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Found 4 results

  1. Guard Dogs

    Hi, complete newbie with modding and only just back to wurm, so forgive me if my request is a bit silly. I was wondering if it was possible to replace the Spirit Templars with guard dogs? I just think having your farm deed protected by dogs would look and feel better in a roleplay sense, not sure if that is something that can be done or not? Also is there a mod out there where you can set NPC's to buy certain items, I want to set up a NPC village where for example the lumber yard will buy logs, the goldsmith will buy gold etc, pay more for better ql logs that sort of thing or where npc's give out crafting quests. thanks for any help
  2. Just randomly looking at the list of server when starting Wurm, there's one conclusion that comes to mind. Most servers have very small populations, my own included. The biggest complaint I've been hearing is in regards to guard towers. They're a necessity to expand your kingdom and yet they cost a ridiculous amount (for a small crew of 1-5 players) to build. Perhaps someone could whip up a quick mod that would take the requirements down to something more manageable for small population servers. Perhaps along the lines of; 100 Stone Blocks 50 Wooden Planks 50 Clay Or even just a mod to make the resource requirements for a guard tower configurable via a properties file, so server hosts could set (and adjust) the material quantity depending on their own server's population.
  3. The uniques are coming, not sure how feasable it is to adjust # of tame creatures to taming level but still, could be a fun approach to try if at very least the "1 tame creature at a time" limit were either lifted or made adjustable by server admins. Thanks in advance to anyone who tackles this challenge.
  4. Is there a way to make them passives so guards don't kill them? Of course, PvP issues but being a mod, it is optional. And I think an enemy guard will kill your horse on PvP anyway?