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Found 9 results

  1. New Artwork! Flying Phteradactyl (Black) colored penci on 9x12 paper, 12.25.2021
  2. New Artwork! Dragon Horse, colored pencil on 9x12 paper (12.22.2021-12.23.2021)
  3. Hydra (12.20.2021 - 12.22.2021)Pencil and ink on 9x12 paper
  4. Can we have the most feared monster of medieval times come along to wurm. It could also be another monster that allows the collection of Cochineal. That and also could create a shield out of the shell. It could also award a humourous title when you slay one of them. If you want to make them more dangerous, you could give them slime power which makes the attacker lose some focus or hit rate and also make them more rare then other monsters.
  5. Had a nostalgic attack and played some old Dungeon Keeper II, and got to looking at the possession spell for taking control of individual minions. Something similar in Wurm could be an enchant or personally better yet as a sorcery ability, perhaps even replacing one of the more "worthless" ones. Or an artifact ability, anything is possible. As the name implies, possession allows you to take over the target monster like its your own character. Your character remains where you cast the ability, vulnerable to attacks and etc. High difficulty to begin with, and it scales higher based on the target critter's combat rating. You are limited to what that particular creature is capable of to begin with on its own. You can remove yourself from the creature at any time, limited by the usual logout rules. EDIT: ie no leaving while in a fight. The creature dying while you are possessing causes a backlash, which permanently removes some of your mind speed and/or logic. The exact amount could correlate to the possessed creature's Combat rating.
  6. So, yeah, I don't have anything to add at this point in time.
  7. Title. Traps on mobs would be neat, though its easy to see how some would kill all kinds of powerful mobs by planting tons of traps. A mob could get a trap immunity after triggering one?
  8. My idea in this post is simply to allow for different elemental types on monsters, we can have lava spiders, but why not frost trolls, or maybe a scorching bear, maybe a flood Scorpius? I haven't thought of a catchy name for any existing creatures in game to have with rock but that should still be a possibility.
  9. When a person who is following the path of insanity is mining, there could be a small chance that a freakish monster spawns behind him to startle him when he or she turns around. After seeing this the player could automatically play a "scream" emote and the monster could then disappear.