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Found 7 results

  1. Warning : Does not work properly. Upon restart of the server, It seems to have a problem loading the enchanted boats and anyone trying to re log near them can not move. Even with the mod disabled. Potentially no longer true as for version 0.02 of this mod (but only tested by me...) see below Albibak's voodoo factory almost proudly present Spirit Crew Mod ! My first attempt at modding Wurm and also at coding for almost 10 years. It's a shameless rip off BagOfHolding by Ago and was more a learning session than a project but I figure people playing solo or in small groups could use a way to make big ships faster move. The mod add a spell called spiritcrew to priests of the 4 deities. This spell can be cast on boats to add a virtual crew ( it works like rare boats shadow passengers but is more powerful). It should add a virtual crew member for every then point of power of the enchant.(I ll probably change that later but I dont get the mechanics of power yet). The enchant should be permanent and can only be replaced by a better one. Code-wise, I override calculateNewBoatSpeed from Vehicle which is unfortunately called in Creature.sendData so it is not super clean. And it wont get better as I intend to add a spiritwind spell as well. The enchant use the id of "Opulence" so it will be incompatible with any mod that allows to eat boats. You need Ago's Server Mod Loader to run this mod. Download : SpiritCrew on GitHub (modified to v0.02 woohoo) Installation : Download the Extract in mods folder Edit (formerly by Ago) Start server Use in game : Be a priest of any god Equip the statue of your god Right-click boat Select "Spells/SpiritCrew" Succeed or Fail Hope you like it. Albibak PS: Wurmpedia is wrong ql of the ship does have an effect on speed but it is irrelevant compared to the effect of passengers. V0.02 Switched from Opulence's ID to Courier's as a temporary solution to server restart problem. Changed speed formula so that bigger ships can be fully loaded with spirit crew at high power range while keeping it easy to max out smaller ships. Temporarily renounced to the idea of spiritwind because of the aforementioned problem. Pondered about the idea that a ship with both BagOfHolding and SpiritCrew may be overpowered and concluded that it was the point in the first place. Released the monster and went to bed.
  2. Hi everyone. In an attempt to not "spam" these forums since I keep making more and more server mods, I am going to condense them all into one thread like the other smart modders out there like Ago, Bdew and WalkerInTheVoid. You can download them all individually or simply browse the repositories where I'm storing all of them: Here's some details about everything you'll find in there: Sindusk Library Download (GitHub) This mod is very specifically a library built to support the rest of my mods. It has other functionality that other modders may find useful as well as features allowing double-checking whether or not a feature is broken in one of my mods due to another mod conflict or Wurm Unlimited update. While required required for a good deal of my mods, the library itself being installed does not affect the server or gameplay at all. The library is installed just like any other mod on your server. Armoury Mod Thread - Download (GitHub) While primarily consisting of bug fixes and minor tweaks, this should give server owners the control over weapons and armour that has been desperately missing from our modding community for some time. Requirements Sindusk Library Primary Features Change Weapon Swing Timer - Ever get sick of being capped to 3 seconds per swing minimum? Think it's too fast? Now you have the power to change that. Allow knives to hit every second, or once every 10 seconds. Enable Non-Player Crits - Crits are fun. Why limit them to PvP? Let yourself feel stronger by allowing yourself to critically strike the animals and monsters of the world. Be careful though, if you do this, they can critically hit you back! Rare Swing Timer Reduction - Rare weaponry is exceptionally useless by default, offering a pitiful crit chance increase. Well without this mod, you can't crit NPC's anyway. Beyond that, the crit increase is still bad. So I've fixed that! Now you can allow rare, supreme, and fantastic weaponry to actually reduce the swing timer of the weapons. That supreme huge axe you made specifically for that unique slaying now actually does something special! The amount they reduce swings by is configurable, and defaults to 0.2 seconds per rarity level. Bug Fixes Armour Limit Buff Bug - Go into your server. Equip a full set of plate. Take all the plate off. Look at your buff bar. This fixes that. Armour Limit Spell Effect Bug - Similar to the above, spell effects always show as "Bonus" instead of "Penalty" in the Spell Effects, even when the value is negative. This fixes that. Saved Swing Timer Removal - Ever shield bash, then immediately get two hits off in succession? That's because the swing timer is actually still