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Found 1 result

  1. Multirope Bringing back the best features. What is it? Rolf removed the mooring ropes ability to lead more than 1 animal at a time. I created this mod with the point of bringing that item back. For every mod I make, I strive to make every option highly configurable so there will be as little code changes as possible once released. Download Get the latest version on GitHub Crafting You can create the item as you would any other rope using a ropetool and a wempfibre to create a 'leading rope' Config You can find the config find in /mods/ #Is mod enabled? mr.enabled = true #Weight of the item in grams. NOTE: Only newly created items get the changed weight value, existing items stay as their old weights. mr.weight = 1000 # Animal lead limit per 1 item (4 horses to 1 rope) mr.leadlimit = 4 Credits Ago for giving me some insight on some things for his awesome mod loader Also a fair word of warning, this mod tends to output a fair amount of debug to the console and some might see than issue. A toggleable option will come soon for this.