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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all I would love (and i am sure many other would love) to be a part of any and all possible slaying of unique creatures! These slaying events have always been my favorite part of the game where everyone gathers together hacking and slashing away at these ungodly fiends and would like to be considered for any future public slaying events please. The point of this forum post is to start a specific tab where public slaying events can be posted so everyone that can handle it or want to join the crowd can easily find the location and times of events. Thank you in advance and good luck all!
  2. There are quite a few things in Wurm that you cant craft (for good reasons, with some). This mod allows for quite a few more items to be crafted. Uses Ago's Server Mod Loader Initial Release: The item id for each item can me modified within the properties. All items can be improved. All items can be dropped. All items crafting difficulty can be modified within the properties. If an item had a special ability, (e.g. Royal Crowns). The custom craftable counterpart included in this mod has had it removed. Each category of item can be disabled/enabled within the properties. Craftable items include: Staff of The Land (Weapon Smithing (Staff Steel + Steel Lump)). Highly configurable, default combat damage is same as Hammer of Magranon. Most Masks: Mask of The Challenger (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump)) Mask of The Returner (Leather Working) Mask of The Enlightened (Leather Working) Mask of The Ravager (Leather Working) Mask of The Shadow (Leather Working) Didn't include pottery ones as there behavior to create is somewhat tricky (will add at a later time) Horned Helmet of Gold (Plate Armour Smithing (Large Anvil+Steel Lump)) Plumed Helm of The Hunt (Plate Armour Smithing (Large Anvil+Steel Lump)) Gold Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Gold Lump(6.4kg))) Silver Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump(6.4kg))) Bronze Challenge Statue (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Bronze Lump(6.4kg))) Marble Challenge Statue (Stone Cutting (Stone Chisel + Marble Shard(20kg))) Jenn-Kellon Crown (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Gold Lump(1.5kg))) Mol-Rehan Circlet (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Silver Lump(1.5kg))) Horde of The Summoned Cage Crown (Jewelry Smithing (Large anvil + Steel Lump(1.5kg))) Version 0.3 Version 0.4 Version 0.5 Download/Source
  3. For the love of Magranon, please. Let us lead animals through house walls like we can through fences. The amount of trouble arising from the way it works right now is ridiculous. Examples: - Lead a horse through a bunch of houses going somewhere, arrive at your destination, realise horse got stuck, go back and search for it, fun times. - Lead a horse inside a deed mine, it gets bugged and stays above ground, then gets stuck in a random wall in an unpredictable spot, good luck finding it again. This is so damn common I cannot believe it is still in game years later. It still happens to me at least once every week, sometimes multiple times a day, even with deeds specifically built to avoid that! Why does this even work this way!? Do you hope it would stop horses from getting stuck in other peoples houses? Well guess what, that can happen anyway! Is it to prevent people from dragging all sorts of aggressive animals inside other peoples houses? How about sort that out properly instead! Perhaps check that you can only stop leading through gates/doors you got permissions for, which might be in already afaik! I know I'm not the only one with this problem! SUGGESTION: House walls no longer stop you from leading horses. Phew, that's out of my system now. Still fix plz.
  4. Short Sword Bracelet 2s [22:37:54] This bracelet has the symbol of a short sword engraved. It is very stable and has much energy left. 50ql Dark Ring 2s [22:39:24] A dark ring that blends unnaturally well into any shadows. 75ql Bracelet of inspiration 3s [20:15:33] The aura around this bracelet emits enhancing magic. It is very stable and has much energy left. Ring of the Eye 2s [22:41:35] The gem on this ring looks like an eye, signalling some sort of magical detection. It is very stable and has much energy left. 50ql Soul Stealer Necklace 4s [22:42:12] A heavy necklace carrying a white pendant representing Seris. 75ql Left and right normal sholder pad, Iron 4s This price is for both I have another Item i need to add to this i just cant remember which one it is. message me here or pm me in game EvaDaly
  5. Think BIG