ticking when the shield bash action is ticking. This removes that interaction, and others, by reducing the swing timer back to 0 as soon as you land a hit, ensuring that you don't cheese the system with free hits for no reason. This option is configurable for those who feel this maneuver is skillful and not a bug. Configurable Weapon & Armour Settings Armour Reduction Values - Edit the damage reduction values on all types of armour, from cloth to dragonscale. Want dragonscale to be better than glimmersteel plate? This allows you to do that. On the topic of moon metals, damage modifiers from moon metal on plate gear (and others, if applicable) is also modifiable here. Armour Limit Factor Values - Sick of having that -30% penalty to spellcasting while wearing plate? This allows you to edit those values for all types of armour. Remove the penalty entirely, or make it worse. The choice is yours. Armour Movement Rate Values - Edit individual pieces of armour and adjust their movement penalties. For example, I like to reduce the penalty on plate breast plates and leggings from 9% to 8%. This mod allows me to do that. Custom Weapon Values - Edit weapons and tune them to exactly how you want them. Values to modify: Base damage, swing speed, crit chance, reach, weight group (useless value I think?), parry percent, and skill penalty. This makes a great deal possible: Remove the skill penalty from sickles to bring them in line with other weaponry. Buff the damage of knives so they're viable weapons in combat. Nerf the parry rates on swords to bring them more in line with other weaponry. Allow previously incapable weapons to crit, such as small axes or legs (for when you get that kick inbetween theirs). Included .properties file, including a write-out of all default weapon stats for reference: Spellcraft Mod Thread - Download (GitHub) One of the hardest and most complicated mods I've ever made, now fully realized and completely customizable. Requirements Sindusk Library Primary Features Change Maximum Faith - Change faith to be lower than 100 or up into the thousands. This functions properly and breaks no systems in the game. Scaled Prayer Gains - Changes the formula for how prayers are calculated to match the maximum faith set above. Priest Faith Requirement Change - Allow players to become priests at 10 faith. Or 1 faith. Now you can let those spells with faith requirements less than 30 actually mean something. New Favor Regeneration - Now operates 10 times faster. Literally. You gain 1/10th of the previous favor per tick, but it ticks 1 time per second instead of once per 10 seconds. Also wonderful to use with the new maximum faith gains to ensure you don't get spikes of 20+ when below 1 favor (due to how the calculation works). Show Creature Spell Effects - Pretty simple, just shows spell effects on creatures like enchants on items. [23:45:43] Horses like this one have many uses. [23:45:43] He is very well defined. [23:45:43] This creature could use some grooming. [23:45:43] Frantic charge has been cast on it, so it has greater speed. [50] New Damage Modifier - It's really hard to explain why this is here to someone who doesn't code, but basically due to one of my custom spells I had to include it. You can find out more information about how this works here, under the "Damage Modifier" section. I highly recommend it. Improved Enchant Grouping - Improves enchant grouping to be more efficient. This feature allows more detailed explanations as to why certain enchants do not stack. [21:01:38] The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. [21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. Enchant Group Customization (New) - Allows you to edit the enchant groupings. You can now edit whether WoA clashes with BotD, or if Flaming Aura should be cast with Frostbrand. You can now have a fire and ice sword that makes no sense! Statuette Spellcasting Tweaks - Gives the option of statuette QL and rarity affecting the power of spellcasts. Now your shiny statuette is more than a decoration, and instead a useful tool in your arsenal! Rite Changes This gives a lot more control over the deity favor requirements for the Rites that exist in the game. Many of the rites require an MMO amount of prayers which is generally unreasonable for the lower population Wurm Unlimited servers. This also adds custom tweaks to some rites that don't really operate up to the standards I hold them. With many people running Crop Mod, making fields never wither, there is now an option to allow Holy Crop to do a "Mass Genesis" cast, removing a random trait for all bred animals on the map. Rite of Spring now has a customizable cap for the amount of players required in the vicinity. On older, more heavily populated but less dense servers, this should make casting the spell more reasonable. New Spells I have designed and implemented several new custom spells. I may expand on this concept and add more in the future. All spells have completely configurable settings: cast time, favor cost, difficulty, faith requirement, and cooldown. Harden - Enchant able to be cast on most items. It reduces damage taken by the item by up to 30% at 100 power. Phasing - Enchant able to be cast on weapons. It increases the difficulty of blocking attacks with the enchanted weapon. Configurable for how much the difficulty will increase. Summon Soul - Summons a player to the position of the caster. Has a window appear much like Locate Soul for the caster to type the target name into. After that, the target gets a window asking if they want to accept. Upon accepting, the target is teleported to the position of the caster. This spell is quite un-refined and will work to summon enemies to you, if they choose to hit accept. Expand (New) - Enchant able to be cast on containers. Increases the capacity of the enchanted container. Efficiency (New) - Enchant able to be cast on most items. Reduces the difficulty of skill checks with the enchanted item. Quarry (New) - Enchant able to be cast on pickaxes. Increases the chance to successfully surface mine. Default Spell Modifications Edit Spell Variables - You can edit all of the settings for existing spells in the game through the properties file. Change the cast time of Strongwall. Change the cost of Genesis. Change the difficulty of Light of Fo. With Spellcraft, you have full control over the base spells in the game. Add and remove spells from deities - You can now add and remove spells from any, or all, deities in the game. Remove the god demise spells from all the deities since they don't work. Add Willowspine to Libila. Give Rebirth to Magranon. The choice is yours, and the control is now in your hands. Support for player gods - The system also supports player deities. You can add and remove spells from player deities in the same way you remove them from non-player deities. Fine-tune that player deity that didn't quite get a good spell list. Included .properties file: DiscordRelay (Original by whisper2shades) Mod Thread - Download (GitHub) Primary Features Relay Kingdom Chat - GL-Freedom, Freedom, GL-HOTS, whatever kingdom chats are in use. They can now be relayed seamlessly to and from Discord. Relay Trade Chat - Relays Trade chat to and from your Discord server. Type messages into #trade without that pesky "WTS/WTT/WTB/PC" prefix that's usually required! Relay Unique Rumors - When a new unique spawns, it's hard to know unless you were online. This fixes that, keeping a log of all spawns directly on your Discord server, along with the map they spawned on! Bot Setup Properties File - The properties file has a link and visual image that will assist you with setup. It will link you to the page where you would create the bot and show you where to obtain the bot token when the bot is properly configured. Mod Integration The sendToDiscord() method - By listing DiscordRelay as a dependency for your mod, you're able to call the sendToDiscord() method with 3 simple arguments: String channel (discord channel to send to), String message (the content to send in the message), and boolean includeMap (whether to append the map name to the message). This will allow modders interested in broadcasting their custom mod details to Discord the ability to do so seamlessly, assuming this mod is installed. If you're curious about how well it functions, I encourage you to join the Revenant Discord at the following link to see it in action: Even if you do not intend to play there, you'll see all the in-game channels laid out in a way that will demonstrate the power and utility that this mod provides. Included .properties file: Treasure Hunting (Original by Ulviirala) Mod Thread - Download (GitHub) Requirements Sindusk Library (v1.0 or higher) Primary Features Written explanation coming soon... In the meantime, please check out the original mod thread for more details about this mod. Better Combat Log (Outdated!) Outdated Note: While this mod is currently outdated and no longer functional since the introduction of multicolor line sequences, I'd like to revisit it and make it functional again in the future, on top of making it better. Old Information: Libila Fixes (Depreciated - Merged to ServerTweaks) Server Player Counter Download This mod is meant to "correct" player count in the client Server List when launching the game. Because of some weird mechanics of how Steam counts players, the count on the server list can very commonly become incorrect. This solves the following problems: Invisible/Offline Steam users not counting towards the server list. Players on other maps in your cluster not counting towards the server list. Players who lose connection and become de-auth'd from Steam, despite reconnecting, not counting towards the server list. Alt accounts of players do not show on the server list. Server Tweaks Download (GitHub) Requirements Sindusk Library (1.0 or higher) Primary Features Quality of Life Bugfixes - Automatically put new players in CA HELP. Naturally spawn uniques as a developer. Fix moon metal veins being capped to 50. There is a suite of bugfixes and QoL updates to utilize! Useful Gameplay Tweaks - Disable sermons