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Found 6 results

  1. Boom Coyotes: "Vicious monsters native to Jackal, these things are bad for your health!" These are explosive hell hounds. Can be bred, cannot be tamed, can be dominated and then led. Butchering products are cooked meat and "black powder". If it gets to 30% hp or below, it starts a 7 second timer after which it explodes, killing itself and dealing damage to anyone in combat with it within 5 tiles on PVE servers, and any players, any animals, and any structures on PVP servers. If the coyote is killed within the 7 second timer it will not explode and will give fighting skill. If it explodes, it should not give fighting skill or leave a corpse behind. When it starts the timer it should freeze in place until it dies. Damage should be 2x as much as a troll's mauling attack to non-structures and 50% of a catapult attack to structures. Explosions stun. Black Powder: "It burns!" 1 unit weighs 0.025kg. Can be burned. One powder is equivalent to 1kg of other fuel. Fire Trap: "A dangerous trap that lights everything in the area on fire." 10x black powder, 5x kindling, 10x branch, 1x string of cloth. Uses fire making skill, can be improved with carpentry tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Fire Pillar. Requires 30 fire making to create. Moderately difficult to set. Explosive Trap: "A deadly and very damaging trap." 20x black powder, 1x cauldron, 1x steel and flint, 1x string of cloth. Uses blacksmithing skill, can be improved with iron and blacksmithing tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Boom Coyote explosion, with damage based on QL. 1QL trap should do as much damage as a bite from a wolf. 100QL trap should do 3x as much damage as a mauling attack from a troll. Radius of effect should be 5 tiles. Difficult to set.
  2. Would be nice to be able to view the spell effect status on an npc or a mob, such as a mount. Other players as well for that matter.
  3. So, yeah, I don't have anything to add at this point in time.
  4. Why do mobs spawn in deeded mines(has guard)? I'm curious why mobs spawn in deeded mines where the deed has at least one guard. I like to live in mines and my priests can't kill things. I know that deed guard(s) will kill most things that spawn. It just wonder why Wurm would think its a good idea to spawn things in this case. I bought my deed and funded a guard to craft in peace. Spawning stuff in my deeded mine is counter productive to this. There have been numerous examples in Wurm's history that proven letting mobs impose unwanted grief on deeds is a bad idea. I get some may like this siege idea. Although, we shouldn't forget that there are plenty of others who want a peaceful area and pay for that benefit. Note, there are no off-deed mines in this case so it's not something that spawned elsewhere and moved onto the deed. I'm not sure if this a suggestion or not. I'm mostly curious about other opinions on how things are rather than trying to convince Wurm to do something.
  5. I often do cleanup rounds but some kinds of mobs cannot be placed in the rafts and need to be in the inventory. I am not sure how this works but I think it is the hardened and perhaps some other kind. It does not make sense that you could place a troll body into a raft but not a cavebug or cat body. They also all weigh the same, so should have the same volume? Is it possible to change this so all mob bodies can be loaded into the rafts? Thanks.
  6. Elephants for a stronger hide in the game that would be weaker than a dragon hide but stronger than a regular leather hide also for the tusks as a possible spear option, Rhinos for the hides but also for the horn for a "healing soup" and saber tooth tiger for a more powerful lion that also gives off tusks that can be used for weapons. Also Mammoths as an option. edit --->Also i think saber tooth tigers would be a pretty awesome pet to tame and use for hunting/combat, what about you guys? edit---> Possibility for mounts as well but only an idea