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Found 7 results

  1. They've done it. Windows 10 edition beta, claim your free key from your mojang account. (if you already bought the game) It's better to download it from the Oculus store, the windows store version just installed the 3d/2d version so i had to install it again for 3d/3d. Available on the GearVR and Rift (and DK2) .. hopefully the Vive will follow. I can't speak for windows 7 or pirated copies of either. I can say, it's bloody brilliant, no ghosting or latency or lag of any kind. truly immersive. I think MS are trying to cash in on texture packs but im sure there will be a way around that if there isn't already.
  2. I'm creating this here, just to have a place to show early works in progress of my attempts to create a custom graphic pack for Wurm Unlimited, that will be using textures from the popular Minecraft texture pack: Sphax PureBDcraft. I've gotten the "ok" from the BDcraft team, that if I get the pack to a completed state, that I could have it posted on their forums for others to use it, (somewhat of a rule with their textures - others can use them for games, but they have to give credit, and they have to be distributed via their site). As of right now, I've only got fairly basic terrain textures (not even close to all of them) done so far, and then some other odds and ends here and there, mainly for experimenting with the complexity of how this will get... As I'm only working with textures as texture files, and not in a 3d editor to do it as it's seen in the game world or anything, some stuff that has complex models, like the furnace will take me much tinkering. Some of the stuff that you'd think is complex, really isn't, such as the log piles, I'm quite happy with how those turned out. I'll be posting more progress updates, and screenshots as I carry on with the project though - Credit to the Sphax PureBDcraft Team for the original textures Progress Updates and Screenshots: -Week prior of April 21, 2019: Latest post - Well it's about time that I did an alpha release of this graphic pack for people to give a try, and give feedback for. At present, I'm open to suggestions about all the textures, essentially consider everything to be a placeholder for now, as it's still an early alpha release. Just a heads up, that because this is an entire graphics.jar file, it is quite a hefty download, about 1.3gb. Also make sure that you backup your original graphics.jar file, unless you don't mind doing a reinstall of your game to replace it.
  3. I've just started this game and was set back right away by it's cumbersome UI. I haven't seen anyone else on the forums complain so I figured everyone just went on with getting used to it. Anyway, I'll put a list of what I thought would be improvements. 1) A radial menu. I have seen a few mods in Minecraft that implement those in one form or another, but you'll probably best remember this from Crysis. Having to click, move the mouse and make that a few more times to get to a command/stat you're searching for is a daunting process. Add a customizable radial menu. Click, drag your mouse in a direction of the command you want to execute and release the mouse. Done. Also, one could adjust the radius of the menu, number of "slices" and maybe even set it up to execute different commands depending on how far have you pulled the mouse. Crysis had 5 slices and the menu was very narrow. Here it could be made to look like the target in the game of Darts if you wanted to. 2) Toggle "L-click to look". This one I've felt in the X3 game. When moving around, I very much like to be able to turn without the need to hold down a button. So I'd like a toggle button that inverses that and would rebind L-click to Space or Ctrl to temporarily get my cursor back in order to click something. Of-course, toggling it back when there's a lot to do with a cursor should remain. 3) Custom commands on a hotbar. WoW is a perfect example of a good UI. You have buttons on your UI that can be called by any key combination, do any (!single!) command in the game, and can show the text and a number of your choice on it. Executing one command for one hardware input action is permitted. Why not make it available in-game? I don't like taking my cursor for a stroll each time I want to see another stat. I want to see that stat/skill/ability/item on my UI without the whole window obstructing my view. Compass, as it is now, is a great example. But it's only one element. Any square on a hotbar like that should be configurable to show the state of a compass. Another could show my right hand. Yet a few others could imitate the toolbelt. Heck! Remake the toolbelt to be this hotbar! In WoW, I could make one button show the number of Iron Ores I had, show the cooldown of one ability, mouseover tooltip of another, icon of my equipped helmet, custom name on the button and it could use one of my trinkets if I activated it. Edit: I know that this game is based around gameplay depth much more than being fancy, but so is Dwarf Fortress! Considering depth and what you can do, it's the best game out there. And it's free to play, mod, automate, etc. But it's not fancy at all. And that's why it has few players playing it.
  4. Two Billion...

    So in light if recent news Im curious what people can come up with if they had two billion US dollars to burn (literally). And stay away from the safe thing to do such as prudent investments. You could do that with the first half billion, and live of the interest quiet comfortably. No, I mean stuff thats really out there. Such as buying a private island to turn into my own little private Minecraft server. Even hire people to act as villagers, zombies, etc. Then I hunt them... with airsoft and nerf weapons of course Another possibility overhead from a comedian... to go around the country and work various odd jobs. Not to go unemployed the rest of his life as most lottery winners say they will do. Except he would intentionally do stuff to get fired. Be rude to hostile customers, etc.
