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Found 44 results

  1. Mission text typo for large mauls:
  2. Bug: Currently in the Mission Progress Window, all missions begin at 1%. This is probably due to using a similar number system as the skills. Solution: All missions should start at 0% This would make the progress window more accurate and would make it easier to calculate how many items are still needed to be created or sacced.
  3. After working on building a road, I came back to homebase where I realized I had this peculiar item in my inventory: Shadow corpse. The Wurmpedia quickly directed me to the Valrei items page, but I didn't find it listed there. My supposition is I got that by digging. Because that is all I did all day, besides killing a bear, a crocodile and an anaconda. Not entirely sure. However, I sacrificed the item at an altar of Fo, and then I got a mission from Vynora to find 49 more such shadow corpses. I am a follower of Fo, btw. I am posting this because I couldn't find any reference online to this specific item. All I know is now I have a mission from a god I don't follow after sacrificing the item on the altar on my deed that is dedicated to the god I do follow. What do you make of this? Have any of you had similar experiences?
  4. I got the following message while digging clay: [00:28:41] You find a Beautiful Opal in amongst the dirt. There was no dirt there, it was clay. Maybe it would be possible to use the tile type/name instead of just displaying 'dirt'.
  5. Lurker in the dark should correctly scale to server size, same as lurker in the wood for finding champions. also Avatars should be possible to find by lurker in the dark, because avatar belongs to valrei, same as traitors (they emits same radiation or something xD ), without that to find avatar is very hard if not impossible, more time from begin of mission=much harder, avatars moves very fast, in 1 hour they can wander to opposite side of map only visual searching is not enough. and lurker in the woods should be adjustable (by right click menu on pendulum) for finding not only champs, but greenish, hardened and others too, that will make more possibilities for missions.
  6. For this one, I just recently did the mission 'Ritual of Faith' at the Steep Stand using a compass. This is a Fo mission presently here on Independence. I did get the 'epic helper' when I completed the ritual. But now, on my mission list, when I cursor over the mission bar, I do not see on my list, any participation indication for this mission. As you can see, it does show my participation in the Magranon mission to slay champion black bears. But the Fo Ritual mission is not showing up on my window to indicate that I have indeed participated in that mission. Usually each mission that I have participated in will show up at the bottom to indicate my percentage of participation for all missions I have helped with. Am not seeing the Ritual mission though right now. Please fix this. My friend has completed this ritual mission, and his also does not display to show his own participation, even tho he also did get the epic helper pop up when he did it. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  7. Hi! First off, thank you for taking the time to read this. The bug in question is with changes not working as intended on Epic with Sacrificing for missions. Recent Patch Changes: Changed sacrifice creature missions so the action is only 12s long instead of 30s. Changed the chance of interruption during the action to be a lot less. The way it is currently working: Primary Concern: After many attempts by several players on different mobs. Sacrifice is clearly being interrupted at a FAR higher rate than before the last update leaving us unable to complete sacrifice missions due to the frustration of interruption. Secondary Concern: The action timer for sacrificing does not reflect the twelve second action that it is suppose to take. E.g. the action timer is about 2 seconds and extremely quick for Sacrificing. Assorted sacrificial knives ranging in different QLs.
  8. On Elevation, Libila mission told us to build an Obelisk on the Northwest. After preparing the area in the northwest and attempting to build, event gave the message "This must be built in the northeast". After going northeast and building the obelisk, event gave the message "The Charge Of Song is complete! However, it failed to fulfil the requirements to become an Epic focus point." Mission did not complete and is still sitting there on 1%. Some screenshots: Edit: Just to clarify there's 2 bugs at play here, most likely related. Firstly: The mission details gave the incorrect build location, which was only realised when an event message gave an error when attempting to build the obelisk. Secondly: Upon going to the "correct" location and building the obelisk, it failed to complete the mission, even after moving/rotating the finished obelisk.
