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Found 9 results

  1. Wild Terra Has anyone played this UO-descendant? I've seen written that it's still in alpha but the official site just says early access. Screenie Similar to Wurm there are "no NPCs in the game." Similar to some WU servers, there is also supposed to be rapid skilling to avoid grind. The economy is player-driven to encourage interdependence. The latest news is they're switching from 2D character models to 3D. The backgrounds will remain 2D. Seems a bit quiet, but maybe the forums are a poor judge.
  2. Hi folks, I played WURM for many years and it's a great game. If you like WURM, I'm guessing you'll also like Chronicles of Elyria. It's the most sandboxy fantasy game I've seen other than WURM itself. Check it out! And, if you don't mind, when you set up an account on the forums, please use my Friend Code and plug it into your Referrer Code field! Shameless plug, I know, but hey, let's all be friends and help each other out. My friend-code: FDB7F6 Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! This thread exists as the announcement and gathering place for the creation of a Wurm-spirited-Black Desert Online guild. As you all may know from this thread by Niki, Black Desert Online is due to launch March 3rd, just over a week from today! Several Wurmians have expressed an interest in playing this new mmorpg title, so it goes without saying that we need a guild for the collective Wurm community to band together in. The guild--right now we're going with the test name Dynasty of Wurm (DoW)--will be established on the NA side of the servers. Niki has requested this be setup on server #1 if possible, so that is what I'm aiming for. If you're planning to play on the EU side of servers, then perhaps we can arrange another Wurm guild in that region as well, but those plans haven't come up yet. Anyhow, if you're interested in playing Black Desert Online I encourage you to stick with your friendly neighborhood Wurmians and join the Dynasty of Wurm when we launch the guild. If you're totally pumped and excited to join in on our Wurm dynasty, feel free to leave a comment and show your support. Stay tuned in for any updates, and don't be afraid to ask questions. We look forward to seeing you in the Desert soon! Update: If you'd like to join this guild, be sure to play on NA server #1.
  4. So I decided to make one thread for all the woodscrap games I play, better than making post after post. Good Idea? Great! > > > > > > > > > > > If there are any video that you enjoyed more than others, I may do some more of that game. Enjoy
  5. Ey fellow wurmians! Leaving my current employer soon, so I was thinking about writing neutral farewell letter. Grammar corrections and advices are appreciated. It is going to be something like: Dear colleagues, from %date%, I won't provide technical support anymore due to reduction of personnel. In case of technical problems - suffer. Any corrections/advices?
  6. Hey guys. Posted about this a long time ago now, but significant progress since back then. Yonder is a sandbox crafting MMO, similar to Wurm Online, played from an RPG-like perspective with a stylized world-design (Column-based tiles, rather than joined slopes or voxel-based, with extra world layers). I'm the Lead Developer on the project, and as you can imagine a primary goal of ours is to highlight the game. Hence, here I am! The game has started doing its personal blog updates to inform people about progress and upcoming changes, and the public-testing will be opening up around next month too. The Facebook and Blog links are here: Sadly, our website is still being built so no website for the game for a few more weeks. Would greatly appreciate people checking it out to see the few pre-alpha pieces that are up and staying tuned! I can also answer any questions about it on this post too. > Pre-Alpha Stress Test Now Finished On Saturday at 7.30PM UK Time we'll be having a stress-test to mark the ending of the Pre-Alpha and it's a public invitation to join us there (Some developers will be on as well) to just check it out in its current Pre-alpha state. We'll be posting to the Facebook page and blog before-hand to give links and more info (See links above) so stay tuned there if you're interested! The stress-test went quite well with a fair few people joining and some people even built forts, named them, and tried waging war on each other! (All made out of dirt, as well) We're moving onto Alpha now, and we have thanks for those who helped us test the pre-alpha. We're considering more regular server-uptime now too.
  7. During this current downtime of wurm, on top of having some mild withdrawal symptoms I did some snooping about. It came to my attention that the current games on the market are not as satisfying for most gamers, and a lot of gamers are looking for a more involving and time consuming games. People are constantly looking for new games to play and something to chuck money at. I came across a game called 'Terrayn', which currently has only 27 days left on its kickstarter, and only has $2500 out of the $300000 it would like. Whilst it does boast a more advanced terraformer than wurm I can't help but think that the guys working on it would be better if they helped develop Wurm. I'm going to chuck a prediction out there and say that in a few months time tons and tons more of these persistent-world-terraforming-MMO-simulators will be slabbed onto the market, most might not do well, but a few might prevail. And how good would it be to see Wurm Online leading that push in this design of game? I know I definitely would back up Wurm if more competitors showed up, Wurm is unique and has a close-knit team and an in depth player made lore. Just thought I would like to help keep our devs heads up and keep pushing out patches and tweaks, I'm looking forward to seeing progress. Link to terrayn kickstarter: (see for yourself) P.S Get them nice servers set up in Germany, the current server providers seem to be a little less diligent in fixing ddos problems
  8. Can we get a latency meter just like every other online MMO? A simple latency status next to the FPS meter would be sufficient. Thanks, Sqwince
  9. Wurm is first for me, but do you guys have a main MMO you play alongside Wurm? And of course what is it?