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Found 6 results

  1. (I've moved this from a different topic to prevent it being confused with someone else's setup.) I have three servers clustered on servers hosted by PingPerfect. Most everything is working properly. They are set up in a horizontal arrangement, West -> Central -> East. We can plot a course from the Central server to either of the others, but do not get the option to plot a course from West -> East or vice versa; we must first go to the Central server. Each server's wurmlogin.db references each server in the SERVERS table. The SERVERNEIGHBORS table for each has two entries, as such: (I've put WestID, etc. instead of the actual server IDs for clarity.) West Server Server Neighbor Direction WestID CentralID EAST CentralID EastID EAST Central Server Server Neighbor Direction CentralID WestID WEST CentralID EastID EAST East Server Server Neighbor Direction EastID CentralID WEST CentralID WestID WEST Am I missing something here, or is there somewhere else I should look?
  2. Hey there first of all i would like to apologise if there is already a post about this. My issue is that i am wanting to make a server cluster, i am currently using Linux Centos7 to run the initial server so as ive stated on the heading it is a headless server im running and cant use a gui to configure the servers. I can easily enough set up another server but the issue is setting up the advanced settings for the cluster, i cant seem to find any of the settings in a configuration file on my initial server. Hoping you guys can help out Thanks in advance alicheek
  3. The uniques are coming, not sure how feasable it is to adjust # of tame creatures to taming level but still, could be a fun approach to try if at very least the "1 tame creature at a time" limit were either lifted or made adjustable by server admins. Thanks in advance to anyone who tackles this challenge.
  4. I know account management has come up before and is probably more work than anyone at CC cares to tackle, but with all the account trading and questions of who is actually running the account, or the desire to have character name changes, what if we did this: One player account - One forum Account - Many characters, which can be added or removed from the Player Account. - All characters can purchase name changes, but you must have a "family" name, associated with your player account, which is visible to anyone via mouseover in any text box, or mouseover of the character when you are face to face with them. - Only 1 email needed, for the 1 player account, regardless of how many characters/alts. - Link Player Account with a real life identity, so people aren't making multiple player accounts, which would defeat the purpose of this system. This will prevent banned people from just making or buying new accounts and using a proxy to bypass the IP bans. - Web Management of the account and all characters/alts in one place. Pay premium for all alts, Pay upkeep on all deeds, buy silver for alts. Setup Auto Pay! How many people take a break, forgetting they didn't put more into upkeep, then come back, only to see everything looted and gone - then quitting in frustration. It is funny how many ways people make suggestions for ways to have CC collect more money and be more successful. We players want Wurm to last and improve. Some things need to happen to pave the way. Better account & character management is required if any growth is expected. Right now, account management is no better than scribbling our fake names on a sign up sheet. A dream scenario for anyone with wicked intent to scam others.
  5. #1 Rare horse shoe 85.17 ql Starting bid : 5s Bid increment : 50c No reserve Buyout : 9s #2 Rare horse shoe 85.19 ql Starting bid : 5s Bid increment : 50c No reserve Buyout : 9s #3 Rare medium shield 85.11 ql Starting bid : 4s Bid increment : 50c No reserve Buyout : 8s Pickup : Exodus x22/y30 I can send by mail , buyer pays cod Horse shoe have to be mailed in a container - which doubles mailing cost.
  6. As simply put as the name says really I would enjoy a system to which one can have multiple pets like someone can have multiples in real life granted I know this is wurm and not real life. Reasons: Multiple pets such as dual bears or hellhorses will let you hitch them to carts without needing a buddy Breeding aggressive creatures becomes a bit easier (zookeepers would love) Moving animals such as deer etc becomes less of a hassle (tame one lead it tame another lead it we all know the drill) I'm not saying have multiple taming off the bat but have it like caring for animals but a bit harder. At certain levels you can hold a certain amount of animals with a combined strength total of whatever. Such as 2 dogs would be easier to dual than 2 bears at say level 10 but wiki is like a reccomended taming of 15 for a bear so something like twice that would let you hold two bear or some such way.