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Found 7 results

  1. Seriously not a trolling topic and didn't see a better spot to post this but I just had to, and from the bottom of my heart with all love a father can give a scorned child... I love this game. What is it I love the most? Let me tell you a story (read like a childrens book). I'm building an island, ok so it's more of a mound of mud that smells of low tide, but its mine, I built it from nothing but a neighbors hilltop. Back and forth, then forth and back, loads of dirt into the cart, out of the cart into boat, out of the boat and watch it fall down the slopes and raise a corner 1. Laugh, cry. Neighbors cool, hasn't minded my being parked on his dock like an Oldsmobile on blocks. I log in and to my dismay, my cart and two horse vanished from the bay! Wander wander I go in search, scorpion oh, Into the fray! Death, respawn. I laugh, no valuable skill lost, except my cart two horse and hours of my time. I searched like a shopper black friday, parking lot oh where did I park? First I was angry, then frustrated, then embarrassed. I laughed thinking of all those rafts I stole from wherever, stolen from me! Horses slow like a distracted mule, barrels full of ... I just don't remember. "What was in your cart thingy?" my wife asks with mocking tone. "Uh" I respond, faking affection. "Be a dear and clean out the cupboard, it's a shuffled mess." she states. "BY JOVE THAT'S IT!" I exclaim at the revelation of my unknown loss, for my cart is as my cupboard, an utter mess. The one thing I love most about this game is what other people I talk to think is the worst point of the game. If someone steals something, go cry a river because those in power/ability wont do much of anything (though one did offer to glance over the area to see if they could spot it). How cool of a game culture to revel in reality, leave your car unlocked and don't be shocked if your car is gone! This isn't the first time something was taken or misplaced. I get mad then laugh because that's the name of the game Again I must stress this is not a rant or troll, but thank you Rolf for not giving a hoot (seriously I love the hands-off approach you guys decided to use with player issues), other games care way too much to have someone distraught over a missing item. "I pay you to let me play this game, gimmie what I lost" they bend over backwards to make wrongs right, whats wrong is their game where the object is to win, you made a game with simple rules... 'Live if you can, cry if you can't. We will sit here and watch, then applaud or laugh' (and you guys out there expecting a /sarcasam at the end, nope I really did mean this heartfully)
  2. i have been at pendelton derby impalong. i was leading a horse to a wurmian to ride so we could find his corpse of the north coast. one moment i'm leading up this incline of road just outside the i don't see the horse when i look back. I think hmmm maybe he got caught on something..i turn around to look for him..and he re appears on the lead. so i turn back to resume my original direction n ride..he's gone again. i repeat before..he reappears as i make my way down inclined road. i think omg am i drinking n don't know it..i resume original is not with me again. i make it to about where southport is on main road..and horse is now with me..i say enough of this nonsense and log out..log in..thinking he'll reappear..never to be seen again. I check my logs..never did the horse become unlead, stop has no bad traits..i just had it's barding, shoes and saddle imped at impalong n enchanted with woa on them..i'm really bothers as to where it could go as it's part of a set i put on my priest cart..showy and i'm attached to them. should anyone find a grey horse with cloth barding n full's marked with brand of autumn grove and should be cared for by mayor Mossfauna. [23:28:30] You start leading a aged fat ebonyheart...this is the last log notation i have of the horse.
  3. I am missing a black horse by the name goldencloud. aged and fat and has full tac on it..all enchanted 'cept the bridle. I use it everyday and had it penned on one of my deeds. when i logged in today it was missing. I was told server reset 17 hrs ago so i'm suspecting this is the reason. please pm me in forums or in game if you have found it. I have regularly found n returned many players horses in instinces like this..may i be as lucky if one such person has found this horse. it is branded with autumn grove and cared for by greasygrundle.
  4. I purchased a male white horse from Lothlorien Meadows on 8/15 or so. His name is Piedance. He was last seen around 24x 14y (Dawnrise) on 8/16 in the pastures but he is no longer there and I've spoken to my alliance about him but they have not seen him. The reward for finding him is 1 silver. /tell Addeny if you have any information on a white horse named piedance. Mature fat piedance Mother is Venerable fat Ebonysweet. Father is Aged fat Windcopper Most recent indie map with Dawnrise in a magenta circle.
  5. I have been posting all over freedom isle market advertising that I am looking for my horse, Taffygolden. The only 2 places that I cannot post are the classifieds(where it belongs) and the merchant ads. This was bad enough, now I have found someones horse and would like to post it as well. I have submitted the information about the problem but have yet to hear back. Where can I post this horse so it may be returned? Pending guidance I will post all over the places that I may in hopes that the owner sees it.
  6. on December 12 i planted a settlement token and found my horse was missing, i had checked everywhere for it and put in a /support no luck and the horse was never found. i dont know i this is the right area to post this problem but i feel something needs to be done because the horse had a full set of high ql gear and it was a big loss to me
  7. Missing Horse.

    Hello all I'm hoping some of you will be able to help me. A week or so ago my horse dissappeared from it's pen. I asked a GM and he checked the cave layer so it hasn't fallen into the terrain and hasn't been stolen from it's pen or broken into etc. There's a possibility it managed to get out because the pen was overcrowded or it glitched out. My settlement is called Falas Hwesta and is situated where Hronraad is on the map (Hronraad is a bit further over), I'm close to Hermitage also. The horse is named Aged Fat Waldoflea and is probably branded by The Sword Coast as that is where I got him from. If any of you have seen him then please message me. He's my breeding horse! Or was until I lost him. Thank you all Reyaa