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Found 17 results

  1. Standing on second-floor of underground house, when i plant an herb the planter appears on the ground floor
  2. Currently aggro humanoids are capable of following up ladders and the like (assuming intended and not a bug), so would be handy to have a way of securing the ladder opening. Sure one can sometimes build a lockable door to achieve this; however, not always workable let even alone desired with some layouts. Trapdoors or hatches come to mind. Don't even need to have a ladder persay, and depending on how such is implemented... might even make for some fun traps. EDIT: And that's just in pve... all kinds of possible shenanigans in pvp.
  3. Bug: While on the second story of a multistory building, one can embark as the commander of a large wagon with hitched animals and suddenly find both wagon and animals on the second floor of the building. Observation 1: When embarked as the driver of a large wagon while animals are hitched, attempting to 'Climb up' a ladder will fail, perhaps implying that having animals hitched will prevent the cart from changing floors. Observation 2: When on the second floor and looking down at a wagon and team through a wood floor opening, one can successfully 'Embark - Commander' and suddenly find oneself on the second floor of the structure as driver of the wagon - wagon, animals, and all. Observation 3: While on the second floor driving a wagon with hitched animals, one cannot 'Climb down' as the driver - nor can one drive the cart off an open edge of the floor. Workaround: unhitch the animals, 'Haul down' the cart, re-capture the animals (hopefully before they've managed to make a run for it), and re-hitch them to the cart. It seems that the better solution is to not allow someone to 'Embark - Commander' from the second floor if a team is hitched to the wagon. Or perhaps: to teleport the driver to the wagon on the lower floor.
  4. I would like to suggest a new type of opening an Iron Grate opening. It would take 10 bricks, 10 mortar, 2 iron hinges, and one iron fence bar. It would function like the ladder openings we have now for hauling up a cart or accessing the other floor but not have a ladder for climbing up and it would block someone from falling through the floor. It would be good for those places you want to access the other floor but do not want a ladder blocking view or it could be used like a skylight in flat floor roofs. Basically it would be an iron fence in the floor. I thought of this when building my new temple and when I had an opening holding a spot in the floor to allow me to build the level above it I could pray at the altar on the first floor but after I removed the opening it said the floor was in the way even though there was no longer a floor there. I believe many people would find this useful as many have constructed warehouses with the bsb's on the second floor with openings for access but the row of ladders make them look a bit silly and if you want one in the middle of the room it can be downright ugly to have a ladder sticking up in the middle of the room.
  5. I am suddenly unable to build any floors on the 4th height, I have 42 paving and 78 masonry, I have build hundereds of floors on the 4th and 5th levels on the same structure but recently it says I am unable to build any floors, I have tried building on the floor above, the 4th floor in a seperate building from the one in question and relogging, This has persisted since before the server had restarted for the bridge update so it was certainly not caused by that, I do not have any injuries or skill loss on paving from death. It's not just 1 building, i destroyed a floor on another building to try and rebuild and it still would not allow me.
  6. I really want to set up my craft area on my house's top floor. Although, the thought of climbing up and down 10+ stories deters me. Even if we had ramps I'd still have to spend a decent amount of time getting up and down. My intention here is talk about this and make a suggestion out of it later. Who else has wished it was easier/quicker to go from bottom to top and visa versa? "No elevators [other stuff]"... Hey you, please keep in mind Wurm has magic! Just putting this out there as a preemptive statement.
  7. I'm not able to remove interior wall plans inside my house. A GM checked and there doesn't appear to be any invalid or unsupported floors or walls. Deliverance [07:38:52] This is within the village of Yoelm. [07:38:52] This is within the structure of Yoelm Anti-Real.