  5. Sorry if someone already shared this, or if it's in the wrong forum. Here's an excerpt from the article (about Minecraft)... "Then there was Wurm Online of course. The similarities between Minecraft and the game Markus designed with Rolf Jansson a couple of years earlier are unmistakable. In both, the player has almost complete freedom to alter the world according to his or her own whim. Like Minecraft, there are few built-in tasks or challenges to undertake in Wurm Online. The player is expected to create his or her own goals for the game alone or, if so desired, in collaboration with others. "In the spring of 2007, Markus dropped out of Wurm Online. Rolf had moved from Stockholm to Motala a few years earlier, the two were seeing less of each other, and Markus knew that the big decisions about the game’s development were increasingly in Rolf’s hands. Besides, his Midasplayer job kept him busy. "Rolf was disappointed. Wurm Online had just begun to pull in enough money to give him a decent full-time salary. The sudden resignation of one of the game’s founders, the friend with whom he’d worked for more than three years, was a huge blow. Initially, Markus had a bad conscience about it—it was hard not to feel like he had left his old friend in the lurch. He retained a small part of his ownership in the shared company, but turned over the rest to Rolf. A Band-Aid on the sore if nothing else, he thought."
  6. So it seems SONY and Minecraft have went into some sort of a partenership with EQNext Landmark. It seems Landmark will be a FTP advanced Minecraft game that SONY will use to allow the community to build content for themselves as well as possibly for their games. Now obviously its SONY....and everything they say should be taken with very large grains of looks like they have been taking notes about whats been successful over the past few years in the MMO arena and started swiping ideas. Heres the article - Some interesting snippets from the article "An Earth Wizard can raise a stone wall and monsters have to path around it, or you can make a hole and pepper them with fire," he said. "Lots of characters' abilities do different types of deformation. Catapults can chew away at terrain." As players tear away at the surface of the planet they'll be able to explore deep into the land's bedrock. But where EverQuest Next is a story-driven experience, Landmark is an experience that, like Minecraft, is driven by creation. comparison of Minecraft objects and Landmark Objects - its easy to tell which is which As with Minecraft, players will have to find resources to use in their creations. Players can also find pre-built items spread across the worlds which they can take back to their land. They'll also find recipes and templates that can be used for creating items on specific sorts of crafting tables located in certain hubs in the world. Players can sell their creations to one another for real money for use, if appropriate, in either or both games. Players can also sell particularly good creations to Sony Online Entertainment for an "appropriate" fee. "If we get one million people playing Landmark," Georgeson said, "and ten percent start making things, and ten percent of those finish and ten percent of that isn't crap, that's still a thousand people making cool stuff. And we don't have 1,000 people on the development team." If this all lives up to the hype...or for that matter comes even close to curious to the future of WURM.
  7. Armed with an idea from Garis and the power of google, I have went through the motions of creating a mod for Minecraft that allows for three dimensional deed and/or building planning for Wurm! So, without further ado, the Northmere Alliance of Celebration presents to you: The Wurm Blocks mod is essentially a tool to help you visualize your deed or building plans in a way that isn't possible using 2d programs. While those 2d programs are still great for layout, it's nice to see what your deed and buildings will (generally) look like once finished. Here are some teasers to show what it is you can do with Wurm Blocks in Minecraft. Installation Instructions In order to run Wurm Blocks you will require Minecraft Forge Universal version 6.6.0 and Minecraft version 1.4.7 ... I make no promises about the mod working beyond those versions. I recommend a fresh installation of Minecraft and Minecraft Forge. Windows Installation Step 1 Download and Install Minecraft Forge Universal from (click the link under 'Install' for a direct link to the installation instructions on their wiki), then run Minecraft in order to see if Minecraft Forge is working properly. Step 2 Download Wurm Blocks (Direct mediafire link here or dropbox link, courtesy of Xallo, here ) Step 3 Place in your AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. If you are unsure how to find your AppData folder, enter %appdata% into your Windows search function. Step 4 Run Minecraft. Wurm Blocks should be present in the Mods section. Load up your favorite Creative world and enjoy! Using Wurm Blocks In Creative Mode, Wurm Blocks are organized in their own tab on page 2 of the Creative Mode Inventory. Most Wurm Blocks function just like their vanilla counterparts. However, there are some exceptions: Half blocks will not make a full block if stacked; these are just meant to represent roofing. There are also steps with wurm roofing patterns applied in case you prefer to use those. Wurm-style fences are a different creature altogether. They are based off of Minecraft Vines only they won't disappear if the block they're attached to is removed. It isn't a perfect system (for instance, inside corners still can't have more than 1 fence), but by placing blocks, adding fences, and removing the blocks, you can build a model of your deed complete with fencing. There is a transparent block included for placing your fences on if you don't want to be bothered with breaking the block you attach your fences to, whatever your preference. Wurm Blocks are not craftable, so should primarily be used in Creative mode. If you choose to load them with op commands, their ID numbers begin at 503. If you have any ideas on how to improve Wurm Blocks, do let me know!