  9. The new Mission system is nice but i think is not fair. We have now 66 dredge 20min base and 60min for share to all particpants (max 30 for one). So when i make 20 item i am still working for players that will put 1 item inside and we all will heve same amount of extra bonus. Only the amount of player that participate incrase amount of bonus we all gain. I sugest we have something like this 20min base and 1,5min (this amount depends on mision total item count lower for 200items higher for 6) for every item we make for mission (max 20min-30min for person) The amount of SB granted in mision will be same as actual system 66 dredges x1.5min = 99min extra bonus for contriubutors and ppl who make more item will be granted higher sb amount. Also the cap of 20-30min per person for extra bonus will prevent one player to contribute all items. The max bonus one person can get in this case its around 19/66 items made and it will be 20+30min no matter how manny participants are in mission. Make ppl work for their SB ! Cheers.
  10. Hey! So the missions that are going on Xanadu have two sacrificing required missions, the Deadly Quill one for Libila and Black Circlet for Magranon. I found a Deadly Quill and sacrificed it, but got mission progress out of Black Circlet mission. Here's the screenshot of me picking the Deadly Quill on event tab, but got the progression on Black Circlet mission.
  11. Hello there! WU dont' have rifts, but Epic Missions from gods give quest on shoulder pads (prize for rift win). Yep, I know, admin can cast this item, but..
  12. As said before. Have killed 4 random animals (bull, 2x spider, hen and a troll) and all gave me 4% towards the mission to kill 40 cave bugs. This is on exodus.
  13. There's this mission on release, but making an actual 'sailing boat' doesn't really complete the mission, it's either any other kind of a boat/ship or something else "[13:18:21] You create a small sailing boat in front of you on the ground". - and.. nothing
  14. Had a recent mission on Desertion server for Magranon God to create "2 towers". Tried three types of towers , archery tower, guard tower and even bell tower. After each was built nothing went towards completion of mission. Is there any tower in the game that was missed or is this a bugged creation mission? Any thought? Note : Guard tower was built by a nahjo follower, but part of MR kingdom. Archery tower was built on perimeter by a mag follower, MR kingdom. Bell tower was built on deed by a mag follower, Mr kingdom. Not sure if this info helps but it's there just in case.
  15. Hello everyone, I've been playing around with the Mission Ruler a bit this week as I wanted my server to have a little extra content. I've managed to come up with a few things and I'm starting to get a grasp of what it can do. As the Mission Ruler appears to have very little information about it I thought I'd share a couple video tutorials in hopes more people begin to figure out everything this tool can do. I've put everything into a playlist and will continue to add to it as I have more ideas and learn new things. Hope someone finds it useful! Regards, Lord Dan
  16. When my alt, Bagheera, killed 2 scorpions on her own, for the scorpion mission on Exodus 2 days ago, she was not credited with contributing to the mission in any way. I also killed scorpions for this mission, was credited with the kills, but did not get 30 minutes of SB once the mission was completed today, even tho' I had less than 2 hours SB left. Thus, it would seem that this mission was somewhat bugged.
  17. Minor typos (too many spaces or missing spaces) in 2 different types of missions' descriptions. 1. Drain token missions, there's an extra space after the deed name. Description: Libila wants you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Midgard Keep in the centerwest regions. Description: Libila wants you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Midgard Keep {remove space here}in the centerwest regions. And another example just to show it's all deeds (thereby a mission description issue) vs. the name of a specific deed having an extra space. Description: Tosiek asks you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Sanctuary in the south regions. Description: Tosiek asks you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Sanctuary {remove space here}in the south regions. 2a. Give items to avatar mission, there is an extra space before the "number" of players to give an item to the avatar. 2b. Give items to avatar mission, there is no space after the end of the first sentence and start of the second. Description: Fo wants 1 of you to bring and give clay to venerable Avatar of Fo.venerable Avatar of Fo was last seen near Elysium in the southeast regions. Description: Fo wants {2a remove space here}1 of you to bring and give clay to venerable Avatar of Fo.{2b add space here}venerable Avatar of Fo was last seen near Elysium in the southeast regions. Could also make an argument for capitalization consistency on all mission descriptions, examines, mouse-over labels, and similar for age of creatures, Venerable vs. venerable, etc. but I'm sure that's a bigger dealy doo to fix.
