access if you like. The software you need is here: it is cross platform so no matter what you play on you can get connected, they're even working on a phone app If you need help learning how to connect to the server there is a nice guide here: Our server's address is ( is also the site that I run for our minecraft servers /shamelessplug ) The port is: 64738 If you want to know how to register yourself on the server, allowing you to enter private channels you have access to, you can follow this quick guide here: Currently the server is at a max of 100 users, this is not a hard limit and can certainly be increased if the server has popularity. Please enjoy and let me know if any of you have issues, PM is best as I get emailed for it and it generates an alert for me but you can reply here as well. Mods feel free to sticky this as you like, I appreciate it.
  3. Good morning everyone! I don't know how excited you all are about this new server, but I certainly am! I would really like to cooperate with some other new characters so that our odds for survival increase dramatically. Does anyone want to link up and work together? I have access to a private mumble and teamspeak so we can chat a bit more easily. If you don't have those programs, we can just use Skype or something. Either way, if you are interested in working with me, please reply to this thread with what your character name will be, and I will send you information regarding the Mumble or TS, whatever we choose. Hope to see you soon, Dorrim