or the fatigue system. Tax inactive player deeds. Allow GM's to create enchants up to 999 on items as special rewards. So many useful tweaks you probably wont even use them all. Fully Enable/Disable Ready - Don't like what you see here except one thing? That's fine! Simply disable absolutely everything else in the mod through the configurations and use only what you want. With everything disabled, this mod runs no code on your server and changes nothing. There's nothing but pure benefit from installing! If something breaks, disable it! Here is a list of all the settings you can adjust: v2 - 11/23/2016 New Settings Disable Sermons - Sermons are disabled from the server. Disable Fatigue - Fatigue is disable from the server. Dev Commands - New commands for CM+ and DEV characters. Dev Commands ##event (message) - CM and above. Creates a message in the Srv-Event channel. This is visible to the whole server, but can only be posted in by CM's and above. Meant for running events. ##unique - DEV-ONLY. Does a natural unique spawn attempt. It checks each unique and gives a 1/300 chance (if default) of it spawning. Spamming this will eventually spawn a natural unique. ##kingme - DEV-ONLY. Makes you king of your current kingdom. Only works if there is not a current king. v3 - 3/29/2018 Now requires Sindusk Library. If you had a configuration file, you will need to go through and make identical changes in the new one. Sorry for the inconvenience. Heavily re-written backend to split into dev commands, bug fixes, and gameplay tweaks. Mod Merge: Libila Fixes. All of Libila Fixes changes have been rolled into 3 options for ServerTweaks: fixFreedomMycelium, enableFreedomLibila, enableFreedomDarkMessenger. Mod Merge: SkillGainControl. The characteristicDivider option from SkillGainControl is now available in ServerTweaks as characteristicDivisor. Mod Merge: TaxConfig. The gracePeriodDays and increasePerDay options are now available in ServerTweaks as taxGracePeriodDays and taxPercentIncreasePerDayGone. New Feature: Moon Metal vein fix [Bugfix]. This stops moon metal veins from being capped at 50 hits. This performs the same fix as Moon Metal Mining by Webba, but uses string replace instead of bytecode manipulation, making it more resilient to breaking through WU updates. New Feature: Rarity window adjustments [Gameplay Tweak]. You can now modify the chance of fantastic, supreme, and rare rolls during a rarity window. These can be configured in the properties file. New Feature: Item based food affinities [Gameplay Tweak]. This makes food affinities based on the item instead of the consuming player. The reason to do this is to allow players to sell well-cooked food with good affinities. New Feature: Bank Balance action [Gameplay Tweak]. This gives an action usable from your body or hand that will tell you your bank balance instantly from any location. New Feature: Spawn Teleport action [Gameplay Tweak]. This gives an action that can be used to teleport to the spawnpoint. Skill Gain Control (Depreciated - Merged into ServerTweaks) Starter Gear Download (GitHub) This mod allows you to fully control what is created for new players on your server. It has an implementation where you can configure in the properties exactly what you want, what quality, and whether or not to make it repairable. Here's the default config, using the starting items for a normal server without epic or challenge settings: #Format: Item-[internal id]=(templateId),(quality),(amount),(isStarter) # internal id - This is just an internal index for debugging purposes. If your config is incorrect, it will reference this value. # templateId - The ID for the item you want to create. Reference to find the template ID for the items you want. # quality - The quality you want the item to spawn in. Floating point values accepted. # amount - It will give this many of the item to the player. # isStarter - Whether or not it can be improved. When true, item cannot be repaired. When false, acts as if created normally. #After weapons and armour are created, the player attempts to "equip" everything available. weapon-1=swordLong,50.0,1,true weapon-2=shieldMediumWood,30.0,1,true armour-1=leatherGlove,30.0,2,true armour-2=leatherBoot,30.0,2,true armour-3=leatherSleeve,30.0,2,true armour-4=leatherJacket,30.0,1,true armour-5=leatherCap,30.0,1,true armour-6=leatherHose,30.0,1,true armour-7=toolbelt,20.0,1,true armour-8=backPack,10.0,1,true #Recommend keeping the mirror as-is. item-1=handMirror,20.0,1,false item-2=flintSteel,50.0,1,true item-3=bowlPottery,2.0,1,true item-4=rope,10.0,1,true item-5=compass,30.0,1,true item-6=tent,30.0,1,true item-7=deedStake,30.0,1,true item-8=hatchet,30.0,1,true item-9=knifeCarving,10.0,1,true item-10=shovel,10.0,1,true item-11=saw,10.0,1,true item-12=pickAxe,10.0,1,true item-13=rake,10.0,1,true Tax Config (Depreciated - Merged into ServerTweaks) Thank you for visiting and I'll try to keep this up to date with anything new I make. Please click subscribe, like this video, and let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments below!