  18. A GM on my server created a mission and I guess it glitched or something. Now every time we try to set destination to teleport, the mission pops up too, we click send and it says we answered an old question and the mission window is there saying we failed it. We can't set aux data on anything, even packing a tile it pops up this mission. We can't do anything with our GM's because of this. Even manage restrictions on items we can't cause it pops up this mission. We also can't make any other players GM's cause it just pops up this mission and cancels out anything we try to do. What I'm wondering is how can we delete this mission? When we do #togglemission and type the mission name it says failed to find the mission with this name. We're completely stuck, and the only option we have is to reset the whole server, losing everything we did and our other players. Please help us
  19. A friend who's relatively new to wurm expressed a feeling he had about the way towns in wurm don't function like towns in other games or RL. He observed that players just build things around them and basically play by themselves mostly. This is basically true. We'll come together to complete a joint project, but then we go back to our private domain and exist there. Today, I was in a chat talking about starter towns, and I was trying to explain why I thought Esert is a weird place. It's because it has open space and occasional buildings. It should have a built-up street. And then I wondered what buildings a street would have to make it feel like a town on at the frontier of great adventures, and I thought about other games. Other games of this ilk tend to have taverns and guild houses and temples with NPCs in them, and you'd visit those to learn, advance, and to find lucrative/rewarding work. Aspects of this would work beautifully in Wurm. Wurm already has missions. If those missions were connected to physical buildings and NPCs in them, it would get people out of their silos, promote greater travel and exploration (to see what new mission can be found at a different town), and would make towns in themselves more meaningful to new and old players alike. The current system of pulling missions out of a HUD window break immersion. Having to visit an 'official' temple to learn about god A's latest whim in a personal mission would be great, as would meeting a farmer npc in a tavern and agreeing to supply x number of y item of z quality. This mechanic would get more people out and about, interacting and making the streets of Wurm more alive and buzzing. Missions could be cross server, and even include risky ones to Chaos maybe (take a priority message to someone, maybe) I have no idea how the economy of Wurm works, so I'm not going to suggest how mission would be rewarded, but any non-religious (or non meditation path... - why can't there be Schools of Path X for meditation to rival the temples and guilds?) needs a more concrete reward than sleep bonus. Someone must have suggested this before, but a quick search didn't show me anything like it.
  20. Ok so I got the mission ruler to make a in game portal - heres how. Also you Must have EPIC turned on for mission to work. I put the Pics under spoiler tabs as its a pain to scroll down all these pics -Step 1 Frame/Ground Tile Build a frame work for your portal. Heres just a quick idea on what i did. Notice I highlighted the Cobblestone, thats because I used the mission ruler on it for the mission. Ground tile aka the cobble stone is where I implemented the mission. May be a better way but this worked fast for me. -Step 2 Mission Maker Next with the ground tile selected in your target bar, click/activate your mission ruler.(if you dont have this item, use your GM wand to Create it and itll show in your Inv.) Now open the menu on the ground tile and select manage mission . -Step 3 Mission Setup Now youll see this screen. Select create mission, mine shows Edit cause I spent to much dam time figuring this out:P -Step 4 Mission Editor Now you should see this screen. First Name it something good, dont forget what you name it. Make sure you name it something you remember as to what its going be. I choose Portal and test cause ...well it was a test:) Notice I selected "May restart when finished" if you want this to be repeatable this must be checked. also i put 30 sec's above it for fail time if player doesn't step on portal. No worries tho you can change this. At the bottom make sure to check Make trigger and Make effect, you need this also. If you dont or forget to its ok. Just re-click the ground tile and re-open the mission menu and pick create new trigger or effect if you need and make sure its connected to your mission. Also name your triggers and effects something related to the mission makes this so much easier. Kinda like Test portal effect, or Test portal Trigger -Step 5 Trigger Next screen you'll see is this one. Make sure the on action performed is set