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Found 13 results

  1. This has happened several times today. I am leading a foal and use the same halter rope to lead my horse. As soon as I mount my horse the foal immediately becomes un-led: [07:12:34] You start leading the young Clipraid. [07:12:53] You start leading the venerable fat Bouncerwar. [07:12:55] You mount on the venerable fat Bouncerwar as the driver. [07:12:55] You stop leading the young Clipraid. [07:12:55] You stop leading the venerable fat Bouncerwar.
  2. [15:48:09] You mount on the aged unicorn as the . seems that the word 'driver' is missing from this line of text. I tamed a unicorn with a tame rune and then mounted it for journal goal. My curse filter is off so this isn't one of those, thankfully.
  3. DrakeMountMod Allows breedable, rideable, tameable Drakes to be enabled in Wurm. Many Drake settings can be customized to fit your needs. Detailed instructions on the configuration settings can be found in the file. Example properties file can be found HERE List of item ID's for Items_Butchered can be found HERE List of Creature Types can be found HERE List of Armor Types can be found HERE Unzip the archive into the mods folder. No additional mods required on server or client side! Make sure you have a current version of the mod loader.
  4. Hi I have a treat for you guys! Here is a YouTube video of a man that befriends a real life brown bear and acutally rides the bear. The mount happens toward the end of the video, feel free to skip ahead: Starts at the 3:33 second mark.
  5. Something that popped into my head the other day was how cool it would be for the game to introduce "Spirit Steeds" for deed owners. They could have the same rendering as the Spirit Templar (I tried to mimic this in Photoshop to give some idea) The purpose of Spirit Steeds: To ease the life of a deed owner to move around on their deed by having a horse that is at their beck and call at any time without having to fetch it from a stable, without worrying about it wandering off etc. I find that half the time I can't be bothered to use my saddled horses because it's own chore to go get them (I have a very big deed) To give a perk to people who invest in having a deed As a status symbol for deed owners, especially if they have villagers on their deed Aids in fighting mobs alongside spirit templars, however is much weaker and does not give a significant contribution to damage as not to negate the purpose of hiring spirit templars Suggested functionality of Spirit Steeds: Like the spirit templars, spirit steeds roam around the deed. To use the steed, be located anywhere on your deed tiles and give the command "/whistle". The steed will gallop to you quickly from which ever place it was roaming around at (Funner to have it run over instead of instantly poofing, just to give a cooler sense of immersion) The steed will stand next to you for up to one minute, after which it will wander off again if you do not interact with it To interact with it, right click and choose "Ride". You can ride around your deed like you would a normal high speed horse, even if you don't have enough body control. As long as you are owner of the deed, you can ride it The spirit steed does not use a bridle or saddle. It cannot be kept "in place" with a saddle, however it can be "led" without the need of a rope. Simply right click and "lead" to keep it with you while on foot When led, the steed will not follow you outside the boundaries of the deed and you will lose lead once you cross that threshold Once dismounting or un-leading, the spirit steed will stand in place for 1 minute, after which it will run off again You can only have 1 steed per deed, however this steed will progress as your deed progresses The spirit steed will give off the occasional ghostly neigh in the distance Conditions for getting a Spirit Steed: Spirit steeds are not bought or hired like Spirit templars, instead they are "gifted" to deeds that are older than X amount of months/years (perhaps for when a deed turns 1 year old?) The idea is to encourage players to keep deeds going From that point on, the older the deed, the faster the Spirit steed gets - but of course keeping to a reasonable speed that does not become unmanageable Inspiration source: Once again, Ultima Online was partly the inspiration for this. In UO you could get transparent Ethereal horses as veteran rewards: They were super handy!
  6. Title says it=) Would be really great being able to have 2 backpacks on the mount, extremely usefull for hunting trips. If considered OP, could be limited to certain items.
