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Found 9 results

  1. The following constriction materials are needed. Please message me via forum with pricing requirements if you are able to fulfill part or all of this order. I will arrange transportation, thank you. Stone Bricks: 1k Wooden Beams: 750 Clay: 3k Mixed Grass: 1.5k Sincerely, Soniczap
  2. Doesn't have to be bought out, you can get smaller pieces of the pie. I will update the available amounts accordingly. Clay, QL48.00, 5000x - 1s/kIron lump, QL54.00, 5000x - 30c/100Mixed grass, QL38.25-ish, 12000x - 50c/k (Sold)Logs, QL80-ish - 1s/100Logs, Low QL - 25c/100Delivery policy and prices Please have a look at my delivery zones map v2. If you're having colour blindness, I hope the numbers in the outlined zones help! No delivery to Chaos because I'm a wuss Can be picked up at Ussta Delmah (C24) or Targoviste (E24) (northeast corner)Only coastal deliveries on other servers than IndependenceLand inwards delivery on Independence possible by agreementOrders worth 10s or more - Free delivery#0, Green zone - Free delivery#1, Yellow zone - 20c#2, Orange zone - 40c#3, Red zone - 70c#4, Purple zone - 1s#5, Blue zone - 1.5sMy timezone/in-game hours My timezone is Central European Summer Time (CEST), that is UTC+2/EST+6/PST+9/AUS-8 to list just a few. Although I can be a night owl, I usually play during european day time hours. I hope I covered everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to post them here, via forum PM or contact me ingame /t Ulviirala when I'm around. Best Regards, ~Ulvi
  3. Please update the Wurm wiki on mixed grass To include the following: Grass can be sold to the merchant via the Activate the item, and right-click sell command to earn coins toward your quota. Number of units of mixed grass that fit inside a 6 pottery flask 41 quiver 50 Pottery Jar 50 Fruit press 62 water skin 100 backpack 100 satchel 100 pottery bowl
  4. Please update the water skin To show it can hold a maximum of 62x mixed grass.
  5. Cleaning up my deed and I have some things for Sale potions of mining 74.67ql - 3s potions of mining 46.02ql - 3s potions of carpendry 56.64ql - 2s potions of carpendry 23.19ql- 2s potions of weaponsmithing 46.78ql- 1s potions of weaponsmithing 14.53ql- 1s Seryll lump at 83.48 ql - 3s seyrll plate vambrace 26.11ql - 1s All the above can be mailed for cod cost the seryll lumps will have to mailed in a satchel so the cod cost will be doubled. All will be mailed from Deli. I can also make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli to sell the items above to avoid the cod costs. All items Im selling below can be delievered for free but only to deli. I can make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli for the sale. Message me in game to make arrangements Sanrina 5k total Charcoal 40.08ql - 1s per 1k 6k total Ash 33.53ql - 1s per 1k 100 concrete 23.50ql - 1s per 100 (Pending sale) 1k cotton 90.67al - 1s per 1k (Pending sale) 4k Wemp Fibre ( This is in Fibre not plants still can be used for Cordage) 90.22 ql - 1s per 1k Sprouts are sold 50c per 100 except oak and willow which is sold 1s per 100. Apple - 300 in stock Birch - 600 in stock Camilla - 700 in stock ( will produce medium size hedges) Cedar - 400 in stock Cherry - 400 in stock Chestnut - 200 in stock Fir - 100 in stock Grape - 700 in stock Lavender - 600 in stock (will produce short hedges) Lemon - 600 in stock Linden - 100 in stock Maple - 500 in stock Oak - 300 in stock Oleanders - 400 in stock Olive - 300 in stock Pine - 600 in stock Rose - 700 in stock Walnut - 200 in stock Willow - 100 in stock 4k Bunches of Mixed grass - 1s per 1k 1k Bunches of Thatch - 1s per 1k
  6. Looking to buy 1k mixed grass, 2k clay, and 500 wooden beams with shipping. Located on west coast of FM area at Elarial. Please post or /tell Yggdrasil me in game. Thank you for your time. Yggdrasil King of Time, Elarial Consortium
  7. I've got 10k mixed Grass in stock which need a new home. Price offered is 33c per 1k. Wares can be picked up at Port Tanelorn (Exodus, coords in my profile) or delivered on Deli, Exo or Cele. You don't need to buy the whole pile. Parts of it are possible, too. If you're interested, please leave a PM on the forums so i am notified by mail about it. Thank you, Ved. =)
  8. Someone on IRC mentioned that for some reason really recently it seems that Reed gathered from wild reed tiles (Non-farmed ones) are capped now at 20ql. The same goes for Mixed grass gathered via cutting grass. It's the same with a 70ql sickle, 70ql Scythe 70ql Carving knife all only give reed or mixed grass at 20ql. Any idea why or when this changed or if there is a way to gather reed or mixed grass higher then 20ql from wild reed tiles and grass? This was done on Serenity.
  9. All orders can be mailed COD or picked up from Pickle Island, which is located at 16x,22y on the Current Maintained Independence Map, or 33x,22y on the Independence community map Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee. To place order simply post here or pm Brycarnia on forums or in-game. ** All Blacksmithing tools and lamps qualify for lifetime warranties. At any time during the life of your tool I will improve it back to the original quality you purchased. You pay CoD both ways ** Farming Goods All Crops (including reed) - 1s/1000 Mixed Grass - 20c/100 ** Due to a large order farming is unavailable at the current time ** Cotton, Wemp, Pumpkin, Reed, & Potatos available in limited quantities. ** Papyrus Papyrus Sheet - 1c Reed Pen (60ql +) - 1c Ropes Rope - 5c Mooring - 10c Cordage - 10c Thick - 20c Blacksmithing 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 80c * Large Anvils add 10c Lamps x 10 30ql - 75c 40ql - 1s 50ql - 1.5s 60ql - 2.5s Bulk Items Nails (small/large) - 20c/100 Ribbons - 1.5s/100 Fence Bars - 1.5s/100 Misc Items Fireworks (99ql) - 7s