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Found 4 results

  1. So there is good reason for not being able to cover a mine entrance with a bridge above ground, at least I think there is anyways, but why do we need the same rule set underground, currently it is not possible to connect a brdige directly to the mine entrance tile or adjacent underground which kinda kills the options for making something interesting. I recently removed my rock ramp into my mine and replaced it with a bridge, this free's up the tiles on either side of the old ramp that take up a fair amount of room, but I was stuck with leaving one of these in place due to not being able to connect a ramp adjacent to the mine entrance. Picture for the explanation follows:
  2. went to walk into mine on deed fell thru floor into a collapsed room area. cant see which way to mine to get out of it. A good quality vein iron onside a utmost on the other and stone on the other two sides.
  3. Sorry about the long title, hard to explain. I have a canal i just spent 2 weeks surface mining. I made a mine entrance on its west side at 25 depth. (max surface mining depth, the floor is totaly flat) I then turned to the east side of the canal to make one directly opposite the west entrance.. I was told the water is too deep. It wasn't too deep for the west side. Could someone please check the implementation of the patch? it's working for west but not for east. ty
  4. I killed a unicorn above a mine entrance with a door, unicorn died and drop into mine half into cave wall and you could not reach it or interact with corpse. Options pick up, butcher and so on was available but no reaction.