  7. I'm so pissed off at this game I'm ready to quit. I can't see any situation ever in a game or in real life why you are given the ability to attack your horse/mount while riding it. I finally breed me a 5 speed horse and I spend a few days getting/selling mats to get silver to buy some high QL shoes and saddle from vendor up the road. I get those and I'm doing great and run very far away from my deed and start fighting mobs for a few hours and having a blast. Then 6 hours later I'm starting to make my way home and there is a wolf in my way, so I decide lets kill him for maybe a pelt and then be on my way. It seems I wasn't paying attention or didn't click on the wolf enough times to select him but I click the 2nd icon on the action bar which is attack and quickly figure out I'm attacking my horse with my large maul. I quickly get off my horse, but my bags are too full to move away from him while getting hit by a wolf. I drop everything, start running away from my horse, but then while it looks like I'm pretty far away I see a death blow from my maul hit my horse. I'm like WTF. This all happened in seconds and I didn't have enough time in a panic to figure out how to do this. Then I just stare at the wolf like, wtf just happened. So now my 5 speed horse that took a month to breed is dead. I'm stuck out in the middle of "I have no clue where" (which isn't so bad with a 5 speed horse) and mobs every where that can kill me. So now I feel like I'm in a Quit The Game mode, because now I have to empty my bags, figure out where I am (good luck with that) and try to make it home. I shouldn't be in this situation. Again....what sense does it make to have ability to start fighting the mount your riding on. Why is that even an option? I couldn't sleep at all last night because I've put so much time and it's kind of my when I get home routine my mind couldn't accept the fact I want to quit and lost somewhere in this virtual world, but feel psychologically connected. I don't think I'll log in again, because I don't know how I'm going to get back to my deed and don't want to put hours into figuring this out when I feel this should have never ever happened. I know people will say I should have paid attention and you should have done this or that, but if you're cool with that game mechanic then good for you. I don't want to suicide because I have some rare silver I got from fighting and a bunch of high end tools on me I'm not wanting to loose. I'm at a loss and probably the end of the road for me with Wurm.
  8. hey guys, we're loving the new interior furniture, now we need to get some wall decorations! Some suggestions we came up with: Hunting Trophies - using corpse from champ animals/unique's, create a head mount for your best kills! (could also make full sized taxidermy trophy of things too.... new skill?) Shelves - show trinkets like bottles, couple books, maybe a skull or something (decoration only) Sconces - just something like branched lighting fixtures that are different than the standard lamps Wall Art - Paintings, Tapestries that don't wave... something like that. Just a few random ideas to flesh out the interior of the house a little more. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!
  9. As the title says, a Mag Priest dominated scorpion mount will not enter a bridge.
  10. So, most of us are familiar with a sight like this: Mounted on a cart, that is. For some of us, that's a pretty large portion of our playtime depending on what we are doing and whether or not it involves travel. For people who don't have use of both hands, that can be a bit trying at times. What I'd like to suggest is a 'snap-to' camera option where the camera would automatically follow the direction the cart is facing. It can't possibly be that hard to do, as a 'follow camera' option is pretty standard in most games. For myself personally, I have nerve damage in one hand that makes it trying on the best of days to travel by cart for any extended period. And even the days when my hand isn't acting up, I usually have an infant in the other hand, which makes my play time increasingly 'deed-bound' and unable to leave for other than very short periods of time. Which, being the explorer and adventurer type, makes it not so fun at times. So... that's it. Please consider helping people who don't have full use of both of their hands the ability to enjoy the game better by programming simple (and what should be standard) camera options. Even folks with arthritis would GREATLY appreciate something like this, I'm sure. Many thanks for your time and consideration.
  11. I am here to suggest that double backing be implemented into the game for horses. Two characters would be able to be on one horse at the same time, the same as carts the second person would right click the horse that is being ridden and select "mount as passenger". The horse would be slowed down by carrying two people and would tire faster. The passenger would NOT be able to control the horse, but they can feed the horse so it keeps up its speed. Also would there be another item needed to allow this? If there is anything you would like to add/change about the idea just put it in the comments, thankyou.
  12. It would be nice to have a new small dragon that anyone can hunt. I understand that there should be no drops on them as far as hides and i am fine with that but a lot of players want to interact with dragons. We want to tame them and be able to breed them. We could even breed them to fight like we rise one with the good fighting traits and have arena fights with them. There is all kinds of things you could do with them like allow them to wear barding for the fights, allow them to be breed to ride as a mount anything is possible. Could you imagine a groups of players coming at you on an armored dragon in PvP or anywhere for that matter...sounds like a lot of fun to me.
  13. Pristines Fluffiest Sparkling 5Speeder Buy one, and you get a lucky 4Speeder for free! Sparkling horses + Unicorns + Hellhorses bred with heart and magic by Pristines Fluffiest Fairy! Free Delivery! Voila my loved ones: HORSES We now have 5Speed-Unicorns(sly, fierce, angry, normal ones) and Hellhorses for sale! 4s each! Me and my horses live at Harvest Moon (x8/9 y13), thats at the romantic Black Lake at the north-western side of the southern desert aka The Wastelands. For more information and questions pls /pm Celeia ingame! Fluffiest, your fairy