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Found 15 results

  1. Several days I've played, I have had issues with this bug increasing in frequency, to the point of making me want to just log off. The issue stems from trying to move items between containers/inventory (UI windows), and having it stop being selected/picked, or will change to an item that you move the item over instead. It also included making it difficult to manually turn the camera via mouse. I posted in Help about it, and it has helped to have changed the batteries in my mouse, but it was suggested to post about the drag-drop issue in forum anyhow, since several other players mentioned having the problem as well, in varying degrees. If this is hard to understand, I'll try getting pictures to attempt to visually explain or to explain further.
  2. First, Wurm is one of my favourite games. But now I have troubles which makes it unplayable, when I'm streaming the game over steam. When I want to look around, the camera direction make unpredictable big jumps. No matter if I use the left mouse button or the Space bar binding. What I can say is: The further my mouse pointer is away from the center of the window, the bigger these jumps are. Many games set the mouse pointer to the screen center on mouse look and use the delta position of the mouse move to calculate the rotation amount. Maybe this seem not to work here. Anyone have the same issues or even better an idea how to solve this? Many Thx to all of you P.S.: Question posted in steam forum too (which lead me here).
  3. I just got this idea from Retrograde's WurmOnlineOfficial stream, so he should take the credit for it, and probably will. Retro's mouse was moving so fast when he was creating the mushroom planter box on the ground, and his mouse was so silent it actually looked like he was dragging the materials (in this case beams) on to the unfinished planter box (it was like lightning believe me.) I thought wow - what if we could drag materials onto an item we were creating? - we could drag planks onto an unfinished large cart to continue it, drag bricks onto an unfinished house wall to continue building it, drag pegs onto an incomplete knarr to continue adding to it etc etc. You might be thinking well, what's wrong with using the crafting interface (which is lovely btw), or double clicking to activate the material and then right clicking the unfinished item and selecting Continue Item, or pressing a bound key as many do now? I use a laptop touch pad, and I am mindful of what a relief it is that we can just drag items onto bulk containers to fill them - what a great asset and improvement to Quality of Life! - so I would love to be able to drag a stack of mats onto unfinished items to continue them. The action timers would stay in place of course, and you could only queue the same amount of actions/mats, but the amount of wear on mouse or touch pad is bound to improve. I also think it would be quite satisfying to physically 'put' the materials down onto the item being constructed (yeh, weird I know). I think the only downside would be mis-clicking and accidentally completing your knarr in the wrong peg wood type, but that isn't likely to happen is it? ...often? Just an idea.
  4. Hello What is test option when as implementator right click on ground and i have test option and: "Create an a armour set...." But when i want studded and click send nothing happens. P.S To close . I now have this link
  5. So I've run into a bit of an annoying bug that forces me to look right any time I try to change the direction the camera is facing with anything besides the arrow keys. If I try to left click with the mouse and move the camera that way, the camera rapidly spins to the right until I stop moving the mouse, almost as if the camera is always receiving a "look right" order in addition to whatever else the mouse is telling it to do. It also does this when I lock the camera to the crosshairs by pressing spacebar. I will mention that I recently upgraded my computer, so I've installed, and have started using, the 64bit version of java (was using the 32bit before the bug) and I've also installed the 64bit version of Windows 10 home. The bug started as soon as I installed and started Wurm on the new system, so I'd assume it would have something to do with that, but I've no clue what. I've already tried changing java version to the 32bit and back, with no change. I would assume that windows wouldn't cause issues since java should run largely independent of the OS I would think. I've lowered all the settings I raised as well, to see if they would help, to no avail. So I'm at a loss as to what to try next. Edit: DxDiag dump in spoiler
  6. My mouselook (not freelook mode) is working way to fast. It started off fine, and within a few seconds it ramped up speed to the point that even holding the mouse button down while standing still will cause me to spin looking either at the sky or the ground. I tried restarting wurm without any relief. I am not using a custom mouse driver or any mouse software. It was working fine yesterday.
  7. One for the archive. Upon upgrading Windows 7 (this didn't occur on a fresh install), the mouse control within Wurm Online acts like its DPI is set to infinity. impossible to use. The resolve follows a familiar logic but the interface has changed. Get to the mouse settings page as pictured. (through start > settings > advanced mouse options) Drop pointer speed to nothing and turn on acceleration (pointer precision) Feel free to tinker but i had to drop it to nothing before any form of logic worked. thank you
  8. Hello there I am having a problem with the client when I try to go to login I can not use my mouse in the window of said login area. My mouse just pushes the top left corner of the window to wherever it goes. PC Specs: -AMD FX 8320 8-core (3.5ghz) -12 gb ram (I don't beleive they are all going towards java) -Windows 8.1 -AMD radeon 5450 -1 tb hdd If you can help that would be nice otherwise just please don't post.
  9. When we interact with items we usually right-click them and select an action to be performed. For frequently performed common actions this is not very user-friendly, so why not define a "default action" for an item and let us just double-click the item to invoke this action (instead of just examining it)? For example, the default action for a ladder (when you are standing at the lower end) would be "Climb Up", while you would probably want to "Open" a closed chest when you double-click it: ...
  10. Ok I know this was probably suggested before but a search didn't bring up any results... When you get over 20 repairing (or other lvl the devs see fit), you are able to see the DMG of items and structures by hovering the mouse over it, like: Oven DMG: 0.0 Yeah, I know we can do that by a simple "Examine", but if we follow this way of thinking, we can also examine or double-click to see the slope of a tile but at 15 digging skill the slope is shown by hovering the mouse.
  11. My wife and I have been experiencing a very annoying glitch with the mouse movement. We are on Windows 8.1 with the latest Java version and video drives, so that's not the issue. What happens is when using the mouse movement to turn ourselves, we can all of a sudden be looking at our feet or the sky. While moving on autorun, this can get you hurt or killed.
  12. Just got a Logitech G700 and was looking for someone who can help guide me through setting up the keybinds. I've gotten it to map to a few of the buttons but having trouble with the others.
  13. Issue: When moving around and adjusting the view with left mouse click and drag, occasionally the view will shoot straight up to the sky or straight down to the ground without the mouse being moved in that direction. Steps to reproduce: Look slightly above the ground so that your mouse does not highlight any tiles. Left click while moving the mouse from side to side. Duration of left mouse down should be <100ms I think. Clicks should be ~250ms apart or so. Within 10-20 clicks, the screen view will jump. This happens whether or not tiles are highlighted, but it is easier to reproduce for me if I do it while looking above the tiles. This is very distracting and disorienting when traveling. Please advise if I can provide any additional information that could help address this issue. Thanks, Loqi
  14. Granted I have little idea how the new abilities are triggered, assuming menu actions, and for that matter this can be used for something else entirely. It occurred to me while reading the Witcher saga that mouse movement could be used to simulate gestures, signs, drawing runes in the air, etc For example, mousing three vertical lines with a diagonal slash.
  15. Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple (up to 15) computers on your desk, and it's Free and Open Source. Just move your mouse off the edge of one computer's screen on to another. You can even share all of your clipboards. All you need is a network connection. Synergy is cross-platform (works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). Everything works fine; the mouse moves from screen to screen, clipboard transfers and keyboard movement all work. Problem I am having is when using the mouse look, it is extreemly fast and direction is not up and down left to right, it's more up = up-left, down = down-right... Wurm is the only program that I have found this issue in.