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Found 7 results

  1. Cant push crates in or out of mine doors, G suggested to post here for help. below are some images of the issue. Opened Mine door image Closed mine door image GM trying to help Image GM's conversation
  2. WTS: Gold mine door 54ql

    Hi, I have a gold mine door, 54ql for sale. http:// PM me your offers, ingame or here, This will need to be collected - or delivered for a fee - as will not fit in a mail box with +10% rune. Thanks, Baloo (same name ingame)
  3. [FIXED] Mine doors have no code

    I found a mine door, when I examined it, I got no data in event tab. It only says... [07:18:45] You see a hole. On Independence, N17-ish on in game map. I then found another mine door w/ no 'examine' data in event tab, same 'you see a hole' dialogue. Looks like these wooden mine doors are missing the quality data. These doors, I can walk right through them. I can not tell if they are locked or not. Cursor over does show the 'Mine door' words...just the examine data is not showing up in the event tab. TeeeBOMB
  4. Have you ever tried to manage a door but can't do so once you are close? Have you tried to bash one but you couldn't see it because it opened to you (the owner)? A good solution could be to have new models for mine doors (they're a bit old aren't they?) which will have some form of a door frame that is still clickable when the door opens. Or if a door frame could cause issues with collisions we could use some visible hinges while we are inside the mine.
  5. I built a rock mine door today and unchecked the "Everyone in your village..." option. After that I no longer had access to the door and was unable to manage door settings. (Fortunately I allowed access for one of my my alts earlier, so I was able to change settings with that other character.) Also, the management window showed different information for different users (options were checked for one user, unchecked for others).
  6. Now and then I was taken by surprise when my mine doors suddenly vanished. (I was sure they still had enough strength several days before ) So I decided to do some research and made some systematic experiments with 4 wooden mine doors. I imp'ed them to a certain strength level and then observed and logged their daily decay over 45 days. Here are the results: It turns out that the strength of a wooden mine door is reduced by an average of 40 per RL day. But the decay always takes place in steps of 100 and the actual daily value is random. It sometimes happens that there is no visible decay for several days (strength can remain constant for as much as 7 days) and then suddenly drops by 200. For example, a wooden mine door of 2000 strength will last approximately 50 days. Once down to 300 a mine door should be improved with planks or it will soon vanish.