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Found 2 results

  1. Event ended already, thanks for everybody who participated, have a great day HEY WURMIANS! How's the trick or treats going? Ive just made it to 80 Cloth Tailoring, its time to sell some of my products! This will be a multiple halloween auction, with some simple rules, and a FREE RARE RUG ALL the rugs are pretty much the same quality, the difference being the CoC cast, and the Free rug is a Fine one. So there will be multiple chances of getting that so desired rugs for you or your deed! ------------ Very simple Rules ------------ Every 48h the timer will reset - If there is bids on a rug, it will be sold! If there is a rug with no bids, it will be back to auction for another 48h The event will last for 8 days at max, ending next Sunday if some rug is still not sold All auctions will have this same base: Starting bid: 5s Increment: 25c Buyout: None Auction time: 48h Snipe Protection: 1h To bid, simply put your offer with the #number of the desired rug, like Slothtailor: 6s on #2 ------------ Availability ------------ #1 Rug = SOLD #2 Rug = Not sold, pm me if intereseted! #3 Rug = SOLD #4 Rug = SOLD #5 Rug = SOLD Free Rug = brattygirlsback won the rug! ------------ FREE RUG ------------ If all the rugs are sold until the end of the event, As Rug #3 is already on bids, the Free one will be raffled as a thanks for all participants! EVERY VALID BID on ANY rug will count as a Raffle for the Rare Fine! The raffle will be recorded and the winner will recieve it for Free! Only rule to this Raising the bid more times in a row will only count as one raffle Example Sloth: 5s (Free raffle granted) Sloth: 5,25s (not counted) What DOES work is raising the bid above other person Example Sloth: 5s (Free raffle granted) Somebody: 5,25s (Free raffle granted) Sloth: 5,5s (Free raffle granted) Somebody: 5,75s (Free raffle granted) ------------ TIMERS ------------ Event end! ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ And thats all! Feel free to ask any questions if something is not clear, and also feel free to bid anytime Good luck!
  2. Hello all! Got several items on this Multi-auction. v No enchants on any of them Starting Bid: 2s/euros on ALL items listed above, except for the hatchet, starting bid on hatchet is 25s. Buyout: NONE Minimum Increments: 1s/euros 1hr Sniper Protection NO HIDDEN RESERVE Please Clearly Note the item number you are bidding on to make the process nice and easy. I will be updating the winning bidders at least on a daily basis until the auction ends. Current High Bidders: 1. 2s Alkhadias 2. 2s Alkhadias 3. 2s Alkhadias 4. 2s starting bid 5. 2s starting bid 6. 2s starting bid 7. 2s starting bid 8. 2s starting bid 9. 2s Wurmhole(Foamfollower) 10. 2s Wurmhole(Foamfollower) 12. 2s Wurmhole(Foamfollower) 13. 4s Shatter 14. 5s Aeryck 15. 4s Shatter 16. 4s Shatter 17. 25s starting bid 18. 3s Shatter 19. 4.5s Vortexxx 20. 5s Vortexxx 21. 7s Dorkiss 22. 6s Vortexxx 23. 3s Vortexxx 24. 4s Shatter 25. 4s Toolhead 26. 4s Shatter