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Found 2 results

  1. <Fabricant> Keenan does his deeds like he does updates. It's going to take three attempts. - Upon seeing Null Point founded three times. Hi Everyone! Been a huge weekend with the friendalong on pristine, and I hope everyone had a lot of fun attending! The GM's and I got plenty of kills, and enjoyed terrorising you all. Coming off last weeks update there isn't huge a huge amount of new things to discuss, but we'll do a little recap but first.. Patch Notes: Titles and more Last update saw the new titles come in, along with the surprise of double barrel titles, AND village role showing! We hope it generated some excitement to see, and certainly enjoyed watching you all work out which titles corresponded with what skills, as well as showing off your best combination (I'm still a fan of Tim the toolman tailor). It's awesome to see people working together to figure things out (as long as it's not unbalancing to not know) and it was fun for us too, I'm still working towards Sturdy Light Bastion myself! Friendalong Vynora overlooks a foal as white as milk The pristine friendship bay impalong, or friendalong, was on this weekend, and it was fun! I dropped in several times, and managed to score a total of 9 kills! (Sorry elsa and tomatoes). It's fun to see everyone working together and helping each other, and some of the fights were pretty fun! I let pingpong win a fight against me, once I actually tried though we decided to call it a draw before i turned him into pingpong paste. I also received an offering from our Valrei Entertainment Network streamer Fabricant! Priest and spell overhaul Along with a discussion about the PvP changes that went live last update, Sindusk mentioned that he is currently working on the long desired priest overhaul. It's still a major work in progress, but the aim is to touch on almost every facet of priests and each spell individually, as well as how they fit on the whole. It will soon be entering internal testing, where we will focus on balance and mechanics working, before opening to public testing for players to jump in and see how it feels and flows. We'll keep you all updated on how this goes, but in the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on rite spells in this thread here: Modern renderer The new modern renderer is now live, and what a difference it can make! The biggest current one is in lighting, with much improved systems that enable more lights with better performance! It's not all the new renderer brings though, and we'll be working hard on realising our goals with it, changing the visual landscape of Wurm greatly. This, along with saromans work on normal and specular mapping as well as various other projects are a concentrated effort not only in updating our rendering systems, but improving the visual feel of the game as a whole. To enable the modern renderer, in the launcher click on the gear icon, and go to the graphics tab, selecting modern from the rendering options will enable the new renderer upon launching the game. Just popping in As part of our ongoing visual works, Samool has been working on reducing the "pop in effect" of trees and objects. The pop in effect is when an object goes from distance rendering (e.g. the 2D images of trees) to the 3D models, this is quite sudden and makes it painfully obvious what is happening. To help eliminate how jarring it is, we'll be introducing a fade in effect that is less sudden and hopefully makes it a little less in your face: That's it from us this week, I know it's a little light on all the juicy things but I'll be working with the dev team on making sure that there's plenty more to come, so stick around and stay tuned, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team. Oh wait, there IS one more thing: Until next time!
  2. I activated the modern renderer just now, but for some reason my graphics seem to have gone back to what they were before the recent updates - no shiny marble floors, clay etc. Is this a bug or a feature? Or have I done something wrong?