  3. Please bear with me. I'm clueless with this stuff and have only got this far with tutorials. I've been wanting to play singleplayer but with client mods. so I downloaded and installed the server mod loader for a dedicated server. It started fine, so I installed quite a few mods with it, and tried starting using "start offline server". I tried sifting through the mods but I'm just too stupid to figure out whats going on. Can someone help me? Thank you! The Log
  4. Client Mod Loader Installer I have put together an installer for @agoclient mod loader. I created it because a lot of player have issues trying to figure out how to install it and get mods running. I have some client mods included that you can choose from when installing. Let me know if you would like other client mods included with this installer. Updated as new mod loader versions are released. Features: Installer has been written from scratch using NSIS Supports many different languages Choose which mods you want to install (all mods checked by default) Automatically runs the patcher after install if you choose so (it is recommended that you choose to do so or the mods will not work) Uninstaller included Mods Included: Improved Compass Custom Keybind Time-Lock Live Map Improved Improve Custom Client Render 3rd Person View Scanner Bright Caves Archeology Groups Skill Gain Tracker Better Tooltips Future Release Plans: I plan to release a version that will automatically find the correct install path for you. If anyone knows how to do this already, send me a PM here. I have the NSIS script included on the GitHub page. Windows Download: HERE
  5. Download (GitHub) Requires SinduskLibrary version 1.5 or higher. DUSKombat is a full system rewrite for combat in Wurm Unlimited. It eliminates CR for combat calculations and replaces them with new calculations focused on increasing the meaning of fighting, weapon, and shield skills. Installation of this system is not to be taken lightly, and should be considered carefully before implementation. This dramatically changes how combat is done in the game and may not be applicable to existing servers. D.U.S.K Overview The D.U.S.K system is a full combat redesign with the intention of making combat more active and engaging. The secondary intention of this new system is to open up new strategies and tactics for combat, rewarding proper preparation and execution for each encounter moreso than simply having the "best" gear and stats. Finally, this improves the combat log to increase clarity. The colors able to be used in the combat log were fairly limited, but I've done the best I can with what I have available. New Combat Flow The previous combat flow was as follows: Swing -> CR Hit/Miss -> (Shield Block) -> Parry -> Dodge -> Glance -> Damage The new combat flow is now: Swing -> Accuracy -> Dodge -> Critical -> (Shield Block) -> Parry -> (Secondary Parry) -> Glance -> Damage Swing - The beginning of an attack The swing step is mostly unchanged from the previous combat system. However there are a few details that should be noted. Swing timers for secondary weapons no longer only applies after the first combat round. Secondary weapons now swing at 40% of their standard rate, down from 50%. This includes headbutts, wingbuffs, etc. from creatures. Stamina loss when swinging a weapon (hit or miss) has been adjusted. There is now a base stamina cost, instead of being entirely dependent on the weight of the weapon. Weapon weight is now less of a factor in stamina loss than previously. Total stamina cost is now modified by fighting stance. Aggressive requires 20% more stamina per swing, and defensive requires 20% less stamina per swing. This should make aggressive a high stamina cost way to deal lots of damage quickly, while defensive is more oriented towards lengthy combat or draining the opponent of stamina. Creatures now turn towards the target when they attempt a swing. They will only turn when they attack, meaning that getting behind a creature after they swing for a bonus is now a more viable option. This improves Web Armour's effectiveness because after they land a hit, their next attack is further delayed, giving you a larger opportunity to obtain backstab attacks. This will make identifying the target that a strong creature (unique etc) is attacking much easier. Accuracy - Hit/Miss Whether you hit or miss is no longer a pass/fail based on Combat Rating. Instead, each successful swing will create an "accuracy" for that attack. This accuracy check uses the weapon skill. The accuracy will help determine how effective some defensive measures are, and also give additional bonuses for extremely accurate strikes. Failing the accuracy check will result in a miss. Players with very low skill (less than 20) in their weapon will likely notice about a 60/40 rate of hit/miss. Players with mediocre skill (around 50) in their weapon will likely see about 80/20 or 90/10 rate of hit/miss. Players with high skill (more than 70) in their weapon will almost never fail the accuracy check, and generally have high accuracy rolls on their attacks making defensive measures less effective. Positive Factors:Weapon Skill, Fighting Skill, Height Advantage (above opponent), Flanking (behind opponent), Focus, Mounts Negative Factors: Height Disadvantage (below opponent), Vehicle (cart/wagon/etc.) Beneifical Buffs: Truehit, Nimbleness Dodge - Avoid the attack as a defender Dodge is no longer a rare RNG-heavy occurrence, and instead a core mechanic of combat. The defender checks their fighting skill against the accuracy of the attack in order to determine their chance to dodge. The defender body control also plays a critical role. Dodge chance is highly modified based on current stamina of the defender. If the defender has no stamina, they are extremely unlikely to dodge. All creatures (including NPC's) have stamina and can be affected by this change. Uniques, titans, rare spawns, and some other creatures that used to have extremely high combat rating are immune to this effect. Positive Factors:Fighting Skill, Body Control, High Stamina Negative Factors: Attack Accuracy, Low Stamina Beneficial Buffs: Willowspine, Excel Critical - Double Damage & Defensive Bypass Critical strikes are now available in both PvE and PvP, on both sides of combat. Players can critically strike creatures, and creatures can critically strike players. Critical strikes instantly 1.5x the damage being dealt, and bypasses all further defensive checks (parry & shield block). Only a dodge will prevent a critical strike. Factors at play can raise critical strike chance under very specific conditions up above 10%. Truestrike (from the sorcery) grants a guaranteed critical strike. This comes with the benefits of bypassing defensive checks. Critical strike chances aren't in a very good spot (using default calculations) and I'd like to adjust how they function before diving into specific factors. Parry - Block damage via your weapon Parry no longer has a "cooldown" based on RNG and the weapon skill now plays a larger factor in determining whether you parry. Instead of a cooldown, each parry will incur a low duration debuff that reduces your chance to parry. The debuff for parry is called "Clumsiness" - you can ignore the description saying it reduces combat rating. The duration of the clumsiness debuff is determined by the amount of damage parried. Parries on very light attacks will incur very low duration clumsiness, and high damage attacks will incur higher duration clumsiness. Duration is tied entirely to the amount of penalty to parry you have. Longer durations will incur higher penalties, and as the debuff wears out, your chance to parry increases. Clumsiness caps out at 25 seconds maximum. This cap should only be reached through excessive parries of high-damage attacks. Most common attacks will only incur a few seconds of parry debuff. Swords have a bonus that applies only half the duration when parrying. This makes skilled swordsmen extremely effective at parrying. This debuff applies to NPC's as well as players. Parry chance is moderately affected by stamina. As your stamina decreases, your chance to parry also decreases. Fighting skill now plays a significant role in assisting your parry rate. Higher fighting skill will allow for much easier parries. Parry is directly affected by the attack accuracy. High accuracy attacks will be very difficult to parry. Parry rate per weapon has a direct effect on the difficulty of parry. It will be extremely unlikely to parry with a weapon that has a low parry rate, unless the wielder is extremely skilled with it. Positive Factors:Weapon Skill, Fighting Skill, High Stamina, Weapon Parry Rate Negative Factors: Attack Accuracy, Low Stamina Beneficial Buffs: Excel, Nimbleness Secondary Block/Parry - Block damage via your offhand or shield Blocking with a shield works similarly to the new parry. The debuff is instead called "Exhaustion" and works identically to the parry debuff, but for shields. Parrying with an offhand is modified by the same systems that govern primary weapon parry. However, there is an important note. Clumsiness with a weapon is based on the weapon type, and not the actual weapon. For example, dual wielding warhammers will share Clumsiness between the two of them. However, if you were to wield a warhammer and medium maul, their Clumsiness debuffs would be applied individually when each one parried. This gives the option to focus on obtaining high skill with a single weapon type and giving yourself two rolls to parry (while sharing the penalty), or to diversify your weaponry and give yourself optimal defenses without sacrificing offense. Offhands have double penalty from the Clumsiness debuff. This will not affect the duration applied when they are used to parry, but will affect their rate of parry when the Clumsiness debuff is active. Blocking with shields is now heavily affected by stamina. As your stamina decreases, your chance to block also decreases. Glance - Doubling Down Armour DR Glance does not work like how it used to. Instead of completely avoiding damage, it mitigates damage significantly. Glance rates are identical to before, meaning a glancing blow can occur as often as the previous glance rates would against the same incoming damage types. Damage reduction for glancing attacks is scaled linearly based on QL of the armour, from 0% at 0QL to 2/3 (66.6%) damage reduction at 100QL. This is 0.66% reduction per QL. This means an 80QL armour will reduce damage by ~53.3%, and 90QL armour will reduce damage by 