to "Step on" thats the action that triggers the Trigger. Next if you have the item/tile/NPC in your target selected bar then you can choose "Action Performed on target|Use Current Target Box". Seconds to trigger is for how long till you want the action to happen I pick 1 just cause I dont know if 0 works...didnt try it. Next mission affected is what mission is this affect/ gonna be part of. Put your mission name here you made. -Step 6a. Effect Next screen is for the effect that happens from the trigger this is the action part if you will. First part to pay attention to is box called Trigger. Here youll make it say the name you choose to save your trigger as, hope you remember'd to name it some thing along the lines of the mission, cause after about 20 or so more missions its gonna be a nightmare to find this puppy. Now ignore everything till you see Teleport/Special Effect X,Y- here is where you will put the coordinates for were you want to end up, or the other side of the portal if you will. You can get these by using your GM wand and clicking a ground tile were you want it to be and go to -specials -get coordinates. Make sure Surface = True or you'll end up underground or dead. -Step 6b Effect This is same effect box just the bottom part as you scroll down it. Again make the Mission Effected is set to your mission name you picked. Then put mission stat changed to 100. This will let it know this is the end or finish of the mission. Next I highlighted Text to display it makes a pop up box with what ever text you put here. -Step 7 Finished "YEAH!" Heres what the pop-up looks like. Im no michelangelo but heres some art to. I asked and asked got tired of waiting so this is for all of you looking to make a portal back to starting towns from your deeds or to the outskits maybe were your alters are in the deep wilds or a Island miles off shore. Either way hope it helps the community learn this Beast of a mission editor a little more.
  21. So the Ebony Wand allows us to modify the world with ease. The Mission Ruler allows us to add a feel to the world, making missions and rewards. I can't figure out/ find the final item that allows you to modify NPC's and scripting. There's starter NPC's that just stand there and chat with you, I tried making a mission using a statue to emulate what they are doing but I can't replicate them. They have an added NPC option to learn and invite to join. All while you can have your pets attack and follow you quite well. There's got to be a final tool, is it locked away? How can we access it to script NPC's?
  22. Is there a way to change this without modifying the server.jar? Like is there a config option in any of the files or something? We can't find the setting for it anywhere and we'd prefer not to modify the server files in any way. from com.wurmonline.server.statistics.ChallengeSummary.class private static final String rootdir = "/var/www/challenge/"; We'd like to have the challenge stats not saved to that location as the web server is not located there, or is this feature meant only for administrators? Any help or input from Code Club AB would be appreciated. If this is not the place for this discussion I understand but I didn't think it related to modding as it's something already in the game.
  23. Hi all, I have a question, how the mission process when you have to give avatar something look like. I have this mission in WU, but I have never fullfiled such mission in WO either, so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if there is a bugged mission on my WU server. So i have a request from Fo: Fo wants 1 of you to bring and give iron ribbons to Fo avatar last seen ..... I have createad 2 iron ribbons and brought it to the avatar. I have a "give" option on right click but when I click give, nothing happens. No messae, he does not stomp my head or take the items. Just nothing happens. Does anyone know if there is such request from avatar, whether the items must be of certain quality, certain item or certain rarity to be accepted by the avatar? Or do I have to "give" it in some special condition or settings? (Like midnight, after i eat Mandrake root dug out in agony by dying hellhound? ) Or is my WU servers' mission bugged? Thanks a lot for any hint.
  24. "Fo wants you to drain the Horde of the Summoned settlement token of Gloomshade in the south regions..." It's not drainable. Thus this is an impossible mission. Remove starter deeds as possible raid targets for the mission generators.
  25. going to edit Rewards Anyone who works towards the completion of a mission gets 30 minutes of sleep bonus, providing at the time of reward they have less than 4 hours remaining to Rewards Anyone who works towards the completion of a mission gets 30 minutes of sleep bonus(*sometimes), providing at the time of reward they have less than 4 hours remaining *After a rash of missions not giving Sleep Bonus Please file a bug report if this happens to you.