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Found 3 results

  1. Wondering if there is some kind of masonry requirement added onto the need for 99 carpentry to reach 15 floors of a house? Basically with 99 carp i can plan 15 floors and i can build wooden walls up to that height but with stone walls i eventually receive the message: [09:41:11] Construction of walls is reserved for craftsmen of higher rank than yours. Is this supposed to mean that to make a 15 storey building with stone walls i need 99 carpentry AND 99 masonry!?
  2. Armed with an idea from Garis and the power of google, I have went through the motions of creating a mod for Minecraft that allows for three dimensional deed and/or building planning for Wurm! So, without further ado, the Northmere Alliance of Celebration presents to you: The Wurm Blocks mod is essentially a tool to help you visualize your deed or building plans in a way that isn't possible using 2d programs. While those 2d programs are still great for layout, it's nice to see what your deed and buildings will (generally) look like once finished. Here are some teasers to show what it is you can do with Wurm Blocks in Minecraft. Installation Instructions In order to run Wurm Blocks you will require Minecraft Forge Universal version 6.6.0 and Minecraft version 1.4.7 ... I make no promises about the mod working beyond those versions. I recommend a fresh installation of Minecraft and Minecraft Forge. Windows Installation Step 1 Download and Install Minecraft Forge Universal from (click the link under 'Install' for a direct link to the installation instructions on their wiki), then run Minecraft in order to see if Minecraft Forge is working properly. Step 2 Download Wurm Blocks (Direct mediafire link here or dropbox link, courtesy of Xallo, here ) Step 3 Place in your AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. If you are unsure how to find your AppData folder, enter %appdata% into your Windows search function. Step 4 Run Minecraft. Wurm Blocks should be present in the Mods section. Load up your favorite Creative world and enjoy! Using Wurm Blocks In Creative Mode, Wurm Blocks are organized in their own tab on page 2 of the Creative Mode Inventory. Most Wurm Blocks function just like their vanilla counterparts. However, there are some exceptions: Half blocks will not make a full block if stacked; these are just meant to represent roofing. There are also steps with wurm roofing patterns applied in case you prefer to use those. Wurm-style fences are a different creature altogether. They are based off of Minecraft Vines only they won't disappear if the block they're attached to is removed. It isn't a perfect system (for instance, inside corners still can't have more than 1 fence), but by placing blocks, adding fences, and removing the blocks, you can build a model of your deed complete with fencing. There is a transparent block included for placing your fences on if you don't want to be bothered with breaking the block you attach your fences to, whatever your preference. Wurm Blocks are not craftable, so should primarily be used in Creative mode. If you choose to load them with op commands, their ID numbers begin at 503. If you have any ideas on how to improve Wurm Blocks, do let me know!
  3. I'm having a problem putting a second floor onto a stronghold sized building (8x4 - 32 tiles). It is stone walled, pre-existing 1.0 (at least 6 month) and all walls are completed. It had stone slab paving on all florrs. My carpentry is 71.49, my masonry 70.56, my paving 24.20. I have more than 10 other buildings of various sizes (shack, cottage, villa, mansion, estate), all pre-existing, with which I have no problem making multi-storey. If I start a new stronghold size building (6x6 - 36 tiles) i have no problem planning floor below and floor above even before a single nail or brick is added. For the problem building when I plan a floor below the option to plan anything additional on the tile, except interior walls when rt clicking on the borders, dissapears. I've tried completly building the floor on the tile, planning additional internal walls, removing the slab paving, planning all floor tiles, all to not effect. Any help out there?