60% on glancing attacks. Damage - The step towards death Damage calculations are mostly the same with some minor optimizations and efficiency changes. Chance for a wound to stack on top of an existing wound at the same location has been increased from 70% to 80%. This should cause less total wounds throughout combat. Damage calculations for Frostbrand and Flaming Aura have been adjusted to 0.35% damage per power, up from 0.333%. Elemental Immunity from Path of Power is no longer pure immunity to elemental damage. Elemental Immunity now grants 20% additive reduction to elemental damage per level after 8 (20% at 9, 40% at 10, 60% at 11, 80% at 12, and full immunity regained at level 13). This change was made due to how many creatures are now utilizing elemental damage types in combat, including Titans. Players were able to fully ignore the damage of Ifrit by activating Elemental Immunity while fighitng him. This included immunity to his Smite spell. Incoming PvP damage will be reduced by half the amount at each level (10% per level after 8). This caps out at 50% reduced damage while Elemental Immunity is active at Path of Power level 13. New verbs have been added to the vocabulary for combat damage messages. They are now as follows: Strength: unnoticeably, very lightly, lightly, hard, very hard, extremely hard, deadly hard, brutally hard, fiercely, viciously, savagely, +2 more to find. Damage: tickle, slap, irritate, hurt, harm, damage, injure, cripple, maim, mutilate, +2 more to find. Miscellaneous All combat messages have been updated with new and improved multicolor lines. These contain more information about combat and try to distinguish important information through color. Special moves are now available to use as soon as you enter combat. Weaponless secondary attacks no longer occur for players if they have a weapon equipped. Secondary attacks for NPC creatures are fully unlocked. Creatures with many secondary weapons (such as dragons) will now utilize their whole weapon arsenal without holding back when attacking. Armour now takes roughly double the amount of damage in combat from before. Missing with a weapon will now play a miss sound. Gone is the awkward silence of diceroll combat. Focus now reduces incoming damage slightly at every level instead of only at Supernatural stage. Total damage reduction has been reduced. Salves/potions that change damage type now override Venom's damage type change. However, Venom will still apply it's poison to the wound, allowing fire/cold/acid wounds to be poisoned. Critical attacks now have a new message stating that they were critical strikes. Bug Fixes Wind of Ages/Blessings of the Dark no longer overrides Frantic Charge for increased swing speed. Thornshell now reflects damage when used on NPC creatures. Weapons now take damage when used by creatures (shod clubs etc. will now drop damaged from the troll using it in combat). Damage from elemental enchants now ignore the damage threshhold. They now deal full damage regardless of the armour of the enemy. Aura of Shared Pain and Web Armour now both apply their effects if they exist on an armour, instead of Aura of Shared Pain taking priority. Stacking infection on a wound no longer randomizes it's value twice. It instead only rolls the random value once. Dominated creatures dealing damage now counts as PvP for the purposes of damage reduction from body strength and similar.
  6. Merchant Listing Mod Stay up to date with your favourite Wurm merchants Download latest release | Install instructions | Github The merchant listing mod offers a way to view up to date inventory listings of any merchant, in your web browser. You simply right-click a merchant, choose "get listing", and open the url in your browser. You can then share the link to this page with others, for example to share your merchant on your server's forum. This is the first release of the mod, so there will probably be some bugs. If you encounter any issues, please report them in this thread or on Github. Other feedback (positive or negative) is of course also appreciated This is currently a basic version of what I want the mod to be, I plan to refine it a bit more. I may also add some new features based on community feedback.
  7. Multirope Bringing back the best features. What is it? Rolf removed the mooring ropes ability to lead more than 1 animal at a time. I created this mod with the point of bringing that item back. For every mod I make, I strive to make every option highly configurable so there will be as little code changes as possible once released. Download Get the latest version on GitHub Crafting You can create the item as you would any other rope using a ropetool and a wempfibre to create a 'leading rope' Config You can find the config find in /mods/ #Is mod enabled? mr.enabled = true #Weight of the item in grams. NOTE: Only newly created items get the changed weight value, existing items stay as their old weights. mr.weight = 1000 # Animal lead limit per 1 item (4 horses to 1 rope) mr.leadlimit = 4 Credits Ago for giving me some insight on some things for his awesome mod loader Also a fair word of warning, this mod tends to output a fair amount of debug to the console and some might see than issue. A toggleable option will come soon for this.