  8. Hi, We have just patched the test server with a new function that I think will work nicely. You can now add tiles to an existing building, and remove tiles from an existing building. Removing tiles means you need to bash all existing adjacent walls and floors on that tile before you can remove the tile from the structure. Please test this properly as it is quite a large change to the codebase and requires alot of testing. Report your findings in this thread! Best regards Zcul
  9. Hi. The idea with multistory is to enable players to be creative in building their home in wurm. Variety, options are central and will be worked towards during upcoming releases. We really want to enable you to build your own magnificent castles. How does multistory work right now (or at least how it is supposed to work). - Planning new floors requires carpeting. - The higher you want to build the higher your carpentry needs to be. - Selecting the floor material type requires specific skills and tools depending on the material, see list below: - Some challenges remain, like having a solid leveling path for Paving, it will be fixed somewhat with changing packing to give paving skill instead of digging. Floors Wood plank (Carpentry) -- this is the entry level material Pottery brick (Paving) Slate floor (Paving) Stone brick (Paving) Slate slab (Paving) Marble slab (Paving) Roofs Wood shingle (Carpentry) -- this is the entry level material Pottery shingle (Masonry) Slate shingle Stone brick (Masonry) Thatch (Thatching) Known issues: - Walls on second floor and higher seem to be badly aligned causing visual crack in some corners. - If you just make a planned parapet and then continue to build above it, it becomes impossible to go back and finish the parapet fence. - Issue with too low quality yield of floor compared to raw material QL and skill level. - Possible to fall into walls on the ground floor and get stuck in them. - Traders, Merchants fall to floor level #1 when dropped on upper floors - Piles are counted for the whole tile and all floors above it, should be maxpile per floor - Walls at floor 2 and up can be planned without material consumption. Will fix so it requires 1 plank + nail. - Wheels are inside the floor on ground floor. - Creating a floor above you makes you float in midair on ground floor if you have no floor on it. - Bulkbins floors etc are not abel to coexist on same tile, different floors Fixed issues: - Skillgain for paving considerations: Skillgain for paving now given when packaging dirt. - Planning a roof on the first floor requires a floor on the first floor. This restriction will be removed, so that making a roof on your first 1x1 house will not require the floor. Should be fixed with the 2012-12-25 reboots. - Built to 4th story, destroyed 1st story floor plans and can't plan them anymore. Should be fixed with the 2012-12-25 reboots. - Improve does not work (hangs?) Fixed in patch 2013-01-03 - Repair does not work (hangs?) Fixed in patch 2013-01-03 - Donut homes now fixed
  10. Meredin

    Just finished a month-long project I've been working on, and wanted to toss up a few screenshots. I needed clay, and there was a spot in the middle of the Northmere. So, I raised an island and built myself a place to cook bricks, grind pottery, fish, meditate, concentrate on crafting skills, and generally relax. "Meredin" means "Lake Fort": From above, looking down at the clay pit: From the water: The entire project took somewhere in the neighborhood of 3800 dirt, 2500 stone bricks and mortar, 2000 clay for pottery brick floors, more than a few meals, many shipments of rock and lumber, and the patience of my allies while I droned on and on about my glacial progress. Now the fun part begins. Making myself at home. EDIT: Added a view from the lake
  11. To quote important points made by Systemparadox on the housing talk page: Use the US convention floor numbering, but make sure that there is an appropriate note to make it clear. "First floor" means the ground floor. When counting floors, always include the ground floor. "3 floors" means the ground plus 2 floors above. For consistency, use the US spelling of "story", instead of the (IMO correct) "storey". Marni I feel your pain. When counting floors, do not include the roof. "3 floors" means the ability to build the floor and walls for 3 floors, but extra skill is required to put a roof on top of that. Lower-bound values should be added to the talk page instead of the main table as they are too confusing (they are still useful so thanks Tarec). I think upper bounds are ok. --[[user:Systemparadox|systemparadox]] ([[user talk:Systemparadox|talk]]) 13:01, 3 January 2013 (CST) I think it's important that everyone understands this is how the wiki is going to be written and not many people will see the talk page, so here it is in all of its glory. Cheers
