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Found 13 results

  1. Hello guys I don't know if someone already proposed that, but here I am. I was thinking it would be very nice an option to move the objects in the center of a corner, it would work like this: you go near the chosen corner, right click on the object, select "move", and select "move in the centre or the nearest corner" or just "move in the nearest corner". There is already an option to place the objects in the centre of a tile, and I find it very usefull I know there is already the option "place" too, so we can move the object around but, in this way they would be all perfectly placed in the exactly same position.
  2. Moving option in lamp to move closest tile corner what is planted to ground
  3. There are two videos on this page that show movement in comparable replica armour.
  4. I get so frustrated when I have to unload 20k lumps from one BSB, just so I can move it to the next tile, because there is already a BSB on that tile. I mean, what is the point? I can plant 50 BSBs on one tile, so why can't I just push 2 of them together onto a single tile? Was there some game breaker that made this restriction get put in the game? If you won't give in on this point, then PLEASE let us drag entire BSB/FSB contents from one to the other and not just the amount we can hold in inventory, or is that in place because of some game breaker? If we can't do these things because of PvP, then by the gods, split the code!! (please)
  5. Just thought I'd repost this for the weary masses that are tired of having to deal with the balancing issues of Xanadu. Return to your home servers, there's no need reason to tolerate all of this with a released game you pay a premium for. Sold your deed on your home server and don't want to shell out more cash? Read the original post below. ------------------- I'm looking to recruit a player, or possibly multiple players for a large deed (55 x 77), located on the Deli steppe 36x 40y. My preference would be a returning player essentially wanting free land, and any contribution to upkeep would be appreciated. It's a secondary deed for me at the moment, so I won't be too picky about what you'd like to do with it. There's currently over 800 tiles of flat land that could be used for farming, tons of trees, as well as plenty of space for animals. Good hunting nearby, as it's on the steppe, marble, zinc, copper, iron in the mine. The deed's apart of a small alliance, and some help can be provided, but I'm not looking for anyone I'd have to walk through the fundamentals of the game with. Farmers, or someone who can use the land to help pay the upkeep are a bonus. Upkeep is 8.5s a month, but has a trader to help out, so contributions would be minimal. Please post here or send me a PM if interested.
  6. I just wanted to say thank you to whoever put the move function on meditation rugs it really helps when decorating. It would be nice to have it on everything because it really makes things so much easier. I have been decorating my new house tonight and i can't count the number of times i wish an item had a move function. Even on the things you would not ever think like cauldrons not many people think of them as decoration but they can be quite nice in the right places but dropping them to get them there is a pain for sure. I was thinking the same on the silver statuettes for priests they are another great example of an item that could use the move function. I guess what i am trying to say is just put move on everything, lol
  7. So my pillar is stuck and there is no longer a move option. Checked with a friend and same thing. Is this a ninja update or just a bug? If they can't be moved anymore, then I need to bash mine.
  8. Who is moving now?

    Well now that we have had some time to explore and some have set up deeds who is moving to live on Xanadu full time? I found a good sized island at T10 and have deeded the whole thing so i for sure plan on moving. I am guessing i am also the first to disband a deed because I deeded in another spot and was not happy with it..oh well more money for the game i guess, lol I guess someone needs to start a map or is it too early for that still?
  9. You heard it guys, I will be trying to find a way from Celebration back to Deliverance. I came over to live on Winterfell with Darkmalice/druidnature before my vacation I got back he was nowhere to be found so I left wurm kind of bummed out but I am back this deed does not have long left and I miss my original home the one I know. I will hopefully be checking my old spot to see if anyone is still there or if they have let my houses and all I gave them die off then restake my claim off deed. So once I find a way back to Deli I will personally visit everyone I have not seen in forever!
  10. We should be able to move (push/pull, rotate) ships in construction. We can limit this action to the deed owner and/or ship builder. Why this proposal ? Because I have no idea where the boat is going to spawn when assembling two keel sections. Very annoying when you try to have some organization in your shipyard. I hate having two ships overlaping or half in the sea.
  11. It would be *incredibly* nice to be able to adjust the placement of these decorative items with push/pull/rotate. Dropping and picking up a million times to adjust placement to what you want is impractical at best and impossible at worst.
  12. Realized today with the (awesome) update that flowerpots can't be "moved" (push,pull,rotate). Which very, very, very much disappointed me. I can only think of rugs as something else that we can not tweak placement of with "move" but perhaps there are more I'm forgetting. So I'll start the list with: - Flowerpots - Rugs What else? Please add anything you can think of! Edit 6/20/13 Ok for easy reference I'll try to keep just a basic up-to-date list of all suggestions on the top post (btw great brainstorming, I forgot about many of these big nuisances!) -flowerpots -rugs -altars -guard towers -large anvils -kingdom flags -fences (move if change deed size) -piles
  13. I embarked my cart and wasn't able to move. Knowing this problem for a few days I tried to relog, which normally used to solve it. Not this time though. I log in finding myself behind my cart, not embarked, and not able to move. A great deal of environment textures (landscape) are not loading, right-click menus are not showing options. I even can't call a GM because nothing of what I enter in the chat line is really sent - seems I am isolated in a time loop . I relogged several times, used both clients - but nothing works. What can I do? Edit: After waiting for a couple of minutes (>5) I was able to move again. Still, this is very annoying. (Not sure if it's a client or server bug, though.)