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Found 11 results

  1. I have a mine well just started it to two iron veins.. yay me.. But if i leave the mine and come back... they show as regular rock walls for the first few seconds. and will even say rock... then the image will update I guess and they are iron again.
  2. I am sure this has been mentioned before, but we seem to be putting the cart before the horse. If the cart is outside a mine, the horses are deemed outside. if the cart is not on a bridge, the horses are deemed not on a bridge. Unfortunately this means that the horses appear to temporarily climb up the outside of a mine when they are supposed to be going inside, and they appear to briefly drop down the bank under the bridge abutment when they are supposed to be climbing on a bridge. I can see that effort has already been made to correct this because the horses do right themselves after a second or so, and slowly align with the correct tile, but the transition is still jarring and noticeable. Please could we have some kind of earlier look-ahead for the tile in front of the cart, so that the dropping down does not need to occur? i.e. if the tile in front of the cart is a mine, keep the horses straight (or the same angle as the tile in front of the cart), and the same as the bridge angle if the look-ahead tile is a bridge. I know it's an oversimplification, but... if we can see we are approaching a mine entrance or a bridge - surely the horses can too! ?
  3. While a kingdom member and I were at an enemy deed, we were blocking the enemy player from catapulting outside their mine by having them targetted. Said mine was on their deed, with a mine door. They tried something new, by having one account drag the catapult out of the mine, and a second account walking out and firing it (I'm assuming it was winched inside the mine). This worked the first few times, as I had the player dragging the catapult targetted and they could not fire while I did so. I had my kingdom member come up and target the one that was firing it after it was dragged out, and for a short time that stopped the catapult, since both were in combat when they stepped out. Seems the next thing that was either tried, or happened by coincidence, is the one to fire the catapult stepped back into the mine and it was fired when they broke combat with my friend. This worked several times, and I talked with the enemy players in local that I believed this was an exploit being used, and they agreed it likely was. They said they put in a ticket, and I imagine they were told to post here. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, I just want to make sure this gets fixed, or we are told that it's fine to catapult from mines. I did not want to make a forum post at all, since I believe it's an exploit, but I was informed myself several times to make it a forum post, so here it is. In addition, the player firing was an ally of the deed, not a member, so when the templars we killed respawned, he became kos'd to the deed as well. I don't know for sure if a villager with the right permissions would have become kos'd from this, as I'm not really interested in testing it from our deeds, tbh.
  4. Wurmians! I've been working on this crazy underground tunnelling project. With the new clad walls and Cave paving, Wurm tunnels can look insanely amazing! However! One thing that would make these tunnels properly castle-dungeon-like is the ability to clad the ceilings! I mulled it over with the options. On one hand, you could have it just mirror the floor (as in: make it paving) - But I think that's just out. It would be to repetitive and would probably cause vertigo in a lot of players (Which way is up!?) Clad is 100% the way to go. It would both match the walls below as well as look more logical (mortared-together bricks, not ones just simply stacked in the dirt like the paving graphic suggests). Below I have posted a picture of an intersection in my tunnels. As you can see, a great amount of my square-footage is made up of ugly rock. It'd be super neat if it was possible to turn all that grey rock into beautiful red-brick arched-ceilings! Wurm Devs! You've given us so much in the underground department, but we want more! Consider the ceilings! They need equality! ~Lei
  5. Ok this is new underground issue. When I (or my alt or other citizen) examine a 'cave ceiling' tile, it shows the message for what would normally show up for it's associated mine floor tile. If the floor tile is reinforced, the message we all get when examining the ceiling tile is : "[06:49:25] You see a cave floor has been reinforced with thick wooden beams and metal bands." In that case, if they try to mine that ceiling tile, they get the following message (because they do not have the 'add/remove reinforcement'): "[06:54:11] This action is not allowed here, because the tile is on a player owned deed that has disallowed it." When any of us cursor over the ceiling tile, the pop up cursor over message still says "Cave ceiling". So there. The problem is the game thinks we are trying to mine out the reinforced floor tile, when we are actually trying to mine up on a ceiling tile. When the mayor (who does have 'add/remove reinforcement' permission) tries to mine up on such a ceiling (has reinforced floor underneath it), the mayor's attempt mines normally up and the ceiling will lift normally. Can you repair this ceiling tile thing. It has been a problem for us in Cornersville on Independence server for last day or so. It may have been a problem longer that that. I am not sure when this issue 1st came up. Just we noticed it here when my citizen tried to mine the ceiling on a tile that had a reinforced floor. Thanks your time :-)
  6. With the coming of building in mines, hopefully soon we need to be able to export the mine layer of deeds. What I would like to see on a export is the following, keep in mind should only be what is exposed by tunnels; - rock - ore veins - reinforced walls - reinforced floors - water layer if exposed - buildings
  7. I am sure I am not alone in this thought, but if you have taken the time to reinforce the floors and walls of your mine on deed there should be zero chance of a pile of rock crashing down and destroying what ever item that happens to be sitting on the tile. If there is a double collapse bye bye your cathedral ceiling. This is especially true if building in mines ever becomes a thing, I do not want to see part of a structure taken out at random. I know this feature has been disabled for now, but that one day it was activated there was a lot of collapses on all the servers, perhaps more in the 24 hour time spam than previously seen in years in places that never had collapses before. We know the dev's are trying to decide how to implement the feature and have itchy trigger fingers waiting to turn it back on and we need to let them know what we want it not to do. For the time it takes to build these reinforcement beams (I know priests can spam out the walls) for the floors they should provide the security we all believed they were supplying for a long time.
  8. I have been getting disconnected almost every time I come out of my mine. That alone would be annoying but what is worse it often crashes 2-3 times when logging back in. One disconnect was the falling through the world type where when I was finally able to get back in I was on top of the mountain. I was wondering if others were having the same mine related problem. I know some of my friends are having the lag-out D/C much more often lately. Is this a result of some bug they are fixing which caused another bug?
  9. Someone starts a mine and there are ores in it. They want it to be public but they don't want one person mining out all the ore. They want it available to the community. So they put restrictions on how many actions in a 24 hour period anyone is allowed. This way one person can't exhaust a vein before someone else has a chance to use it. This type of mine could be on a deed or off a deed. Wouldn't matter. Just not sure how the mechanics would all work. What do you think?
  10. For the last couple of days, when in a mine, it seems that one client takes a long time to show other people, horse, and carts that enter it's area. They are there, and they can see you, but you cannot see them. It does resolve itself after several minuets. My mining team have commented on seeing the same phenomenon, and I've see a /report along the same lines. It seems that the server may be slow to tell clients that new mobs have entered the local area and need to be rendered. Note - the support I answered informed me that it was happening outside as well as in mines. [17:59:05] <Lurree> hey i think i found a graphical bug, my alt cant see my large cart and attached horses, saw this yesterday too when i was in a mine and tried to pick my alt up, both chars have exact same settings ... [18:09:45] <Lurree> not really, this is outside mine, and a whole large cart missing hehe, but its not that big deal, just wanted to report it, ... [18:12:30] <Lurree> yesterday, i saw it in a mine as well, so it seams to happen both in mine and outside it (Copied with permission)