  12. Hi, After 1.0 update along the happiness of really nice new features, we all suffer from the performance of the new client. Here are some of the main issues: 1. Framerate is too low for 10 seconds after client startup - This caused by the new model format. Collada is not designed for games, so not optimal to parse all xml data at startup, also multi-story buildings may increase the data being streamed at startup from the server. Solution: it will be possible to cache the calculated data, serializing to binary format then deserialize it so no parsing necessary - this would eliminate these kind of problem 2. No way to turn back to non-animated old models Players who need less memory usage, had an option to lower the tree models, visible distance etc. Now with 1.0 the player and animal models stay as high like the new ones, no option to select lower poly or optimized versions for lower graphics settings. Only just the animation phases can be reduced. Solution: add old or new lower count formats and ability to switch back to lower settings. 3. No way to run as much clients as before, in parallel The style of this game allows players to use multiple alts (priests and main char, and now alts for the new servers) parallel. This benefit for the players and for the developers because of paid prem count. Before 1.0 an instance of a client used 300M-500M. After 1.0 update, it now using 800M-1.5G. This will reduce the possibility of multi client play which is bad, because the paid prem accounts will became non-prem some months after 1.0 release, due to lack of usability. Also when the new servers will lost interest, this will happen with the alts on there too (or with the old main chars). This problem also related to point 1. and even if a memory leak removed the client's memory fingreprint is a bit too high compared to other games. My suggestion is to able to use multiple chars inside one client - I know this might be a bigger piece of work but it will worth both from a view of prem players and both from view of the developers (more paid prem accounts and keeping the number of current ones). Solution: This can work to let the possibility to run multiple characters inside one client. Like that way to have tabs or character faces which you can click and switch to the alts. No extra memory needed just a few changes in communication code - using one instance of java wm this can be also achieved to use a shared storage for objects on the same machine. Benefits: the client will load all models/graphics once, use less memory. P.S. I think this is a great game but it can be more user/os friendly. I wrote this thoughs without knowing the current structure of the game just seeing where the bottlenecks are - as an experienced game developer my suggestions may count, please fix me if anything I found is work different already.
  13. Now that we have multistory and nice roof types would be great to be able to add a weather vane to the peaks.
  14. Hey, Im just building a tiny little 2 Floor building, the second floor consist of 2 1x1 towers and a terrace. Now the door of 1 of these lil houses points to the outside as it should as seen here: Now thew other 1x1 tower looks like this : So yeah ... looks slightly awkward, especially the inside. Did I do something wrong? Or is it getting fixed?
  15. Im trying to add planks to my tower and at my 3rd floor, I could only finish 2 of the 4 walls. I can plan the walls, but cant add any planks and cant add any higher either. you can't see but I have bottom floor with bed, 1 tiles Floor up all finished 4 walls second floor up all finshed 4 walls, 3rd one, 2 walls Finished, 2 other walls can't add any planks but the plans are there. Can't add any planks either higher . I can delete the wall plans, re plan it, nothing works.
  16. As we prepare for multistory buildings in 1.0, should we be expecting for floorplans to shrink in order to reach upward? For example, right now a 1x15 takes 47 carpentry to plan. A 1x15x2 would have (presumably) twice as many floors and walls, so would that take 94 carpentry? In order to grow upward, will our buildings need correspondingly much smaller footprints? How will this affect "castle" designs? What sort of things are the players hoping to build? Regards,
  17. Multistory collective skill pooling for construction This idea is more of conceptual or brain storming. We don't know the limitation yet. I want to see big buildings and hope this might help justify their creation. The main idea is that multiple people can pool their skill into one common pool to plan and build bigger buildings. I'm not sure if planning contributors (not the house owner) should have to endure a cool down. If a character's skills can only applied towards one under-construction building it could unfairly tie up a contributor. This would be similar to how it currently works. One issue is that a player could employ others and the employer might not finished the house limiting the other players ability to make more plans. Here are some solution. --A hard core extreme version would be to delete the building, free the contributors, and destroy any added materials if it isn't finished within some reasonable time frame. I not a fan of this at all. --Condemn the building, release all house planners, let the owner recover some of the building materials before destroying it. --A no penalty option might be whichever of the follow two happens first. The building is finished or a cool down period has passed. I can only think of one reason to limit who can build the walls once its plan. If we want to limit or slow down the construction of multistory it could be achieved by only letting characters of equal skill to the planners do the building. An even slower progress would just consist of the planners. I don't like the idea of limiting it, its here none the less.