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Found 6 results

  1. A yoke + 2 buckets = Milking yoke Milking yoke gives: 50% increased milk yield 20% extra carrying weight per weight/speed band if carrying the extra weight in the buckets New Combat Move: spinning flail attack (thanks to my brother for the suggestions) Buckets could be swapped for baskets to do the same for fruit picking. 2 yokes + 4 planks + padlock = village stocks (decorative item or used at Enki's discretion)
  2. For the past 2 days in a row can have not been able to milk my animals on Epic. They are on enchanted grass and extremely well nourished and at various ages. Was told to post here by a CA. Stand corrected, I just went to freedom and milk some animals there no problem, then went back to epic, and managed to milk 1 cow and 1 sheep out of my 6 milkers.
  3. So. When you milk a cow, its 1 kilo of milk, no matter what. Though, in actual cow farms, you want your cows to graze as much as possible, because the more they graze, the more milk they make. So. I was thinking of a system where the quantity of milk is affected by the level of fat of a cow. If its lean, 1 kilo + 1 kilo for every stage of weight. That means obese cows would produce a lot of milk, as they eat all day. That would also make it that you don't need to own 50,000 cows to be able to grind cheese making. A handful of fat cows and you could get enough milk to make it worth your while!
  4. What happened: So after todays update i went to milk my animals. Unsealed small barrel, it already contained some milk, 41kgs to be exact, milked the sheep, barrel weight going up, milk weight stays the same. At the moment i have a 47kg small barrel with 41kg of milk in it. Same thing happened with bison (same procedure, take a smal barrel that had some milk in it and was sealed, unseal, milk the animal) What i expected to happen: The milk weight to increase... Steps to reproduce: What i tested - Made a brand new cedarwood small barrel, milked a cow with it, milk 1kg added, works fine. Milked another cow, milk 1 kg added, works fine. Sealed the barrel with a peg. Unsealed the barrel on ground, milked a cow, 1 kg milk added, works fine. Sealed the barrel with a peg, unsealed the barrel in inventory, milked a cow, 1kg total weight added but not 1 kg of milk. If i drop the barrel, the missing milk shows up, and if i milk the cow with the dropped and then picked up barrel, the weight added works fine, so it seems there is something glitching the milk weight gain for a barrel that has been unsealed in inventory.
  5. Firstly this idea involves altering the gathering of milk slightly, namely by capping it at a player's milking skill. Why? Because milk QL will matter. Another item change is for cheese. Cheese will no longer decay, instead it will become a food equivalent of wine, increasing with QL as it ages if kept in a container. If it has a decay tick on the ground it takes damage. This is to offset the QL hit cheese will take with low QL milk. Milk, when drank instead of water, fills hunger up a bit as well (QL/20% per 1 weight) without impacting nutrition. So 100QL milk will give 5% hunger per 1 weight drank (bare in mind it cannot be drank if you are not thirsty). QL20 milk would give a 1% hunger bonus per 1 weight (just to show the free player threshold). Milk, when served hot, gives a special buff "sleepy" that decreases skillgain by 20% for its duration, however it if active when a player uses a bed it gives a (QL/5)% bonus to sleep bonus earned. If mixed with strawberries gives strawberry milk (20 beverages to make would be nice). Strawberry milk gives a different buff when drank (refreshed) that prevents thirst for a time based on QL. It still fills hunger on top of this buff. This might not be a bad buff to add to other drinks (the more complex the drink and higher the QL, the longer the buff).
  6. Main suggestion: All female mammals should be milkable. Cows should produce the most milk while other mammals should provide less milk, with cats or rats producing the smallest amount. Extra bonus optional more-realistic suggestion: Female mammals should not be able to produce milk until after having given birth once. The amount of milk produced per milking should not be static and should vary slightly per session and decrease as the animal ages, possibly disappearing entirely at venerable. As an animal ages, it will become less economical to keep it around, making culling them before a natural death for meat and leather an attractive alternative. Culling animals will counter the over-population problem being required to breed to get milk will cause. As culling will play a greater role: Instead of beating animals to death with a weapon, there should be slaughtering knife you can use on any non-hostile animal that would insta-kill it. The success rate of insta-killing an animal should be based on your butchering and possibly animal husbandry skill, while a successful slaughter will award butchering and possibly animal husbandry experience instead of any fighting skills/subskills. Failing to slaughter an animal properly will just inflict damage against them and make them go hostile (forcing you to fight like normal as you can't slaughter a hostile animal).