    I am hoping for something insane. Where someone could collaborate and not only make new items like wall decor, shop decor. But bigger like mining carts with tracks. And an entire expansion that allows you to build up to different eras of items and like a miners cart or steam powered machines. Of course keeping it realistic and immersive like the wonderful game of wurm is but there is so much more potential it has I o my wish I knew how to make a mod like this. Sadly I have no coding skill and must rely on the kind heartedness of someone else. Please if someone has already done or is will to do I will love to see this come to life
  6. I am looking for a few rare items ql and enchants are not important... leggat(oak), range pole(oak) pliers satchel steel and flint?? (i guess these can be made rare) (bought) 4x rope If you have any of these and want to sell them send me a forum pm
  7. i will send it from xanado: Rare Carving Knife 72ql,no enchants - 5s medium axe 45ql 63coc - 20c rake 39ql 90coc - 70c Steel pickaxe 1ql 55coc - 25c oak mallet 89ql 69woa - 50c horse shoe 74ql 73woa - 40c horse shoe 74ql 66woa - 30c horse shoe 71ql 67woa - 30c horse shoe 72ql 67woa - 30c
  8. 25ql - rare fruit press, oak - 3s 5ql - rare grindstone - 2s Note: don't forget to leave the name you want your item cod to Sold Items: 10ql - rare awl, iron - 7s 28ql - rare fruit press, oak - 3s 11ql - rare rake, iron - 7s 99ql - yule goat, straw - 1s (8 of 8 left) *last time i will list these i will just keep them i guess if they don't sell* 38ql - rare leather knife, iron - 7s 30ql - rare awl, iron - 7s
  9. 70ql - rare shovel, iron (74woa) - 8s 64ql - rare shovel, iron - 7s 25ql - rare fruit press, oak - 4s 99ql - yule goats - 2s each or 2 for 3s (10 of 10 left) Sold Items: 60ql - rare longsword, iron -6s 91ql - rare pickaxe, iron (91woa, 92coc) -12s 21ql - rare butchering knife - 6s
  10. currently there is the options to show 2 digits 3 and 4, after that only the show all option which goes to 7 digits. so why not add it so we can set it for 5 and 6 digits too. it would help when your skill isnt high enough to use the "all" option
  11. (Close)

    Close please, thanks!
  12. Closed

    I have a few things i am wanting to sell.. 9x - Yellow potions = 30c each 80ql - Rare Longsword = 7s (can not be mailed) 55ql - Rare Metal brush = 3s 4x - Horse shoes = 2s set 2x - Sleeping powder = 1s each 39ql - Butchering knife - 2s 100x - 50ql Iron lamps -10s (there are like 7 low ql ones but most are 50ql) COD or pick up at 33x 15y Huntington Castle, Pristine
  13. Hello things for sale: Rare Picaxe 80ql no casts - 10s (send by COD or pickup) Studded Set 82ql - 3,5s (only pickup) Rare Needle 83woa 84coc 80ql+ - open for offerts (Cod or pickup) Merchant Contract - 8s (pickup) Snow Latern - 1s (Cod or pickup) Lump Seryll 1kg 80ql - open for offerts (cod or pickup) Saddle 90,5ql no casts - open for offerts (cod or pickup) Large Anvil 50kg now its 30ql+ but can imp to 80ql+ if you want - open for offerts (pickup) Plate Sabaton, seryll 30ql - open for offerts (cod or pickup) Deed 23x23 with guard tower, coast of west Deliverance (PM for more info and pictures) 2x Rare Cloth Glove 50ql - 75c each (cod or pickup) Picaxe 48,5ql 87coc - 1s 20c (cod or pickup 11 source crystals ( 4 weight 0,03 and 7 weight 0,01) - open for offerts 45 small rafts - 8c/ea (pickup) Rare cloth glove 50ql - 65c (cod or pickup) rare studded sleeve - 2,5s - (cod or pickup) If you have any questions PM me
  14. Selling the Items below! My times on will be beneath this and forum PM's are OK! Catch me Ingame around 4PM (PST) To 10PM PST, or the general 9PM to 3AM for those in the UK, Monday-friday. Or anytime during the weekend! If you don't catch me just send me a forum PM, it wont hurt you anymore than losing out on these sales will! Work in Progress: Floorboards and Beams are on hold till farther notice. VEGGIES & GRAIN 1s/1k Some veggies are less Qnty. working to restock for more also. (SOLD: Corn x1000, Garlic x700) TOOLS & WEAPONS (SOLD: Trowel) Bows: 50c/each Tools: 1.5s (-10c I pay shipping if shippable) MISC & OTHER (SOLD: Thorn x2, Grapes x71) 10c/25sprouts! Resurrection Stone 2.25s! SOLD RARES (SOLD: PLANK, LARGENAIL) Some items are unknown in price to the seller and may/will/can be subject to price questioning and advice seeking, if or when then happens do not feel judged or mistrusted it is only to make the sale easier and not to oversell the item(s) in question. Mey-mart is not responsible for any damages before or after purchases and/or from the cause of enchanting. Thanks, Meyfei CEO & Owner of Mey-martâ„¢.
  15. Turiel & Tekari's Little Shop of This & That is closed. All our merchandise is now on Merchant Anagrom in Puzzle Plaza Market or can be bought from us directly. Just ask via PM ingame and we'll be glad to help you out if we can. We are situated in Anagrom Ataf, Deliverance.